Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crushing The Love!!

'Crush'. The word says it all. The numerous meanings which this scintillating word has are as follows:

Crush (Krush) --- to gnash (teeth), crash, break.
                         --- to press between two opposite forces so as to break or injure.
                         --- to grind into small particles or powder.
                         --- to subdue or supress by force.
                         --- to oppress harshly.

English, being a funny language, has always been very interesting. The dual meaning words have always fascinated me. Here comes 'The Baap Of All' meanings.

Crush (Kruh-sh) --- An Infatuation

This meaning of the word is quite a confusing one. How the hell have the lexicographers created such a great difference in meanings of the same word?
A man is broken to pieces or crushed when he has lost his love. But the meaning gives the sign of a new love.
What a clash (And I just love clashes like this.)!!

What I have seen and observed is that a crush is rather a 'love crusher'. Crush being an infatuation can occur anytime and anywhere. But I can say this very surely that love happens only once in life. I deeply regret the fact that whenever I loved someone or just wanted to show my affection, I could not say or do so.

I was (am actually) really confused about the word and the thought that it gave. Whenever I interacted with someone beautiful or someone who can match up with my frequency of thoughts, the first thought that came to me was 'You won't fall in love with her. Its just a crush.' While the battle always ran through at the back and kept on hammering the nails (the war between crush and love).

I wonder how many crushes I had in my short life. From the very hot chemistry teacher (still miss her) of class 10, sexy seniors, jaunty juniors and some classy classmates to all those whom I have keenly observed and found qualities that fulfill my conditions of a perfect love, there is none whom I could say or in anyway express the 3 magical words. That's love been crushed (Getting my point?)

I am still unaware of the fact that what is existent? Is it the Crush or is it the Love? Crushes usually occur around 3-4 times a day (This is purely my rate). But the love feeling is still to come (I won't follow Paulo's theory of soul mates for sure in which you are able to see some sort of light at the left shoulder of the person you love).

After all these happenings and experiences (in my very small life), I can obviously say that Love is an altogether different feeling from what crush is. A crush might end up in a love story but this usually don't occur.
There is nothing like 'love at first sight'. Its rather 'Crush at first sight' and then it might get converted to love.

Have lots of crushes people and don't ask those silly questions (like me) to yourself. It's time to spread affection and love. If someone kisses you on right cheek then put forward your left cheek or you can also reply with the same gesture of love. Love is in the air. Just don't keep crushing your love..