Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black And Green

I have this habit of roaming about nearby my house while talking on the phone or thinking something productive (Which ain't productive at all).

It was just another funny day and I was talking to someone special on the Devil (The hour count has reached 400 now). I usually don't keep track of my whereabouts while I am talking effortlessly on the Devil. I have lost my way around 5 times (A blind follower of walk while you talk ad).

This time also, I reached an unknown place and very obviously, I didn't knew where had I left my home behind. Although most places I discovered when I get lost were beautiful as I live in a hilly area, the sight of this place was not a very scintillating type. This time Columbus had discovered a small valley where most people dumped their house wastes. There were heaps of garbage and wastes. I saw some tarry black smoke coming out from one of the heaps which was about 99% burnt. The sight had already made a diversion in my talks and I couldn't concentrate on a single thing. Then came a kid in rags and gave the heap a blow with his huge stick. The burnt part got scattered here and there and he picked up some half-burnt poly bags and ran away waving his stick in the air.

I could imagine the condition of burnt Lanka by Hanuman (Part of Ramayana) at the sight of this newly discovered land. The scene reminded me of the inferno that took place 2 years ago nearby our home in Kota. It was like Hell.

While I was about to finish my talks and turn my back at this sight, I saw something very tiny, very green and very fresh in between the ash. I couldn't take my eyes off from this little creature. It had an appeal, actually a prayer. I don't know what variety it belonged to, but I have learnt that plants do possess life. And yes what better example of life can you provide.

While the whole world is fighting over carbon credits and CFC reduction, this creature wass doing its job silently and serenely. Although very nominal, but this infant was contributing to the cause (Global Warming). Acting in the worst conditions, it was giving life to numerous organisms. Its rightly said that " Kamal to Keechad mein hi ugta hai". So there always is and will be, a ray of hope. I had never felt the color green like that before. Neither had I observed a tiny thing like that before. But then nature is dynamic.

Hope can't be given away. If there is hope, there is everything and if its not, then nothing.

Get as many carbon credits you want but what credit are you going to give to this tiny contributor? Actually you are not even eligible to give credit to this magnificent fighter and survivor. Its up to us how we make and maintain our nature (Each one, teach one, plant one). Its not about black and white anymore. The battle has itself chosen a new opponent, Green. Now its all about a new war between Black and Green.



Antarman said...

sagittarians have this habit of raoming around:)

Nipun said...

Yeah they do have..
seems like u r one of those Linda Goodman fans.
Welcome to My life's Truth..

Shivani said...

"Green" is the color man :) .. And that also happens to be the status of my office communicator. Not because it is my favourite color or something, but it signifies so many things - prosperity, clear way, plants, cleanliness..

I like your this post too !!! Cheers!

ellen abbott said...

Nature is so resilient. If we just give her half a chance, she will heal the earth and us.

Thanks for visiting my blog Nipun. Rain is good and I don't usually complain about it, just mixed with cold and wind and dark.

Nipun said...

@ shivani
Thank you.
This implies that people really like the color green.
And yes it surely signifies so many things..

Nipun said...

Yes thats what i was trying to convey.
The nature of nature..
Here in India rains are dark because of power cuts.
So enjoy the rains as they are even if it bring cold and darkness.

thanks for visiting my blog.

Rajat Jain said...

You are getting a lot better!

Nipun said...

@rajat bhaiya
Thanx Thnx Thanks!!!

Chanz said...

hey nipun... great post... but i still havent understood what that green creature was. I mean was it really a creature or was it a plant... (I know I must be sounding stupid, but seriously I havent understood... m embarassed..)

Tara said...

Indeed a good one !! Eyes wide open and mind set to blow ..

Nipun said...

My god!!
how do I define plant now.
u have left me speechless.
It was a plant for sure.
I have given all the evidences that provides us with all the basic info of a plant.
Thnx anyway.
I will try to put up better examples next time...:p
Don't be embarrased at this.
Its not unusual....:)

Nipun said...

thanx a ton..
thanx for visiing my blog.
keep commenting and i will keep writing.....:)

Sorcerer said...

walk and talk ..talk and walk..walk and talk..

*Stumbled across your blog

Nipun said...

Thanx mate..
Keep stumbling upon...

Shivani said...

Hey Nipun, you're following my one blog. Do follow the others too @


Nipun said...

@ shivani

Will do dat for sure.

Vijay said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting ur valuable comments...

workhard said...

I love Green!!!

I like the way behind a story that u share you have a sensitive issue..

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Nipun said...

@work hard.
this really is a serious issue..

Brittany Smith said...

@rajat bhaiya Thanx Thnx Thanks!!!