Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dhan Te Tan.............

"Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode." I wonder what came through the mind of the lyricist while this song with energy overflowing all over was written. I don't know the name of the lyricist but Kudos to you Sir!! When I heard this song for the first time, my ears went straight up and there was an inflow of immense energy in my body, mind and soul(I am still not able to find the reason.).
"Dil Nichode" sounds like taking your soaked clothes out from water and drying them
(The great Indian style). What's there in this song that has made it a chart-buster?
May be its the "Good Luck" which has been extracted out in the song(Koi good luck nikale..Haha).
The music of the song is just rocking. Calling it a song would be unfair as it is, in my opinion, an Anthem, Energy Anthem. I tried out some experiments with the anthem and may be I can put up a reason why this is so. The experiments carried out were:

1) I had set this song as my alarm tune and when I woke up this time I felt much more energetic than before. My previous tone was Fired Up(Hush) .

2) I played this song and went to attend the call of the nature and found that I just couldn't help myself making the bathroom dirty.

3) I played this song at a lecture and when the prof. heard the song, instead of throwing me out of the class(he has done that before), said that even he liked the song(Good Luck).

4) At a party thrown by my friend, the girls being shy weren't dancing. But as soon as this song was played, I don't know what happened to my shy friend, he went to the girls and took their hands forcing them on the dance floor. To my surprise, the girls were not as resistive as they usually are.

5) While I was on my way to Kota and driving my Maruti Suzuki 800+, I realized that the speedometer was racing up reaching 115kmph which is something not expected by a car running on gas.

6) Whenever I heard the song on the Dooms day(Result arrival day), I felt quite relieved and needless to say I just forgot all my tensions and just started headbanging.

I think that much of evidence is enough for making this song a chart-buster. So lets hit it..
DHAN TE TAN.......................