Monday, September 27, 2010

What Have You Lost??

Time is running so fast that I can't even think of getting out time for all the 'important' things I thought I will do in my pseudo holidays. The seasons are changing so fast that even God is wondering what is wrong out here. Floods in the capital and the Common wealth games controversy is all one can watch on the idiot box.

Please stop ruining our country's reputation. Its enough already. Let the games finish peacefully and then I will let you know your(members of the organizing committee)  personal hygiene levels...:P

Teaching is a really wonderful experience and is a part of my wish list. It feels great when you can share your experiences and knowledge with novices and make them learn new concepts by unusual styles. The place where I used to sit and stare at the teacher, is now not mine. The roles have been interchanged. It feels great to hear Sir Nipun Mittal. 

Interacting and traveling with people from all backgrounds is fun. At times it teaches a lot. I have already written about the Puking Love incident. The experiences vary day by day.I usually travel by Tempos and Buses wherever I have to go and so I avoid moving around in the city for petty issues because it is really a tedious job. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. For one thing the tempos and buses have fascinated me and that's because I see new people every time I travel. And yes, GIRLS. I am so lucky that they travel by the public modes...:)

2 days back, while I was sitting and murmuring a song inside a tempo, I heard a voice which said,

"Bhaiya haath dena jara."
 (Lend me your help brother)

Without any hesitation, my hand was holding this crippled person's hand and pulling him up in the tempo. He sat down and returned the favor by the widest smile I have ever come across. I really felt great but at the same time I felt the pain of that person. With that smile he told me, "Dude you are lucky. Wish I could be like everyone. But I am sure, I won't let you down if you ask me for help anytime." Even though one of his legs were missing, he was having a complete form of the most valuable possession in the world, that is the Heart, which most of us have lost nowadays. What have you lost? What have I lost?

It was time for today's brunch and I was idling around all over our house with the fevi-stick glue stick in my hand (It acts as my mic while I am singing EMINEM or LP's songs). According to the Hindu calender, Shraads are going on and we do not buy new things or start a new work during this time. Everything is postponed to a date which is after this period is over. This is the time when we remember our ancestors and pray for their peace. I haven't talked about our landlords (Uncle - 76 years and Aunty - 60 years) ever in my blogs. They are just amazing personalities. They treat me like their grandson all the time and I am so lucky to have them around. Actually they have 2 sons, one died 3 years back and one is in USA. So it was today that they arranged prayers for their beloved son. I was sitting and reading today's newspaper and Aunty came to me asking me to get up at once. She then got hold of my hand and took me to the kitchen and served a plate for me without uttering a single word. When I asked why was she doing this, she started crying  and said, " You are also my son." I couldn't react to the situation and came back holding the plate, thinking about the pain that they were going through. She came and asked again and again for more and I couldn't even say NO. Her eyes filled with water and her voice filled with the a lot of vibrations. I was their son that time.

We gain a lot and we lose a lot more in this very small life.
But what if we lose the spirit of living? What if we lose the reason to live?
There are many who have lost the above two characters. There are many who are unaware why they are here. There are many who are living just because life doesn't quit.

Are we people one of them.
What have we lost? What have you lost? What have I lost?
Ask yourself and go make your life better. If not yours then make someone else's life better. Be happy and just think again,



P.S. Joy of giving fest is on and so please, make contributions in any form. The world needs you. Heel it your way. Ideas can be shared here....:)