Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just 2 keep a Promise..

Ever wondered why the word RESULT gives everyone goosebumps??
From the most brainy (PHODU) to the biggest oaf (CH%$#@), everyone is at the verge of breakdown until the result page pops up on the computer screen. I always believe in smart studies. I have seen bookworms and I must tell you that I am not one. I am a smart student (Got the point??). After around 500 messages on my so called 'devil', which declared result everyday, and a long delay, finally the D-Day arrived. It was announced in the newspaper before. (Humne gilahri k jhoothe matar khaae the....) Oh! I am sorry. I get carried away with this song. So fear became a factor from the time I read the newspaper in the morning. I couldn't concentrate on even very small things. I couldn't eat properly or sleep or watch movie or anything else. But then I was forgetting something. I was missing something that forms part and parcel of my life. As soon as her thought came to my stagnant gray cells, suddenly I was ecstatic in that staggering position. I called her with my Devil and told her my roll number as I have done for the past 3 years. The spirit of this friend of mine is certainly undying. She's the one who is telling me my result for the past 3 years. Whatever her result may be, she's has always been highly exuberant while telling me mine. And then after asking my result when I ask about her, I just cant expalin the pain that I feel in her voice. The same measure of happiness and pain can be seen within some minutes. But thanks to God that I dont get to observe the twinge for the last two years. I can't even imagine what she's gone through in such a small time fragment of 20-21 years. She has..... Well I guess writing all those things wouldn't be appropriate here. But I respevt her a lot in true sense. Sometimes I am afraid of my feelings for her. But then there are things that you have to leave for God.
The result hysteria was all over me because the results were to be announced in the evening, but they weren't still. It was 23:50 and I was chatting wid around 12 people at a time just to avoid breakdown situation. Then suddenly my Devil rang and another friend of mine told me that she has checked my roll no: and that I was pass. My joy knew no bounds and I was dancing and jumping around in the house. But then the Devil rang again and she said that it was a list of her college and not mine. So I sat quiet for a while and then again remembered the old friend and told her about my condition. She den put me on waiting mode and inquired (I don't know from where does she get all the info:) about my result. I was waiting like a man in a queue to pee and than she said."ALL CLEAR." I just felt like hugging her the moment I heard this once again from the same mouth, with the same ecstasy as it used to be. My heart just knew that she can't be telling me anything wrong. I was pass consecutively for the 3rd year. She also shared the cake with me. I have already framed a belief that I won't check my result myself under any circumstance and that she'll be the first to do so. Then results were fully out after 3-4 hours amd then again I was surprised to see me getting 76% marks. My smart work finally paid off and I got what I deserved. I made the first call to her for telling my marks. Even though she got lesser marks than me, she was (just like the old days) in a state of equal excitement as me. Her voice filled me with a new energy as she has always done. I don't know how would I ever be able to return what she has given to me? I know she don't want anything in return but I am highly obliged to her not just for the result game but also for the sweet relation that we share. I know by this time you might have felt what importance you have in my life. Words can't always be the means to express your feelings (as I fall short of vocabulary power). So promise me that you'll always check all my results in the future, just as I wrote this 'Just 2 Keep a Promise'....