Monday, June 4, 2007

Oh! What A Friend

It is said
"a friend in need is a friend indeed."
but even a friend indeed is not a friend in need.
what i have learnt from life

is a moral that goes even in your life.
but yet i m a fool,
to put my mistakes still, in a pool.
the pool which was overwhelmed,
took one more of it, none helped.
what i have seen is nothing but truth,
people r friends just showing elephants tooth.
i remember,
when one of my friend was in pain,
i cried but all disdain.
i m smeone very solitary,
in this world full of mystery.
everyone here is to ditch,
just forget about any remembrance hitch.
to love someone is a waste of emotion,
but what i thought is a nice illusion.
none is a friend,none is a foe,
u have come alone n similar u will go.
whom i thought right,
was the one very bright,
in making me a fool,
and laugh himself having all good mood.
the world is an actor,
kicking u all around as a bactor.
they just wait for the chance,
to hurt u at the right instance.
is there any word like ignorance in friendship,
oh! sorry, this is foeship.
they are al just spectators,
of me n my sense of humour.
what can i do if i cant say no,
even to my friendly foe.
they use me up in vain,
and i m left with all the pain.
dey wnt to use me in any possible way,
to make visits with me n make me pay.
i have been chewd,
coz they r being shrewd.
i wnt to go back home,
to meet those who r my own.
now i know the world is not mine,
its me who is built for it.
to get caught in some false words,
words of love n affection,
which r just words,
sorry! sugary sweet words,
meant to kill me n my life,
my soul still searching for a TRUE FREN,