Saturday, December 26, 2009


18th Dec.


Tik tok
Tik tok
tik tok

19th Dec


I am 22 now.
Happy Birthday to me.
Finally I have got some time to wish myself a happy birthday.
College exams and some other competitive exams took over all the fun which was planned. But thanks to some of our teachers who were lenient enough to provide us with the question paper an hour before the exams.
Wishes started flowing from 11:00 pm on 18th and the devil didn't let me rest until the 20th morning. This post of mine is dedicated to all my friends who called and wished me on my birthday.
As promised earlier, I am writing down the names of people who called me in chronological order. But before that I must mention my parents and my Bhaiya and Bhabhi who have always stood behind me in the gravest of situations. Without their support I could not have achieved whatever I have in my short duration. My intellect come from my father and the writing skills from my mother. The caring nature comes from my Brother and practicality from my Bhabhi. I love you very much.

Now for the friends. Here is the list.
1) Ankit a.k.a Painjon (wished me at 11)
2) Neha a.k.a Talli (She has been the first for the second time..)
3) Gazal a.k.a Nanu (15 missed calls and then a message, Sweet friend)
4) Vinita a.k.a Rajputani (Whenever she called I was busy with someone else)
5) Manita a.k.a Sweetie
6) Samreen a.k.a Sam
7) Ashish a.k.a Kauwa
8) Jitendra a.k.a Draupadi
9) Neha a.k.a Teacher
10)Rishabh a.k.a Jai Veer (Is this name for real man?)
11)Rohit a.k.a Captain (Same story of being busy)
12)Pulkit a.k.a Pullu (We celebrated it much before man, Thanks)
13)Shaifali a.k.a ----
14)Parul a.k.a Sister (It felt great talking to you sis)
15)Pushplata a.k.a pushpa
16)Aditi a.k.a Rimpi
17)Megha a.k.a Meghi
18)Ritika a.k.a Chinki
19)Ankit a.k.a Scientist (My oldest school mate)
20)Deepanshu a.k.a Deepu ()My best friend)
21)Parshvi a.k.a Paro (How sweet..)
22)Deepshikha a.k.a Deepa (Better than anyone)
23)Rahul a.k.a Junior
24)Nishant a.k.a Chughi (You'll surely get a party dude)
25)Ankita a.k.a Lnda Goodman (Horos do work)
26)Priyanka a.k.a Dinki D
27)Richa a.k.a Delicacy
28)Aditya a.k.a Adi Bhai
29)Gaurav a.k.a Khandu
30)Anant a.k.a Dare Devil
31)Naufil a.k.a Chacha
32)Khushi D a.k.a Khush
33)Mayanka D a.k.a Mickey Mouse
34)Veena D a.k.a Hong Kong
35)Anjali a.k.a Shakira
36)Sandhya a.k.a Sandy Singh
37)Manali a.k.a Shimla (Unexpected)
38)Shweta a.k.a Bubble Gum
39)Priyanka a.k.a ____
40)Nikhil a.k.a Aglaa
41)Amit a.k.a Body Builder
42)Ankita a.k.a Miss Infosys
43)Subrato a.k.a Chachu
44)Barkha a.k.a Bakra
45)Prachi a.k.a Phodu (Dont Hit me. Its true..)
46)Vinita a.k.a Chatter patter (you are the queen..)
47)Vyom a.k.a Chuha (Various numbers dont work dude.)
48)Praveen a.k.a Gunda
49)Shrey a.k.a Sherry (Balance Over)
50)Divya a.k.a _____
51)Anant a.k.a Teddy
52)Nidhi a.k.a Lost (Even though I reminded her, but thats normal)
53)Shweta D a.k.a Friend
54)Prateek a.k.a Tunnn (We Rock dude..)
55)Prashant a.k.a Pasu (Hard work pays)
56)Tushar a.k.a Bhaiya (Expected the first from you)
57)Ashutosh a.k.a Lambu
58)Pragati a.k.a Billi
59)Prashant Bhaiya a.k.a jindal Steel
60)All my lovely bhabhies and would b bhabhies (I am your youngest Dewar, so beware)

For all those who messaged, scrapped or wrote on my wall, thanks a ton.
There are many other names to write but the post will go longer and longer.
I could not leave the devil even for a minute. The invigilators allowed me to attend calls while I was giving exam.
Many new experinces and many new happening to share with you lot, but I fell ill and couldn't concentrate on anything properly.
What I can say is that I am Overwhelmed and hope all of you people call me again on my next birthday.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Foes to Friends.

"Love can heal anything." This line is unonymously used in almost all bollywood movies. The application of this seemed hypothetical to me until the 7th of December.
Interesting things and events occur while I am with the Devil. This time again that special someone was on the line and I was just roaming about near my father's office waiting for him to get free from his work. While talking I saw my father coming down (winding up the talks) and he handed me the keys of our Car as he was leaving for some other work. I was asked to wait again and my stomach knew no bounds of hunger. So I decided to park the car and and eat something 'CHATPATA'.

As I parked the car and came out of it, I saw a huge, drunk, black (although color doesn't matter) man standing in front of me with folded hands and a helmet on his head. He removed his helmet and with a heavy tone :

Mr. Black: Take the car out of my sight.

[An angry black man double my size, get ready to fight Lt. Nuts]

Me: What? Is this place yours?

[Black man getting furious]

Mr. Black: Don't you dare raise my anger. I told you, just do as I say.

[Removing my watch and opening a shirt's button]

Me: What the hell can you do? There are other cars parked here already. I am not going anywhere else.

[Confidently turning a back to him]

Mr. Black: *Some abuses*

[Removes his helmet and run towards me. Are you going to kill me?]

Me: Wait there. Whats your problem dude? Arey arey.....

[There was no stopping him and I had to dodge him. Again the same abuses.]

Mr. Black: Take the car out I say or i will break either your head or the car's glasses. Just don't dare park here. All the bankers park their vehicles here and I can't even shit properly. Tell the bank to make a parking place here.

[So its a serious matter involving shit.]

Me: Okay. Let me park and I'll surely take your words to the authority. Actually I came here for the tender published by the bank for making a parking slot out here.

[I don't know what made me say this. But it worked like anything.]

Mr Black: [Less furious now] What? You are here for making a parking??

[The effect was fast. And i used it to the fullest.]

Me: Yes. I am a contractor. Here to talk about the thing what troubles you the most.
Don't worry I am taking my car out of here. I will sort out something and will look for a new place where cars can be parked. It generates a lot of money you see. Around 10-12 thousand a month.

[I opened the car gates and he came running to me.

Mr. Black: Sir, please forgive me. 'Ye to meri Daaru bol rahi thi.' Tell me where do you want to park the car. I will do it sir.

[Movies can turn into reality, Jaane tu....]

Me: Okay. Leave the car here only. There is still some time for me to go up there. I am going to eat something. I will surely put your name at the top in parking providers list.

[Confidence building up now, Felix Felicis]

Mr. Black: Thank you sir! I know a man who makes great burgers. He's my friend. I will take you to his shop.

[I am so naughty *grin*]

Me: Okay.

And then I had a burger better than any Subways in the world (When things are free, they become even better). He was confident that something good is going to happen in a few days. I assured him that Govt. things take time and it might take 6-7 months for the tender to pass (by then I will complete my engineering). I took his word that he won't be bad with the bankers and will let people park their cars at that place of construction.

Although I fooled him, it was the love that was there in my "chikni chupdi" talks that made him throw his weapons. I kept my word of conveying his message to the authorities. All of them laughed like nuts. They couldn't believe my way of handling him as there had been accidents with people tackling him.

I don't know the kind of treachery I used. Obviously I didn't wanted to hurt his feelings. The authorities agreed on my point (shit matters). To my astonishment, the bank has issued a tender regarding the parking place.

When I went there yesterday, He greeted me well and asked me about the proceedings in parking case. I could say nothing but gave him an assuring smile. and one more thing, his name was KAALU (no sentiments hurt, I hope)

How much time does it take to become a Foe? I don't know the answer. But I know the time it takes to turn Foe to a Friend. Let Love Prevail....


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black And Green

I have this habit of roaming about nearby my house while talking on the phone or thinking something productive (Which ain't productive at all).

It was just another funny day and I was talking to someone special on the Devil (The hour count has reached 400 now). I usually don't keep track of my whereabouts while I am talking effortlessly on the Devil. I have lost my way around 5 times (A blind follower of walk while you talk ad).

This time also, I reached an unknown place and very obviously, I didn't knew where had I left my home behind. Although most places I discovered when I get lost were beautiful as I live in a hilly area, the sight of this place was not a very scintillating type. This time Columbus had discovered a small valley where most people dumped their house wastes. There were heaps of garbage and wastes. I saw some tarry black smoke coming out from one of the heaps which was about 99% burnt. The sight had already made a diversion in my talks and I couldn't concentrate on a single thing. Then came a kid in rags and gave the heap a blow with his huge stick. The burnt part got scattered here and there and he picked up some half-burnt poly bags and ran away waving his stick in the air.

I could imagine the condition of burnt Lanka by Hanuman (Part of Ramayana) at the sight of this newly discovered land. The scene reminded me of the inferno that took place 2 years ago nearby our home in Kota. It was like Hell.

While I was about to finish my talks and turn my back at this sight, I saw something very tiny, very green and very fresh in between the ash. I couldn't take my eyes off from this little creature. It had an appeal, actually a prayer. I don't know what variety it belonged to, but I have learnt that plants do possess life. And yes what better example of life can you provide.

While the whole world is fighting over carbon credits and CFC reduction, this creature wass doing its job silently and serenely. Although very nominal, but this infant was contributing to the cause (Global Warming). Acting in the worst conditions, it was giving life to numerous organisms. Its rightly said that " Kamal to Keechad mein hi ugta hai". So there always is and will be, a ray of hope. I had never felt the color green like that before. Neither had I observed a tiny thing like that before. But then nature is dynamic.

Hope can't be given away. If there is hope, there is everything and if its not, then nothing.

Get as many carbon credits you want but what credit are you going to give to this tiny contributor? Actually you are not even eligible to give credit to this magnificent fighter and survivor. Its up to us how we make and maintain our nature (Each one, teach one, plant one). Its not about black and white anymore. The battle has itself chosen a new opponent, Green. Now its all about a new war between Black and Green.


Friday, November 27, 2009

A Piece Of Peace..

Last year..
For me it was just another day of my life. The same rush to college, canteen kachori, some drooling around and finally back to home. Played some NFS Most Wanted and reached the level of most wanted number 4. How happy I was. What an accomplishment! Slept as usual like Kumbhakaran, woke up, had a Tea, increased my bounty to 85lakhs and slept again. The world would have been much better if you were allowed to sleep all day and kill time as I used to do (and still doing).
Smack That all on the floor,
Smack that give me some more..


What hello? Open the TV set right now.

[It was my father’s call]

Me: Kya hua Papa? Wait! I am just turning the TV on.

Papa: Make it fast. There is a news of some firing and blasts in Mumbai.

Me: (Still half sleeping) Yeah!!

[Breaking News. Breaking news.] There is nothing papa. Just the same breaking news.

Papa: Shut up! Change the channels. You’ll find it somewhere.

Me: (alert this time) Okay.

[ Ye khabar sabse pehle aap tak laaya hai India TV. Mumbai mein jagah-jagah dhamako ki khabar aa rahi h aur lagta hai k ek baar fir aatankwadio ne bharat par hamla kr dia hai…..]

And then the scenes I saw were unreal. I gave a short description of the happenings to Papa of the then present conditions. I was dumbstruck to the TV surfing all the news channels like nuts. Even if I was not the one who was affected by all this but then also the sight sent a chill. The live telecast which ran through that time is unforgettable. Media and market, making full use of this time, brought up new ads for the viewers. Just then I saw a car coming from somewhere making blind fires. People got down and they just ran away. It was the terrorists who had just passed in front of everyone killing and injuring many. Then there was news of the terrorists entering the Taj, The Oberoi and various other places. People were made hostages and some were killed on the spot.

Bang Bang Boom Boom was all I could make out from the sounds that were coming. Continuous fire from our NSG and the terrorists created hell at one of the World’s Most Trusted Hotels. There was fire at various places and one of the domes was blown-off by grenades. I could move an inch from my place since the time I turned the TV on. I felt helpless for all those who were in there. I could do nothing but watch the TV and surf different channels.

People enjoying their birthdays, companies discussing their future plans, anniversary celebrations and party for nothing, which we friends usually do, must have been going on at that time when the terrorists attacked. The attack began from a local train station where there was blind firing again. Several docile people were killed.

Some birthdays would not be celebrated anymore. Some anniversaries would not reach silver or golden level. Some plans would never be accomplished. Some ideas would never come into practice. Many policemen sacrificed their lives for us. For some people there was no one to claim.

Does it make any sense killing people like us? Where the hell is it written to kill your fellow men? The fight was on for 4 days and the result was very normal. One caught rest dead (The one caught has made the govt. of our country to spend 31 crores, the amount which could have enlightened 7 villages). There is still no result of the numerous trials that were being held in the past year.

I couldn’t sleep for those 4 nights and used to check the news in the middle of the night. My aunt’s friend lost her brother in the firing at the railway station. That time I felt that it could have been me or maybe you. God knows what’s in store for you the next second. I wore white colored clothes today for paying homage to the martyrs and who lost their lives in vain.

Yesterday, on the TV, I saw that child from some foreign land who lost his parents in that attack but was not crying at all. Wish I could be a child once again. We live in a country of Gandhi and follow his twin principles of non-violence and truth. Is this what makes the terrorists gain strength over us? I am not suggesting any measures to combat such situations (May such situations never occur). But we all need to be vigilant and alert at our own level. This would surely be a true homage to those who died that day.

We want to live in peace and harmony. I am a peace lover and I think that if these terrorists were taught the virtue of peace then they would leave their weapons for sure. I don’t think they ever experience peace in their lives until they die. Please understand this much that we just want peace and nothing else. When are you, yes you Mr. Al Kayda, Lashkar, IM and whatever, going to taste that Piece of Peace???


My homage to all……..


Monday, November 23, 2009

When You're Gone....

Wonder what happens when the object with which you have spent a major part of your life just goes away or becomes non-existent in a single bang (A bang that’s 3 times as fast as the speed of sound)?
I could not resist the feel for writing this post. When such things happen, you are broken. What I have lost is something that everyone valued. It gave me an identity of my own but now it is gone.
It is time for everyone of my group to groom and prepare for interviews for admission to colleges and getting placed in companies. For qualifying in an interview, it is always said “To Be Yourself”. But an interview nowadays is a mere degree up to which the Interviewer can be persuaded.
I was the one who gave the longest interview in the college to the Indian Army. But the outcome was prejudiced. I don’t understand what bias these army people have in their mind. I tried to be myself (actually I was myself) at the interview, but what these people want is all those sugar coated answers.
But this time it will not be the real me who will be facing the interviews. It has to be someone else. I will give them what they want.
Now I have broken up all the emotional ties with the thing (not just a thing) that I was having from the past 4 years. And yes, I am feeling so downhearted at this lost.
Well, it’s the very famous “Caesar’s Cut” a.k.a “Goti” a.k.a “Tikla”. Just a few hours back I had a chat with my brother who persuaded me to get this off of my visage. I was totally astonished to see my face without the Goti on my face (Being there for 4 years and now off in a macho bang). When the sword was out to wipe out the enemy, I felt like a thousand knights were approaching towards me to knock me down. Each and every hair that fell down was filling up the puddle of blood. The war between emotions and practicality finally ended with a lot of bloodshed. You decide who got slaughtered in this act of war?
What am I going to whirl around while I am thinking (Missing you so much this time)?
On which object will I perform all the experiments that I used to perform on you (and with you)?
Feels like I am lost somewhere. This is not me. The originality is lost. I can’t recognize myself in the mirror. But for consoling myself, I painted the mirror black at the very spot where my chin was seen. It really gave me a sigh of relief.
On looking at my gloomy face my father said,”Ye to ghar ki kheti hai. Aa Jaegi.” He boosted up my ruined morale by telling his own story of the removal of the long beard which he used to keep when he lived in Bihar about 23 years ago. He said “It really feels like a hammer being hit on your heart. But sometimes the hammering gives fruitful results. And then it is not the end of the world.”
This is what I am hoping for, some juicy results. Let’s see what happen when you’re gone…..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crushing The Love!!

'Crush'. The word says it all. The numerous meanings which this scintillating word has are as follows:

Crush (Krush) --- to gnash (teeth), crash, break.
                         --- to press between two opposite forces so as to break or injure.
                         --- to grind into small particles or powder.
                         --- to subdue or supress by force.
                         --- to oppress harshly.

English, being a funny language, has always been very interesting. The dual meaning words have always fascinated me. Here comes 'The Baap Of All' meanings.

Crush (Kruh-sh) --- An Infatuation

This meaning of the word is quite a confusing one. How the hell have the lexicographers created such a great difference in meanings of the same word?
A man is broken to pieces or crushed when he has lost his love. But the meaning gives the sign of a new love.
What a clash (And I just love clashes like this.)!!

What I have seen and observed is that a crush is rather a 'love crusher'. Crush being an infatuation can occur anytime and anywhere. But I can say this very surely that love happens only once in life. I deeply regret the fact that whenever I loved someone or just wanted to show my affection, I could not say or do so.

I was (am actually) really confused about the word and the thought that it gave. Whenever I interacted with someone beautiful or someone who can match up with my frequency of thoughts, the first thought that came to me was 'You won't fall in love with her. Its just a crush.' While the battle always ran through at the back and kept on hammering the nails (the war between crush and love).

I wonder how many crushes I had in my short life. From the very hot chemistry teacher (still miss her) of class 10, sexy seniors, jaunty juniors and some classy classmates to all those whom I have keenly observed and found qualities that fulfill my conditions of a perfect love, there is none whom I could say or in anyway express the 3 magical words. That's love been crushed (Getting my point?)

I am still unaware of the fact that what is existent? Is it the Crush or is it the Love? Crushes usually occur around 3-4 times a day (This is purely my rate). But the love feeling is still to come (I won't follow Paulo's theory of soul mates for sure in which you are able to see some sort of light at the left shoulder of the person you love).

After all these happenings and experiences (in my very small life), I can obviously say that Love is an altogether different feeling from what crush is. A crush might end up in a love story but this usually don't occur.
There is nothing like 'love at first sight'. Its rather 'Crush at first sight' and then it might get converted to love.

Have lots of crushes people and don't ask those silly questions (like me) to yourself. It's time to spread affection and love. If someone kisses you on right cheek then put forward your left cheek or you can also reply with the same gesture of love. Love is in the air. Just don't keep crushing your love..


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Facing The Book V/S Facebook

I wonder how many days does an Engineering student study in an year. I consider myself as one of those intelli group members and gives around 10 days for the final exam preparation.Times have changed and will have the same dynamic nature throughout times. Now it has come down to 4-5 days at the max. Whenever I sit down to face my course books, there is a thing ( don't know what form of matter are these websites ) which keeps on attracting (distracting now) me towards it. I know you undergo the same dilemma, Face the book or go to Facebook.
These SNS ( social networking sites ), are, in my opinion, the most unsocial mode of communication.
Rather than increasing the social skills ( as was expected ), these SNS have depleted the gregarious nature of our human breed called Homo Sapians. I wonder how many of us are known to this fact that human beings are called Homo Sapians, but most of us know at least these fictitious facts about themselves---
  • Which movie star resembles you?
  • Are you good in Bed?
  • Are you a retard?
  • How dirty is your mind?
  • What does your eyes say about you?
  • What animal are you?
  • What alcoholic drink are you?
  • Who likes you?
  • Who wants to date you?
  • Are you a good f#*K?
  • Blah Blah Blah...........................
It's an unending list and even I don't know about the many quizzes I gave. You just post any arbit quiz here and check how many people take it ( in full spirits ). People don't remember the number of subjects they have in a semester but they never forget the number of friends they have on Orkut, Facebook etc.

I am unable to understand all those wars that goes on in Orkut communities like---
  • Boys v/s Gals
  • Add 2, subtract 2 (enhancing your mathematical skills)
  • Best thing in the profile of the person above you.
  • Cutest and ugliest smiles.
  • and blah blah blah....
Start a topic and you see how many voters and posts you get just to get false winning feel. The matter rests in the bags or shelves while the unknown matter is going global. What a sarcasm!!

The perplexity lies in the fact that whether these SNSs are worth as some people say or are they 'A Giant Leap For Mankind'? No doubt that I found many of my old friends via the orkut and facebook friend finder, but at the sane time I lost contact with them. I atleast gave a thought from my idle mind for them before but now I have so many friends (old n new) that there is no chance of giving them even a thought. I see friend requests, accept them and forget them at the same time.

I again wonder that how are we going to face the real book, the book of life, which teaches us everthing?
Who says wars are over? They are getting bloody day by day (Mafia wars to Vampire wars). Some of my friends pleaded me to join their farm or Mafia network. People are even prosecuted for things which they feel are right in a country which has freedom of speech (Don't Tweet). Go dude! Fight for a cause.
Its good to socialize, but physically. Today we are socializing in a world which even the makers don't know exist or not (The Matrix).
I don't know where am I stuck? I know I am not facing the book, but the probability of facing it in the near future can't be made even .999999 from 1. The predicament is never ending (let something new come) and still the war is on, Facing The Book v/s Facebook.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birth Of A Star

Getting through an Engineering College in India is a very easy task ( IITs including nowadays ). When I was not selected in the JEE examination, I suddenly observed that many new ways of achieving my dreams were opened in the form of various other colleges.

I got through one of Rajasthan's Govt. Engineering Colleges in the holy city of Ajmer. I was excited and at the same time a bit afraid of all the ragging procedures which I had heard about. Then there were people who told me some ragging stories of the Medical college in Ajmer which included peeing on heater, standing in a lake for hours, hair therapy ( balding ), getting naked in front of girls and blah blah blah!!!
But the excitement of going to the college overcame all my fears (I came, I saw, I am conquering). The first few days in the hostel were really peaceful as there were no seniors in the hostel. We were the kings of wet nights and dry days. But happiness was short lived. In fact it is..

Seniors (hungry wolves) arrived and we juniors (meek lambs) were called in their rooms one by one. I heard many of my mates crying with their heart out (Still wonder what the fu*#ing wolves asked??). I was mugging up the intro (a series of names of each and every member of your family, the exams you gave and no abbreviations allowed, hobbies, mast*^bation rate per month....... ) which was expected from us to recite in a single breath, when I heard 'Nipun Mittal, First Year Elec.'.(These people knew more about me than myself). I went in and saw the seniors sitting here n there randomly, some busy in their cellphones and some reading MASTRAM (Cheapest form of literature but arousing for sure). I was asked to give the intro which I finished in 6 takes (The fastest among the lot). Then a senior asked me to strip which I obviously refused to do. They looked quite impressed with my English. So I was given an English song to sing after an hour. They copied the song in a pen drive and sent me in another room.

I played the song and to my horror, found that it was Eminem's Lose Yourself (without lyrics). I heard the song 4-5 times in a row but was not able to understand even a single line of the song. As said rightly that 'Necessity is the mother of invention', I opened the play speed settings of the media player and made the song a moaning verse. I could now understand something and slowly and steadily I wrote the whole song like this. Then I practiced singing with the same accent and style and was prepared in time. I was called again and to everyone's (and mine too) surprise, I rapped (you dirty minds) without any hesitation and limps. They hailed me like anything and a Rapper was born.

Ragging might be painful and excruciating for some people but it made me a passionate rapper. It was a kind of PDP (personality development program) for me. My music inclination drifted away and I learned all the Eminem Raps in a very short period. But its been a long time since I have heard that very first RAP of mine.Passion remains but things go by. Priorities change with time. Be unknown to music and you will feel the real charm that music has. I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to. At some point in my life I was chasing the fastest rapper in the world. But now I have no time even to listen to my competitor (No laughs people). I no longer use the play speed controller.

My college has given me a lot. I don't know what you people have got, but there are things which happen in student life which might take you places. Learn from each and everything and don't ever give up. You'll surely find one or the other way of doing a thing or you will come to know about the ways by which your aim can't be achieved. I remember when I used to stammer and now I can RAP faster then Eminem (Exaggeration). So the PDP proved quite helpful and even if it added nothing to the lives of many, it gave birth to a STAR.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stages Of Life......

You might be thinking what has happened to me that I am writing on such a topic that defines the various stages of life. This study is done by various scholars and Indian Saints in the past and I don't know when those TOI people turn up with some new research developed in this field too (which they usually do). Well my research is based on a lot of facts which I think can dislocate any research theory on this topic.
The Indian saints divided the human life in 4 Ashramas according to the age and responsibility of a normal human being. The 4 stage division according to our Vedas (the ultimate source of Wisdom) is as follows:

1) Brahmacharya - (20-25 years) This is the time when a man leads the life of a student and practices celibacy.

2) Grihastha - (25-50 years) In this stage a man has to balance both his social and familial duties. He gets married and takes care of the society and his family and puts his knowledge to use.

3) Vanaprastha - (50-74) This is the step to partial renunciation. This is the time when a man starts searching the path which will lead him to the divine.

4) Sanyassa - (74-till death) In this stage, a man completely snaps off his worldly ties. Men becomes ascetic and devotes his life to God's service.

Even though this system of life is still followed consciously or unconsciously in India and other countries, I dont believe in such a system. After all, who lives such a long life.nowadays? A man and not to forget a woman studies for an average of 28 years and gets married at an age of 32-33 years. I have seen people work even after getting retired which cancels the probability of a man turning out to be a Sanyassi. Everyone live for themselves these days. So the Vedic system becomes crap if applied today.

Here is the system which I advocate to be true if applied to a man living today's life. The theory has been named as 'The Nuts Theory Of Living' and considers no age boundaries or responsibilities that the past Vedic system considered. So 'The Nuts Theory Of Living' goes like this:
              The various stages in the life of a man are given as under:

1) Bachpan - All the time which has gone by or the past time in a man's life is Bachpan. I have heard people say (including me) that ," Ye to bachpan ki baat h yaar", even if the event has occured a day or a minute before.

2) Kacchi Jawaani - As advocated by some of my mates, this is the time of life when you start ma&;t$*b@ting. I think you can understand what brought these people to such a conclusion. Then there are people who say that Jawaani is the time when your face gets filled up with a lot of  pimples and whiteheads. Some relate Jawaani with the appearance of beard and mustache.
3) Pakki Jawaani(Middle Part of Jawaani) - This stage is defined by having a girlfriend no matter you are studying in a school or a college. If you are roaming around with a girl then people come and say that ,"Jawaani pakki ho gai" or " Ab to londa pakka jawaan ho gaya."

4) Gai Jawaani (Oldest Part of Jawaani)- This stage is marked when your life is pissed off by various girls and now you are going to do a job or breaking up with the present girlfriend and making up with the old one again (if you are lucky enough then a new one). People taunt you saying ," Gai Jawaani.beta." You meet people with lesser regard and say ," Apna to Budhapa aa gaya yaar."

5) Adherh (अधेढ़) - When you realize that ," Sab Moh Maya h." This situation arrives twice I think. People just couldn't tolerate anything and become frustated with their life due to work load or study load.

7) Jawaan Budhapa - This stage occurs when you are fully pissed off by your job that you are doing from a long time and want to travel the whole world with your spouse. This might occur at a very early age nowadays as high earning professionals get into this condition much faster than those earning a decent amount.At this point of time, you spend your savings. You consider yourself as the youngest person alive and do things that you couldn't do even when you were young (The adrenaline rush). People might point you out saying ,"Budhape mein Jawaani chha rahi h."

6) Budhapa - This is the time when you realize that you are good for nothing and no one in this f*#king world cares for you. This might occur to you anytime in your life (No age boundaries dude). You become a burden on Earth as soon as this thought comes to your mind. So don't ever think this. You no longer want to live and the thought of "Moh Maya" keeps on tickling you.

This theory is much more applicable in the lives that we are living today. Applied to the so called mango people, I feel this theory suggests a person's real stages of life.
I don't know what researchers would do with my theory but I am convinced that this theory will surely send some scholars to come and take my interview on the research I did. I am open to make amendments to the theory if I get the proper evidence of your suggestive points. So, what are you thinking people?
Still stuck in the Stages of Life?

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Jaagran In Disguise!!!

I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings by this post of mine but then this is what I noticed at a Jaagran just before a few minutes. I couldn't bear such an insult of our deity and came back home.
I am a partially atheist person. When I woke up today in the morning, I saw a pamphlet which had large letters inscribed on it calling all the (so called) MATA KE BHAKT. The pamphlet was quite a persuasive one and even I got persuaded to attend the JAAGRAN as it was near my home.
The day went by very normally in many anticipations for my future.
I had a glimpse of the preparation for the night in the evening. It looked impressive.
The JAAGRAN started at 8:00 p.m sharp and I could feel the thumps that sound energy from the place was bringing to my room. I am still feeling the same and this time a bit harder.
I went there at 10 and got a seat. The first song I heard was 'KAJRARE KAJRARE' in praise of our deity. Wow!! I thought. What the hell is going on here. Am I sitting in a club? Who the hell has composed this song in MATA's praise? Still searching for the answers, I heard another cheapo. It was yet another item number taken from a bollywood movie which I can't write here. God knows what will happen to me, if some Bajrang Dal volunteer read my blog (If he ever know how to read...Haha).
It was getting over the head and I had to return back home before I could hear any more of those cheapo songs. The people proclaiming themselves as the biggest BHAKTS are doing such an act. If a partial atheist like me can get hurt, then I don't know what is the condition of the truest of the devotees.
I can hear something. Wait. Whats this?? 'ITS THE TIME TO DISCO'. Wow!! This man is sure going places. More'....1 2 3 4.... '.  What more should I say? Everything is possible in our country.
Is this hypocrisy or professionalism? I can't understand the difference anymore. Friends Do help me find the answer in this regard as I am highly confused. This I think is the drawback of being a partial atheist.
This post wouldn't be complete wihout your suggestions. So here is d blank_________________________


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Interview With Army..

'Dhan Te Nan' [Devil Ringing] 'Dhan Te Nan'...

"What??" "Repeat the God damn line dude."
And then the connection was lost.
What I could make out of such a short conversation was that Indian Army was coming to our college for their UES posts.

My heart started thumping fast and my stomach was feeling the chill that was sent in every nook and corner of my body on hearing the news of the first company coming to our college for our recruitment.
With a highly myopic eye, I didn't knew whether I was eligible to sit in the process(Which I later came to know was not required for these posts). I was complying with all their requirements.

I was not able to distinguish between my feelings of excitement and butterflies.
There was an elated feeling of sitting in my first job interview while the fear of appearing in front of an Army Chief Commanding Officer was much more dreadful.

I completed all the requirements which one has to in order to appear in an interview. I asked my Bhabhi (MBA-HR, truly the Goddess of this field) about the questions which they might ask. I was fully prepared to face 'Hell'. I couldn't sleep the night before the Doom's Day and kept on sleeping the next day till noon. Luckily my interview was scheduled at 5 in the evening. I didn't go anywhere (except the bathroom off-course). I shaved my beard and kept my authentic 'Tikla' in place. My friends suggested me not to, but then have I ever listened to anything other than my heart.

At 4 pm my calmness went to the jungle. Even 'Dhan Te Nan' was not able to take me out of that situation. It took me half an hour to match my clothes. I got ready and forgot to comb my hair.
When I asked my friend about my look, he couldn't control his laughter. I changed the clothes again and this time I was dressed to perfection as people said when I reached the Great Hall.
People there were sharing their experiences inside. One of my friends was asked for push-ups(Roadies inspired interview), another was just asked the meaning of his name and so on.

I could imagine that the Commanding Officer(CO) was a tough nut to break as I saw the faces of my friends who had already faced the interview.

"Nipun Mittal, 7th Sem". "Shit! That sounds like my name. No it is my name. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman, and all the 8 crore Gods. Help me Mummy, Papa." And I went in. I felt as if I have entered a whole new place with 3 strong built men(Got inferiority at that very moment) and what I notice about them first was their large moustache. The chill went in deeper. I gathered all my strenth and went ahead. The war has just began....

Sgt. Nuts(That's me): Ggood Evening Ssir!

CO: A very Good evening kid. Have a seat.

[Do I look like a kid??]

CO: Why have you kept this? Don't you think it's odd?

[Looking at my Goti]

Sgt. Nuts: Pardon!

CO: I am talking about this Aamir Khan 'Goti' that you have kept young boy.

[Is this what he is going to ask me all the time?]

Sgt. Nuts: I keep it because I like it, Sir.

[Confidence pouring into me, I don't know from where.]

CO: Are you a Muslim? Muslims generally keep this kind of things.

[The Indo-Pak war continues]

Sgt. Nuts: Sir, India is a secular country. i don't believe in all such Hindu-Muslim crap.
I keep it because I like it.

[An astonished CO, Yessss]

CO: So you really like it or your girlfriend has told you?

Sgt. Nuts: I LOVE IT..

CO: Your name?

[ Now you are talking sense]

Sgt Nuts: Nipun Mittal.

CO: You have some relation with that steel tycoon LN Mittal?

Sgt. Nuts: All Baniyas are brothers, so he must be my uncle.

[ Laughung CO, Yesss again]

Then he asked me my place of birth, my areas of interest and about Ajmal Kasaab. I was answering like a machine. I don't know from where that flow came to me. But the battle doesn't finish here.

CO: Is this your first interview?

Sgt Nuts: Yes sir.

CO: So, why Indian Army?

Sgt. Nuts: Its a job of Immense Responsibility and Discipline.

CO: F*#k all responsibility and discipline. I am fed up. Give me something new.

[ What the F! The F word? CO giving a horrifying expression]

Sgt. Nuts: I can Directly serve the country being in the army. No indirect serving like others.

CO: How others serve indirectly?

Sgt. Nuts: Others give their contribution in GDP. I can serve the country directly.

CO: Your perception is wrong my boy. The GDP decides the Army budget.

[ Over confidently, confident]

Sgt. Nuts: That's what I didn't knew Sir. I may be wrong at times.

CO: Cool dude! Thanks for coming.

Sgt. Nuts: Thank you, sir.

I was expecting a more rigorous kind of an interview. but I felt great after coming out. I told my story to others and gave them some confidence. Friends told me that I had the longest interview til now. It went on for about 10 minutes. After me the CO got pissed up and gave people some writing tasks. I can understand his situation (Still remembering the F word).

The result ain't out yet. I am optimistic about the outcome. Lets see when the war gets over....

Sgt. Nuts signing out Captain..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

800 Hours With 'The Devil'

"College timings changed? What the f*^k man! I hate our Pappu for this. When are you coming tomorrow? 7:30, nay its 2 early. It's final year dude. Grow up. We can obviously miss the first class. Chal, then see you tomorrow. Bye. F@^k Pappu!"
And I again sat in front of my PC to continue with 'Hangover', the movie. I dont know where was the humor in the movie lost all of a sudden as I gazed at my cell('The Devil'). I was bewildered to see the talk time that was being displayed on the screen-600 Hours! I was like, "What the F*&k!"
I quickly checked my Tata devil and it showed up another 200 odd hours summing to a total of 800 hours. Many thoughts ran at once in my mind. Some of them have been summarized under:

1) Is this the time I wasted?

2) Is this time, in any sense, valuable?

3) What did I missed in these 800 hours?

4) Is this the only time that i spent with 'The Devil' or there is more?

5) Can I live without the Devil(moment of truth)?

I quickly turned off my PC and sat shocked thinking all this. There is a hell lot of time wasted with the Devil, apart from these 800 hours. My heart sank when the thought of the monolithic device called Telephone(The Landline device) came to me. I have been with the devil for the last 3 years only but, I am using the landline even before the time I could wash my own ass. The thing that matters most is the Time. These hours, if viewed as days, account to 33.33 days. What the F!! It's ringing again.

After giving many deep thoughts, I couldn't find any answer to the above questions. It has no doubt reduced my mother's tension who always thinks that I am a trouble creator.
It has become a part and parcel of life. I would rather prefer calling it a body part.

Just like the 2 sides of a coin, every device invented by man has both advantages and disadvantages. I am not someone against the Devil. People say it has increased their social circle but now they don't even think to meet an old friend just because he is in touch by that Devil.

Their are many things to write down but can someone now keep me away from 'The Devil'. It is hungry for more blood and is continuously playing Dhan te nan. I think that their is more life to go with 'The Devil'. I am counting 900, 1000, 2000, 5000............ Let's see who wins..


Monday, September 7, 2009

Delhi Belly

Delhi, Dilli, Dehli and many other names have been given to the capital of India(after all there's no rule to pronounce a proper noun). I have been to this place twice before. First when I visited Andaman and took a flight to Jaipur from here and second time was when I visited the valley of Gods and Delhi was on the way.
This time the journey begins from Kota with my Mummy in a non-stop train. Expecting some hot chicks in the train has always brought me down. There was not even a single 'Pataka' in the train(Pataka is an exaggeration, not even a chitpati). I had 5 Point someone with me and after getting highly disappointed with my surroundings, I made a promise to finish the book in the train itself. The book was licked fully when we were about 10 mins away from Delhi(U cant imagine what problems I faced while reading as my mummy kept on making comments on my voracious reading habit which might sometimes get onto people's nerves as the world is then not a place for me).
It was raining cats and dogs in Delhi. Rain God was getting quite with time and it seemed as though someone up there is toileting on earth(hope u can understand this..:). On our way to Bhaiya's home, I saw many chinky's and not to mention all sizes of skirts. I was finally glad to see all this and in high spirits. Bhabhi and Bhaiya were wondering what has made me so energetic after such a tiring journey. Nothing great happened that day other than the mother dairy experience. It was the first time I saw milk dispensers. It feels as if you are feeding the cow with a coin and the cow is providing you the required amount(My God!! Even cows have gone professional). The funny part was that people were telling the shopkeeper, "Mera to 1 litre kum aaya.." Next day I had to apply for the gas connection as Bhaiya has no time. So me and Bhabhi went for it and breaking all the rules we got the conection and cylinder the same day(Thanks to my acting skills which made the authorities to really think that I had an upset stomach due to improper outside diets for 5-6 days). Next day I had to apply for the internet connection and after many persuasive requests to the sexy CCE, the connection was installed the same day. Next day was the day I was waiting for. I had a plan to meet 2 of my old friends at different locations and times. So I left for Gaziabad from my place. The auto, I sat in, got its clutch wire torn off. I got another auto after a km walk and that auto was restricted to go any further due to some demolition in Gzbd. Finally I had to take the same old "11 number ki gaadi" which never ditches you. After strolling for about 2 kms an auto came from nowhere and I jumped into it. My friend had reached there on time and I was still strolling after getting off from the auto. The building seened to be there but the entrance was nowhere. At last I found her and we half hugged each other. I cant tell you what it feels to meet an old friend after 5 years. Its that kind of feeling which cannot be penned down. We ate, talked a lot and discussed various topics. There I saw all kinds of despos and some pseudo partners. Then I went to her home and had 'Kheer' and called the second friend to get ready. I left her with a very heavy heart but then we depart to meet again. I reached his house and hugged him tight. Without wasting anytime we went out with one more of our friends for our booze party. We sat and discussed many alien topics on the rocks. Solutions were being poured down one by one for each problem. Then we went home and had our photo session and I left for my home. Being new to the place I asked my passage from 2 girls, wearing a barely minimum mini, in anticipation. It needs a lot of guts to do this. But those guts came down when you are being told the wrong way(Moral:Beautiful girls are dumb). Finally an aunty helped me and I reached the place. One can imagine what happens when in a day you got to see this so much of Delhi bellies. All the clouds were gone and I just felt like sleeping keeping all the memories intact with me. But there's one thing for sure--"You cannot find a better belly, all over India, than the very own desi Delhi Belly............:p

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dhan Te Tan.............

"Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode." I wonder what came through the mind of the lyricist while this song with energy overflowing all over was written. I don't know the name of the lyricist but Kudos to you Sir!! When I heard this song for the first time, my ears went straight up and there was an inflow of immense energy in my body, mind and soul(I am still not able to find the reason.).
"Dil Nichode" sounds like taking your soaked clothes out from water and drying them
(The great Indian style). What's there in this song that has made it a chart-buster?
May be its the "Good Luck" which has been extracted out in the song(Koi good luck nikale..Haha).
The music of the song is just rocking. Calling it a song would be unfair as it is, in my opinion, an Anthem, Energy Anthem. I tried out some experiments with the anthem and may be I can put up a reason why this is so. The experiments carried out were:

1) I had set this song as my alarm tune and when I woke up this time I felt much more energetic than before. My previous tone was Fired Up(Hush) .

2) I played this song and went to attend the call of the nature and found that I just couldn't help myself making the bathroom dirty.

3) I played this song at a lecture and when the prof. heard the song, instead of throwing me out of the class(he has done that before), said that even he liked the song(Good Luck).

4) At a party thrown by my friend, the girls being shy weren't dancing. But as soon as this song was played, I don't know what happened to my shy friend, he went to the girls and took their hands forcing them on the dance floor. To my surprise, the girls were not as resistive as they usually are.

5) While I was on my way to Kota and driving my Maruti Suzuki 800+, I realized that the speedometer was racing up reaching 115kmph which is something not expected by a car running on gas.

6) Whenever I heard the song on the Dooms day(Result arrival day), I felt quite relieved and needless to say I just forgot all my tensions and just started headbanging.

I think that much of evidence is enough for making this song a chart-buster. So lets hit it..
DHAN TE TAN.......................

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just 2 keep a Promise..

Ever wondered why the word RESULT gives everyone goosebumps??
From the most brainy (PHODU) to the biggest oaf (CH%$#@), everyone is at the verge of breakdown until the result page pops up on the computer screen. I always believe in smart studies. I have seen bookworms and I must tell you that I am not one. I am a smart student (Got the point??). After around 500 messages on my so called 'devil', which declared result everyday, and a long delay, finally the D-Day arrived. It was announced in the newspaper before. (Humne gilahri k jhoothe matar khaae the....) Oh! I am sorry. I get carried away with this song. So fear became a factor from the time I read the newspaper in the morning. I couldn't concentrate on even very small things. I couldn't eat properly or sleep or watch movie or anything else. But then I was forgetting something. I was missing something that forms part and parcel of my life. As soon as her thought came to my stagnant gray cells, suddenly I was ecstatic in that staggering position. I called her with my Devil and told her my roll number as I have done for the past 3 years. The spirit of this friend of mine is certainly undying. She's the one who is telling me my result for the past 3 years. Whatever her result may be, she's has always been highly exuberant while telling me mine. And then after asking my result when I ask about her, I just cant expalin the pain that I feel in her voice. The same measure of happiness and pain can be seen within some minutes. But thanks to God that I dont get to observe the twinge for the last two years. I can't even imagine what she's gone through in such a small time fragment of 20-21 years. She has..... Well I guess writing all those things wouldn't be appropriate here. But I respevt her a lot in true sense. Sometimes I am afraid of my feelings for her. But then there are things that you have to leave for God.
The result hysteria was all over me because the results were to be announced in the evening, but they weren't still. It was 23:50 and I was chatting wid around 12 people at a time just to avoid breakdown situation. Then suddenly my Devil rang and another friend of mine told me that she has checked my roll no: and that I was pass. My joy knew no bounds and I was dancing and jumping around in the house. But then the Devil rang again and she said that it was a list of her college and not mine. So I sat quiet for a while and then again remembered the old friend and told her about my condition. She den put me on waiting mode and inquired (I don't know from where does she get all the info:) about my result. I was waiting like a man in a queue to pee and than she said."ALL CLEAR." I just felt like hugging her the moment I heard this once again from the same mouth, with the same ecstasy as it used to be. My heart just knew that she can't be telling me anything wrong. I was pass consecutively for the 3rd year. She also shared the cake with me. I have already framed a belief that I won't check my result myself under any circumstance and that she'll be the first to do so. Then results were fully out after 3-4 hours amd then again I was surprised to see me getting 76% marks. My smart work finally paid off and I got what I deserved. I made the first call to her for telling my marks. Even though she got lesser marks than me, she was (just like the old days) in a state of equal excitement as me. Her voice filled me with a new energy as she has always done. I don't know how would I ever be able to return what she has given to me? I know she don't want anything in return but I am highly obliged to her not just for the result game but also for the sweet relation that we share. I know by this time you might have felt what importance you have in my life. Words can't always be the means to express your feelings (as I fall short of vocabulary power). So promise me that you'll always check all my results in the future, just as I wrote this 'Just 2 Keep a Promise'....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wish I Could Be That Kind...

Training forms a very important part in Engineering curriculum.
After a lot of fight I finally got through BHEL and NTPC.
I was quite ecstatic this time that finally something big was going to happen. But God had something else in his stores for me. The breaking news came through the demon which resides in the side pocket of my trousers which said," Training after the 6th sem exams has to be undergone in the months of May-June and the exams for 6th semester will be held afterward. " I was thrashed into pieces on reading this news. All my dreams came crashing down and than I had to apply in RRVPNL, Jaipur for my training and luckily I got through the 400 kV GSS for my training.
My accommodation was arranged with Nirbhay bhaiya who is a teacher in CP, Jaipur and used to live at our home in Kota when he taught in Bansal Classes. Pandey Ji is the messiest person I have ever come across in my life. His room being hell's scene (I guess hell would be much better).
But then the love and affection that he has for his fellow men(and women off-course) overpowers all his good habits (cant mention them). The most reckless guy I have seen but not in the case of taking care of others. We went on drives in his brand new I-10 and drank juice(2-3 glasses min.).
One night, after he returned from work, we sat out on the 'grass for name' where the kids around us were playing Dumb-shell-arts. We also did participate actively and den suddenly in between (I dont know what happened), Pandey ji got up and took me with him in his i-10 to an ice-cream shop. We bought ice-cream for all the kids and then what I saw changed my perception of this human being. Some beggars collected around us asking for ice-cream. I was dodging them while Pandey ji took them by their hands and asked them the flavor of their choice. I was astonished to see all this. He bought cornetto for all the kids gathered around us and this was not all. He ran to the car and took a cartoon of biscuits out and distributed it among the kids. I have no words to write the feeling that I was going through at that time while Pandey ji had no expression changes on his face. He was rather happier. Then we bought a packet of Bingo and a 500 ml Fanta and after making the colony kids happy we just took a stroll. Then Pandey ji told me that when he was a kid he always wished to have the experience of roaming freely with a packet of chips and a cold drink in his hand. He couldn't have such luxuries due to lack of money. But things change and now he is in a position that he can fulfill such small desires that a kid possess. I being speechless on his "Karma", could just nod on whatever he said.
I think that such are the desires that everyone of us possess. But how many of us are able to get them fulfilled? The answer lies in the desire itself. This act of kindness has affected my life in a positive way. How many of us are that kind or that wide-hearted? Everything seemed to be fake to me until this incidence occurred. Wish everyone gets that kind. Wish I could be that kind....

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Rakhi Without Sister!!

Exams!!! The name says it all.
This word itself gives a nerve-racking feel. It sends a chill to the core of my heart.
After a long and restless wait, finally my 6th sem exams commenced from the 25th of July.
So with a lot of heart and soul I initiated my studies before 2 days of the opening ceremony of exams. The papers went by and so the memories of the respective subjects with them. My examination look was getting over my mother. Well, its the only superstitious part of my life (The Old Examination Look). I remember that once my grandma told me that if you cut your hair or shave your beard at the time of a test, then all the wisdom that you have accumulated through the books, goes with the part which we are shedding from the body. So I just follow this principle from the day she told me(at that time i had no beard or moustache). My mother hates this examination period, not because I am not free, but because I don't shave and crop-up with a long-thick beard during my exams which last for about 15 days.
I just didn't had any idea of the days and dates that went past during this period. After giving my second last exam (which was as usual a mess), I received Rakhis from my father that came for me via courier and realized that I was missing something. I became conscious of the fact that it was the first Rakhi of my life when I had none of my sisters with me. I suddenly felt crushed and fragmented. Its has been a tradition that on the day of Rakhi, our whole family goes to my sisters home for tying Rakhi and the day is celebrated by eating sweets and lots of sweets by me. But this year was different. The day arrived. Due to my exams, I just couldn't go anywhere. My mother n father attached to me, also couldn't visit anyone at the day of Rakhi. They showed no sign of downheartedness but it couldn't be hidden by their actions.
I myself was crestfallen on that day. I had two reasons unlike others(exams included). I was also picturing my friends who were away from their homes and had no moral support around. Whoever I met that day seemed to be a bit gloomy of the fact that it was Rakhi.
Sisters form a very integral part of brother's life. Being two brothers, me and my elder brother always had great respect for women. We have always had sister's love and affection from the various girls in our big family. But this time not even a single person was around me who would come and tie me the knot of Rakhi. I just felt like crying sometimes but then "Boys Dont Cry".
So this year gave me an internal strength which will surely help me survive through all the years coming up where I can't expect ayone to be around me at such times of celebration. I think its the heart that binds the relation and the closeness. My thoughts would surely have reached where I want them to reach. I truly never want to lose any of these relations which makes me feel that there is an existence of mine in this world. So this was my first experience of a Rakhi without sister. How many have you had and wait....
What if you have a sister and she doesn't tie a Rakhi to you??

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rain Poem...

The drops that fall,
In the world's hall,
Had a life someday.
But now it has gone away.
Seasons came and went by,
Still my heart is so shy.
The drops are falling tip-tip,
While i drink a cuppa tea sip by sip.
The rain makes me commemorate,
The days that i spent with my mates.
The sound that they make,
Calls me to take,
The path i forgot,
And the life I lost.
The clouds rumble, And i just tumble.
Remembering that day,
When in my arms She lay,
The gathering of clouds,
Makes me recall,
The place and those wet grounds,
Where days were spent by the 'Chatting Lords'.
The drop that fall on my lips,
Reminds me of my first kiss.
Then i equivocate.
Still there's life,
In the drops, in the rain.
Only memories go far,
Its not me or you yaar.
The rain came yesterday,
And I again feel sucked,
Coz I go back in the memory lane.
Again the same questions were asked,
And I once more become lame,
Without my buddies,
The true ones,
And I feel myself, my soul,
Depart as infinite raindrops,
Touching and kissing my loved,
And bring back my lost life to me!!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Rains and Pakoriz!!

Have you ever wondered that whenever it rains, why people relish eating the "Greatest Indian Dish" known as Pakora or Pakori??
Well, even after a long thought (even though I have an exam tomorrow morning), I could not stagnate myelf to a single conclusion.
Is it the climate??
Is it the Indian culture??
Is it just that everyone have it so I'll also have it??
The questions are endless and so are the answers.
This was the first time that I was missing the taste of my mum's made pakori so badly.
It was raining cats and dogs but being the only person in the house, I had to control my strong pakori emotions which are meant to come out on this blog and that too in such a weird manner.
But what made me restless was the thought that why did I developed an urge, at the time of rain, to eat pakoris??
I remember eating pakoris in rains the last time when I was in Kota and preparing for various competitive exams.
Its quite a luxury if you get such things in hostels.
I feel that the reason behind the "Pakori urge" was the time that has elapsed.
In India, monsoon is regarded as the season when the Gods are happy and thus shower their blessings in the form of rains. So rains brings a joy in the heart of each and every Indian which in turn calls for a celebration.
This celebraiton demands something that's mouth watering and hot at the same time due to the little cold that the rain bring with it.
I don't think there is a better preparation other than Pakoris for such an occasion which fulfills both the above requisites. So its a part of our culture also.
So its the culture that binds me to such habits. Just because I wanted to celebrate, I had that urge. Besides there are other factors(biological, mental etc..) which may be no one can explain.
I think my verse will explain some of them which will be out in a few days on the blog.
So till then keep having pakoras n pakoris and relish the moments of your life..
Happy Monsoons!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a long, lone and tiresome day, it is this hour of the night that makes me feel like an author.
But at this very hour of the night i am feeling a new kinda energy inside me.
The reason behind this is a video which I downloaded from my inbox.
The video shows a female leopard hunting a female baboon and while dragging the baboon for fulfilling her appetite, the baboon gives birth to a meek child.
The leopard then leaves the hunted baboon and starts to caress the baby.
She even protected the baby from some jaguars that came for a treat.
I was quite astonished to see such an incident and that too in animals.
I just don't understand the source of such a great force which keeps the appetite or hunger of an animal below the fondling of a newly born life.
I have heard before that animals eat up their young ones to fulfill the fire of hunger as it is said that animals are here on earth just to eat and sleep.
But from now on I would completely disagree with such arguments.
The force of motherhood drew the baby and the hunter together.
The meekness, submissiveness and the lack of resistance shown by the baby baboon, made the fastest and most feared hunter on earth, a mere spectator.
The world thus seems to be more and more complicated in each and every sense I try to figure out.
An ignorant kid is unknown to his hunter and the hunter due to this ignorance starts to caress his source of appetite.
What form of energy is this and where are such feelings developed?
Well, i think the answer is known to all those females who had the divne experience of cuddling a kid and being a mother.
A mother is born as soon as a child is a born. Mother love is the fuel for every event of our life.
The prey, after losing his real mother, found tenderness in the fur of the leopard and so the relationship bacame a bond.
It is thus rightly said," God could not be everywhere. So he created mothers."
What I am feeling now is that,"THERE"S NOTHING LIKE MY MUM'S HUG."

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Exist!!

Morning sometimes comes up with a lots of surprises.
I had pre-planned my day with my father and studies a day before.
But I didn't knew that a new experience was waiting for me.
I woke up with a friends call at 9 and was asked to come to a picnic.
Still in my sleep i refused the offer.
Then came call of another of my friend and was again asked to go to a different place for picnic.
This dilemma isn't new to me as it keeps on occurring (sometimes 3-4 times a day).
Being the arbiter most of the times in such cases, I am the one who is cursed for delays and negations.
But luckily this time one of the programs were canceled and I was happy that I won't be the cause of another program failure.
So I took of for Pushkar and visited Pachkund(Bathing place of Pandavas) on the way.
The place was quite peaceful but not a good point to hang around with friend.
So we were headed for Sunset Point and Brahma Temple.
On the way we visited a Sindhi temple where we sat for a while.
Being a passionate photographer I took my camera out and started taking pics of the beautiful place.
The Pushkar lake is in ruins these days and is completely dry.
What have we done to our mother nature? Instead of nurturing it, we are just pressing the resources to that extent that they no longer remain resources.
Its like leaving your parents when they need you the most once you grow up.
So after this heartbreaking photo session I turned to my so called friends where I could still feel some smile, unlike the lake, for their photos.
But alas!!
They refused to get photographed and moreover showed mistrust in fellow people.
This situation is again interesting as thoughts pondered over me.
If this was the case then why did they came with us to a place away from there homes??
Isn't this also a degree of mistrust within their souls and their hearts??
How do you define trust??
Well the answer is not with the hypocrites atleast.
I think trust is a kind of relation which one shares with the other by believing in each other.
Believing someone blindly is Faith but that is the higher degree which could only be related to God.For some people it may be a mistake but for me it is a way to recognise myself and also to have that spiritual feeling that
Hey! I Exist!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


For me destressing is doing any fun activity.
So after yesterday's dance party i am quite calm and composed and not being the usual powerhouse.
Energy really comes from within.
It is us who have to look inside for its utilisation.
When i was told to rest after the power packed dance performance , i replied back immediately that this was something that gives me more energy.
I quoted that," Dancing is silent poetry", which i had read many years back but it came to me in an instant.
One more thing i would like to add is that writing a blog is also quite destressing which might be as much stressful for the other lot to read..


Friday, July 10, 2009

A Ray of hope..

Waking up at 4 in the morning can be fun sometimes.
I had to drop my mother to the railway station for her train to Pune(her last visit as bhaiya will now be in Delhi).
As i am not used to wake up so early, I was quite tired and so just got back home and slept again.
Obviously I am not able to recall what metabolism was taking place in my body, but I was quite aware of the thoughts that were coming to me.
The thoughts not being the usual ones, were related to The Almighty.
I just could not believe myself that I was thanking Him from my soul and that too in English with Hindi as my mother tongue.
The thanks giving process was in a different manner.
As people say that dreams vanish as soon as you wake up so after praising and thanking God i woke up and made notes of whatever i could remember in my Moto L-6.
It goes like this:
I thank thee for my existence,
I thank thee for making me learn,
I thank thee for giving me experience,
I thank thee for giving me a vision,
I thank thee for sharing His knowledge,

and rest I could not remember..
So it was a one of a kind experience in my life.
Bringing in practice what I am gaining is again a worthy experience.
So I tried and was astonished to get relieved when i treated no one below or above my intellect.
With God in the morning I have felt relief in the night.
So I think here comes The Ray Of Hope......


Thursday, July 9, 2009

After a long time...

Getting to writing is not something new to me.
Writing small and long verses has been an old habit.
Blog writing is something that has fascinated me in a way that no one can expect and that i can't explain.
This being the first writing of mine, might be boring to some lot.
But at the same time i am writing for myself and that's the biggest reason for writing this blog.
So let me give it a beginning and leave the rest to me obviously.