Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Delhi- 06

I know I get late in postings but then what the hell should I do. I am "Busy without work" these days. I think I'll need some sleeping pills because of her. I don't know whether it's her exams or mine. Phew.

So after all that Afghani look shit (refer DB:5), I resumed my responsibilities and after being completely satisfied by the operation results (as told by the Doctor and my cousin), I left the 5* hospital because no one was allowed to meet my Mamaji for the nest 3 days (ICCU). It was a very big relief to our whole family. I was completely pissed off with the hospital. Its not just about the sexy nurses and doctors. A hospital is the place where some life begins their journey while some ends.

I returned home (again standing in the DTC) eying all the Delhi Bellies (Don't beat me for that). I made up my mind to have a blast with my friends in Gaziabad. Kapoor and Gupta were waiting for this day eagerly. We had planned a Booze party and it was time for us to raise the toast. Actually its the capital which persuades me to go for alcohol because of the cheapness. We met and headed directly to the 'Theka' and brought a 'FUEL ka Khamba.' I thought that we were 4 people but we were 3. Mahajan skipped the temptation and insisted on cold drink and 'Aloo Chana.'

The place where we were partying has some sort of construction jinx, I think. Construction is always going on there and the structure looks the same every time. We sat near the valley part of the site and were talking about love and relations. But our talks went ahead of everything and I didn't realised when did er entered the Indian politics. We talked about every thing that was happening and after 3 FUEL injections, also about the things which were not. The glasses were getting emptied in a row. While the 3 Idiots tried to stop me from further shots, I was in no way under control. I knew I was in control of someone else. My head couldn't find a direction to rest. It was tilting in a direction where wind was flowing. I felt so fucking relaxed that time. I could hear some voices saying that "Mittal to out ho gaya" (Mittal has gone on a ride). While they were betting on my puke stopping capacity, I felt like a fire was burning inside my body everywhere and that I was a dragon who needed to throw that fire out. I puked at the floor after many attempts to stop. The sound that came was like a lion roaring in severe in digestion. I ran down the valley and puked 3-4 times more.

While I was on a recovery path, I saw Gupta hurrying down and puking his lungs out. Kapoor was in full form and he drank mine and Gupta's leftovers also (Don't feel so proud reading this you asshole). We somewhat recovered and went to a garden nearby where I slept. I don't know what these people were doing that time. I saw the pics and can tell that they were obviously playing jokes on me. Not being used too such things, I was feeling terrible that time. I could barely walk that time. Because I had to leave for Ajmer the same day, they got me settled in a bus which left me at bhaiya's place. I somehow reached the house and had a free fall on the bed.

I woke up after 5 hours and saw my brother ready with some good fighting moves. But I was walking Anesthesia who had no pains of any sort. The pain which could be felt by me was the pain in the heart. I puked around 20 times while at home too. Even 3-4 pills of the best anti-vomit tablets lost their significance. Everything I had in my body was out and I felt like a feather in the air. I couldn't even eat properly. I felt so weak that even a newly born baby could lift me up. That was the time I made up my mind against drinking. I know it is far too late to say all this and apologize but, I have heard that it is never too late. I learned a lesson at the very beginning of my life. I am very sorry for everything I did in the past. I really am.

For Gupta and Kapoor I would just say that please folks leave all this. Lets be simple and live life in a different way which the world can't. Don't leave MOH and MAYA but we can surely leave this shit. There will be a time when the body will ask for alcohol rather than water. So think again dude. I don't want to get philosophical on this. I know you both will listen to me at least once. Please..

So my Ajmer trip got canceled and I went shopping with Bhabhi the next day in the area called Silver Square, just kidding, Chandni Chowk. The name Delhi -06 comes from there only and I got to see the real Delhi for the first time. The true colors of our culture are seen here. Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and everything is there. Life in Delhi-06 could be so fast, I never imagined. I just love the movie Delhi -6 due to its cinematography now. I could identify one or two places in the movie where even I had a chance to leave my footsteps. Didn't saw any Sonam kapoor but there were even better.

I don't feel like going away from the capital for many reasons (Bhaiya-bhabhi, DTC buses, Girls, Friends, Life, culture and so many other things to explore). I don't want to harm any person's personal feelings here but I have just written about my perception of the place and events that took place there. These posts don't serve any purpose to harm any person. So here is me finishing up my Delhi Belly series and what better to finish it with a song from Delhi-06 which says " Ye Dilli H Mere Yaar, Bus Ishq, Mohabbat, Pyaar."


Monday, March 22, 2010

Delhi Belly 5

After donating my blood, I had to return to Bhaiya'a home. I was about to leave the place and rain started coming down from nowhere. It was like a storm. I felt as if someone is pouring buckets of water right over my head. I had never experienced a water 'Thud' like this before. Each drop was like a Sponge ball having the co-efficient of restitution as 1.

I quickly got into a bus. It happened again that a lady came to me and showed me the upper portion of the window where it was written in bold letter that the swat on which I had taken refuge was "Mahilaon ke lie" or reserved for the woman (I thought women have reached moon and still..). Well i have never ever got a seat in a bus in Delhi because every time I board them, someone comes and pulls me apart from the seat magnet. Why me...??

Winter was not fully gone and it was raining in the Capital. I just love the place. So many bus stops, so many people travel together, so many languages they speak, but still the common language of humanity is the same and works every where. I got up from the seat and someone entered from the front door (not allowed entry) of the bus.

She was approaching towards me. I was staring at her in disbelief and she didn't showed any gesture. She sat beside the girl who asked to get up and I was really praying God to have dome that. The girl looked like a pure Delhite and I was standing write above her holding the round bars for a not so firm grip because she was making me lose the grip.

Rains make look girls even hotter. She was one of those who deserve this complement. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She looked like Monica Bellucci. I was trying hard not to make any eye contacts with her so that I can stare at her pure, raw beauty. It seemed as if God Indra has sent an 'Apsara' along with the rains. She was looking awesomely hot. I was awestruck at her beauty which was further increased by rains. I just wanted to stand there the whole day and gaze at her but she left much before.

I reached home without getting rained and again had to leave for Apollo the next day. This time again couldn't get a seat (Lucky me). Mamaji was taken for operation and during this time I thought to give the place a visit. I was roaming around the International Lounge here and there. After some time the guard standing at the Lounge Gate got mad.

Guard: You want to come in Sir?

(Do I have to ask you?)

Me: Yeah! Why not...

(Who wouldn't like to enter a lounge with so many hot chicks inside)

Guard: Card???

Me: Why?

Guard: Take that from Afghanistan commission.

Me: What man? Have u gone mad?

Guard: (Looks at me in astonishment) But sirrrr......

Me: I have no card and I am not an Aghani.

Guard: What? Then go sir please.

Me: WTF!! Why did you stopped me first?

Guard: Sorry sir.

Me: All right man! Chill.

I wasn't able to understand the review given by the guard. Then i realized that I was looking like an Afhghani. I was dressed up in boots, a jeans, a shirt and a sleeveless jacket. This stuff gained its true value with my Dutch cut beard which was purely Afghani. Now I could understand why all this happened.

Looks obviously sets us apart from everything. Looks are depended on culture, region and groups. I dont know this particualr look crap. I just keep whatever I like the most. These days I am sporting a 'Decent Boy' look (and mind you, decency rox). Somethings are judged just by the looks a person has (A victim). Even looks create divide. I don't know what to do yaar!

My next post will be the last post to this series. Thanx for wait everyone and to be so generous to keep commenting...:)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Delhi Belly 4

While I was trying to come out of the Nurse's net, something more grueling but obviously more exciting caught my attention. No, it wasn't the female resident doctors available there every time but the Main Doc's call to the close family members. At such times, I could imagine that whatever philosophy I have read or whatever thoughts I read in 'WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE' are useless. We all are humans and the same chill goes through each of us while a close one or even a hero in a movie goes for a surgery or the Doc has to give some information about the patient. I crossed my fingers and sat near my Mamaji who was served with dinner that time. I don't think that anyone can fall ill after having such a great dinner. It consisted of every delicacy of the Indian food we eat usually (no unusually).

I shared the dinner with him and was getting answers to questions like 'Why India has the highest number of hungry in the world?' My cousin and my brother returned and told me that Blood will be needed in the operation. I got super excited that time. It was just around 3 months since I gave my Valuable blood and this time I was getting a chance to give it to my own Mamaji with whom I share the same blood (Blood relation you see). Usually people look at me when I talk about Blood donation as if I need blood (I just hate them for this). Next morning was the day which got fixed.

After having breakfast, I left for he blood bank. As I entered, people looked at me as if they have seen some kind of a AJOOBA (miracle). I wanted to tell them that its not the health that is visible but its the Will and the Guts, that are invisible, matter in such cases. I could see around 10-12 people waiting for their turns to get the stagnant blood out of their body. Most of them were first timers and were quite nervous. I told them about the uses and the replenishment of blood and most importantly that there ain't any pain involved in this process. Their was a pre check-up before one goes to the blood drainage room. The best thing was that the guy just pricked one of your fingers and take the samples on 3 different slides for checking various levels of blood like Hameoglobin, WBC's, Group etc, all in front of you which is interesting for sure. I was weighed and then with a slip I was sent to the Draiange room.

The room was huge and the nurse their was again awesome. I was asked to lie down on a specially designed bed which was equipped with various machines which give a feel to the person donating his blood as if he is the one going for an operation. This was the first Drainage room where I could hear a mixture of songs being played from an age old transistor.

Me: (Lying down) When is my turn?

Nurse: Wait a second. Cant you see their are others in the queue.

Me: (One thing I dont know why...) Can you please increase the volume?

Nurse: I told you to have some patience. Wait 5 minutes.

Me: The song will die till that time.

Nurse: (Gives me a look) Shut up.

She then came in 5 minutes and..

Nurse: 613 number wake up.

Me: Yeah! Insert the needle. I have closed my eyes.

Nurse: Its already in. Open your eyes.
(Looks at the report)
Wow! You are B-Negative. That's rare. We get only 2-3 people every week of this blood group. Are you a first timer?

Me: I know that. Its rare. I have given my Rare Blood around 5-6 times.

Nurse: Can i ask you somethimg?

Me: (Nods)

Nurse: Can we take 1 and a half unit of your blood?

Me: Okay! But dont make a fool of me.

Nurse: Done! Now wait for 5-10 minutes and then I will remove all the machines from you.

Me: I need to hurry. Lemme go.

Nurse: You look so impatient. If I wont open these then you will do it by yourself. Take a frooty and then go. Hope you can do this muchh..

Me: Ofcourse. I can do this much.

Then I emptied two packs of both biscuits and frooty tetra packs (allowed limit is one) in my stomach. It obviously feels a bit drowsy but it is short lived. Once you take some intake after donating blood, you recover very fast. Its like a recycling process for the body which happens to pump the same blood throughout again and again. For all those who are afraid or have never donated their blood ever, its a great thing to do. An inside feeling tells you that you have done something good and that you should be proud of this kind of work. The tests for various disease checks which costs around Rs.500 in the market, are done for free if you donate your blood. Its a win win situation in any case. The good is for us in any case. and the biggest thing is the feel "The Andarki Aawaz." It heels a lot. Their is an add on TV also in which a girl saves the life of an old man while she was on her way back after donating blood. It tells a lot. In the end I would also say what she says in that ad "Accha Lagta hai" (It feels good)..

The series ain't finished yet. I know what Kapoor and Gupta are waiting for but then " Sabra ka fal is Meetha."


Friday, March 5, 2010

Delhi Belly 3

I know I am very late in posting Delhi Belly 3 but the connection I was using before this was pathetic. I tried to open the blog but it just refused to open up in front of me as if shy of me. I came to know one thing during this break that Facebook is faster than orkut in every sense whether its chat or any other features. Without wasting much time I am moving on to Delhi Belly 3 (DB 2 was the last post obviously).

Me: WOW!! Is that what you call a F*#@*&g Hospital? Are you sure we are at the right place?

Bhabhi: Yeah Nippu. Everything that you haven't seen exists here in Delhi. No need to go anywhere in the world.

Cafe Coffee Day on the left and some other chain cafe on the right, a big lounge with centrally AC facilities, guards checking the visitors every now and then, people from all countries and all the world class facilities at a place. It sure gave me the illusion of a Shopping Mall. But I read somewhere long time back, " All that glitters is not Gold." Is it Gold or is it not? Well may be Gold for some or may be not for some.

The scene I have just described is the inside of the Apollo Hospital. My eyes were really bursting out with the retina scanning every nook and corner of the place. I could see sexy doctors moving around. I never knew that Doctors could be so sexy. Glamourising the Doctor's white coat is what the Delhi Doctor's have done. For sometime I forgot what I was there for.

While I was scanning the place, I saw my Mamaji sitting on a chair. We rushed to him and he was like that finally someone has arrived to stand besides him at every time. He was so upset that his emotions came out at once. My eldest Mamaji was admitted here for a bye-pass surgery. He then told us about the current situations and I rushed to the Ward where he was admitted. You have to undergo two more security checks before meeting he patient. I met him and he looked as though he wasn't ill at all. He told me that this was the first time that someone has done his shaving on bed. He got a hair cut also which made him look like a 20 year old chap. Being a Baniya he was inquiring about the ACs fitted there. His mind was running fast to expand the business we have (Mittal- Apollo Hospitals..).

I sat with him for sometime and was sent back by a very beautiful new nurse. Her smile had the powers of healing people faster than any medicine. Her voice was like a song which could be heard a thousand number of times and then also the longing to hear it is the same.

Nurse: Your meeting time is over. Don't you make him laugh so much. This is not good for him.

Me: (Starting a conversation) Laughter ain't good?? I thought laughter is the best medicine.

Nurse: It is. But don't you know Bruce Lee died due to a laugh.

Me: Yeah! I know everything about him. His first movie was Fist of Fury.

Nurse: No no. It was The Big Boss mister.

Me: (I just knew 2 of his movie names) No ways. Its Enter the Dragon or Fist of Fury. (Yuppy, I finally started a conversation with her).

Nurse: No. I cant be wrong. I am sure it is Big Boss.

Me: I give up. You seem to be a big fan of him. Sounds good. A girl and a fan of Lee.

Nurse: Why cant I? I like action and Bruce is still the master of all.

Me: Which other actors do you like? I mean the Indian ones?

Nurse: I love SRK.

(Action and Romance? Can they go together?)

Me: Hmmmm. Kind of contradiction. I see two persons in you.

Nurse: Tell me about them right now.

Me: A fighter and a lover...
(WTF! What did I just said..)

Nurse: (smiles) Err. Yes, may be, no, kind of true. I was here to tell you about the time. Its over now. Please leave the place or I will lose my job.

Me: Hope to see you soon. Bbye

Nurse: Bye.

I wanted the conversation to be much longer. My mamaji was awestruck at this act. He was smiling at me while I was leaving. I knew I had to come back, not to meet her but Mamaji. It's a grave feeling when someone so close to your life is going for a major operation. I felt sorry that time for this act of mine. May be my Mamaji's jolly nature that time made me forget the reality. I felt sorry with myself but somethings just happen and you come to know about them a bit late.

Let me leave this post here because the real adventure is yet to start. It might get a bit longer but then "Ye Dilli H mere Yaar." This time I won't be late in further postings.