Friday, November 27, 2009

A Piece Of Peace..

Last year..
For me it was just another day of my life. The same rush to college, canteen kachori, some drooling around and finally back to home. Played some NFS Most Wanted and reached the level of most wanted number 4. How happy I was. What an accomplishment! Slept as usual like Kumbhakaran, woke up, had a Tea, increased my bounty to 85lakhs and slept again. The world would have been much better if you were allowed to sleep all day and kill time as I used to do (and still doing).
Smack That all on the floor,
Smack that give me some more..


What hello? Open the TV set right now.

[It was my father’s call]

Me: Kya hua Papa? Wait! I am just turning the TV on.

Papa: Make it fast. There is a news of some firing and blasts in Mumbai.

Me: (Still half sleeping) Yeah!!

[Breaking News. Breaking news.] There is nothing papa. Just the same breaking news.

Papa: Shut up! Change the channels. You’ll find it somewhere.

Me: (alert this time) Okay.

[ Ye khabar sabse pehle aap tak laaya hai India TV. Mumbai mein jagah-jagah dhamako ki khabar aa rahi h aur lagta hai k ek baar fir aatankwadio ne bharat par hamla kr dia hai…..]

And then the scenes I saw were unreal. I gave a short description of the happenings to Papa of the then present conditions. I was dumbstruck to the TV surfing all the news channels like nuts. Even if I was not the one who was affected by all this but then also the sight sent a chill. The live telecast which ran through that time is unforgettable. Media and market, making full use of this time, brought up new ads for the viewers. Just then I saw a car coming from somewhere making blind fires. People got down and they just ran away. It was the terrorists who had just passed in front of everyone killing and injuring many. Then there was news of the terrorists entering the Taj, The Oberoi and various other places. People were made hostages and some were killed on the spot.

Bang Bang Boom Boom was all I could make out from the sounds that were coming. Continuous fire from our NSG and the terrorists created hell at one of the World’s Most Trusted Hotels. There was fire at various places and one of the domes was blown-off by grenades. I could move an inch from my place since the time I turned the TV on. I felt helpless for all those who were in there. I could do nothing but watch the TV and surf different channels.

People enjoying their birthdays, companies discussing their future plans, anniversary celebrations and party for nothing, which we friends usually do, must have been going on at that time when the terrorists attacked. The attack began from a local train station where there was blind firing again. Several docile people were killed.

Some birthdays would not be celebrated anymore. Some anniversaries would not reach silver or golden level. Some plans would never be accomplished. Some ideas would never come into practice. Many policemen sacrificed their lives for us. For some people there was no one to claim.

Does it make any sense killing people like us? Where the hell is it written to kill your fellow men? The fight was on for 4 days and the result was very normal. One caught rest dead (The one caught has made the govt. of our country to spend 31 crores, the amount which could have enlightened 7 villages). There is still no result of the numerous trials that were being held in the past year.

I couldn’t sleep for those 4 nights and used to check the news in the middle of the night. My aunt’s friend lost her brother in the firing at the railway station. That time I felt that it could have been me or maybe you. God knows what’s in store for you the next second. I wore white colored clothes today for paying homage to the martyrs and who lost their lives in vain.

Yesterday, on the TV, I saw that child from some foreign land who lost his parents in that attack but was not crying at all. Wish I could be a child once again. We live in a country of Gandhi and follow his twin principles of non-violence and truth. Is this what makes the terrorists gain strength over us? I am not suggesting any measures to combat such situations (May such situations never occur). But we all need to be vigilant and alert at our own level. This would surely be a true homage to those who died that day.

We want to live in peace and harmony. I am a peace lover and I think that if these terrorists were taught the virtue of peace then they would leave their weapons for sure. I don’t think they ever experience peace in their lives until they die. Please understand this much that we just want peace and nothing else. When are you, yes you Mr. Al Kayda, Lashkar, IM and whatever, going to taste that Piece of Peace???


My homage to all……..


Monday, November 23, 2009

When You're Gone....

Wonder what happens when the object with which you have spent a major part of your life just goes away or becomes non-existent in a single bang (A bang that’s 3 times as fast as the speed of sound)?
I could not resist the feel for writing this post. When such things happen, you are broken. What I have lost is something that everyone valued. It gave me an identity of my own but now it is gone.
It is time for everyone of my group to groom and prepare for interviews for admission to colleges and getting placed in companies. For qualifying in an interview, it is always said “To Be Yourself”. But an interview nowadays is a mere degree up to which the Interviewer can be persuaded.
I was the one who gave the longest interview in the college to the Indian Army. But the outcome was prejudiced. I don’t understand what bias these army people have in their mind. I tried to be myself (actually I was myself) at the interview, but what these people want is all those sugar coated answers.
But this time it will not be the real me who will be facing the interviews. It has to be someone else. I will give them what they want.
Now I have broken up all the emotional ties with the thing (not just a thing) that I was having from the past 4 years. And yes, I am feeling so downhearted at this lost.
Well, it’s the very famous “Caesar’s Cut” a.k.a “Goti” a.k.a “Tikla”. Just a few hours back I had a chat with my brother who persuaded me to get this off of my visage. I was totally astonished to see my face without the Goti on my face (Being there for 4 years and now off in a macho bang). When the sword was out to wipe out the enemy, I felt like a thousand knights were approaching towards me to knock me down. Each and every hair that fell down was filling up the puddle of blood. The war between emotions and practicality finally ended with a lot of bloodshed. You decide who got slaughtered in this act of war?
What am I going to whirl around while I am thinking (Missing you so much this time)?
On which object will I perform all the experiments that I used to perform on you (and with you)?
Feels like I am lost somewhere. This is not me. The originality is lost. I can’t recognize myself in the mirror. But for consoling myself, I painted the mirror black at the very spot where my chin was seen. It really gave me a sigh of relief.
On looking at my gloomy face my father said,”Ye to ghar ki kheti hai. Aa Jaegi.” He boosted up my ruined morale by telling his own story of the removal of the long beard which he used to keep when he lived in Bihar about 23 years ago. He said “It really feels like a hammer being hit on your heart. But sometimes the hammering gives fruitful results. And then it is not the end of the world.”
This is what I am hoping for, some juicy results. Let’s see what happen when you’re gone…..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crushing The Love!!

'Crush'. The word says it all. The numerous meanings which this scintillating word has are as follows:

Crush (Krush) --- to gnash (teeth), crash, break.
                         --- to press between two opposite forces so as to break or injure.
                         --- to grind into small particles or powder.
                         --- to subdue or supress by force.
                         --- to oppress harshly.

English, being a funny language, has always been very interesting. The dual meaning words have always fascinated me. Here comes 'The Baap Of All' meanings.

Crush (Kruh-sh) --- An Infatuation

This meaning of the word is quite a confusing one. How the hell have the lexicographers created such a great difference in meanings of the same word?
A man is broken to pieces or crushed when he has lost his love. But the meaning gives the sign of a new love.
What a clash (And I just love clashes like this.)!!

What I have seen and observed is that a crush is rather a 'love crusher'. Crush being an infatuation can occur anytime and anywhere. But I can say this very surely that love happens only once in life. I deeply regret the fact that whenever I loved someone or just wanted to show my affection, I could not say or do so.

I was (am actually) really confused about the word and the thought that it gave. Whenever I interacted with someone beautiful or someone who can match up with my frequency of thoughts, the first thought that came to me was 'You won't fall in love with her. Its just a crush.' While the battle always ran through at the back and kept on hammering the nails (the war between crush and love).

I wonder how many crushes I had in my short life. From the very hot chemistry teacher (still miss her) of class 10, sexy seniors, jaunty juniors and some classy classmates to all those whom I have keenly observed and found qualities that fulfill my conditions of a perfect love, there is none whom I could say or in anyway express the 3 magical words. That's love been crushed (Getting my point?)

I am still unaware of the fact that what is existent? Is it the Crush or is it the Love? Crushes usually occur around 3-4 times a day (This is purely my rate). But the love feeling is still to come (I won't follow Paulo's theory of soul mates for sure in which you are able to see some sort of light at the left shoulder of the person you love).

After all these happenings and experiences (in my very small life), I can obviously say that Love is an altogether different feeling from what crush is. A crush might end up in a love story but this usually don't occur.
There is nothing like 'love at first sight'. Its rather 'Crush at first sight' and then it might get converted to love.

Have lots of crushes people and don't ask those silly questions (like me) to yourself. It's time to spread affection and love. If someone kisses you on right cheek then put forward your left cheek or you can also reply with the same gesture of love. Love is in the air. Just don't keep crushing your love..


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Facing The Book V/S Facebook

I wonder how many days does an Engineering student study in an year. I consider myself as one of those intelli group members and gives around 10 days for the final exam preparation.Times have changed and will have the same dynamic nature throughout times. Now it has come down to 4-5 days at the max. Whenever I sit down to face my course books, there is a thing ( don't know what form of matter are these websites ) which keeps on attracting (distracting now) me towards it. I know you undergo the same dilemma, Face the book or go to Facebook.
These SNS ( social networking sites ), are, in my opinion, the most unsocial mode of communication.
Rather than increasing the social skills ( as was expected ), these SNS have depleted the gregarious nature of our human breed called Homo Sapians. I wonder how many of us are known to this fact that human beings are called Homo Sapians, but most of us know at least these fictitious facts about themselves---
  • Which movie star resembles you?
  • Are you good in Bed?
  • Are you a retard?
  • How dirty is your mind?
  • What does your eyes say about you?
  • What animal are you?
  • What alcoholic drink are you?
  • Who likes you?
  • Who wants to date you?
  • Are you a good f#*K?
  • Blah Blah Blah...........................
It's an unending list and even I don't know about the many quizzes I gave. You just post any arbit quiz here and check how many people take it ( in full spirits ). People don't remember the number of subjects they have in a semester but they never forget the number of friends they have on Orkut, Facebook etc.

I am unable to understand all those wars that goes on in Orkut communities like---
  • Boys v/s Gals
  • Add 2, subtract 2 (enhancing your mathematical skills)
  • Best thing in the profile of the person above you.
  • Cutest and ugliest smiles.
  • and blah blah blah....
Start a topic and you see how many voters and posts you get just to get false winning feel. The matter rests in the bags or shelves while the unknown matter is going global. What a sarcasm!!

The perplexity lies in the fact that whether these SNSs are worth as some people say or are they 'A Giant Leap For Mankind'? No doubt that I found many of my old friends via the orkut and facebook friend finder, but at the sane time I lost contact with them. I atleast gave a thought from my idle mind for them before but now I have so many friends (old n new) that there is no chance of giving them even a thought. I see friend requests, accept them and forget them at the same time.

I again wonder that how are we going to face the real book, the book of life, which teaches us everthing?
Who says wars are over? They are getting bloody day by day (Mafia wars to Vampire wars). Some of my friends pleaded me to join their farm or Mafia network. People are even prosecuted for things which they feel are right in a country which has freedom of speech (Don't Tweet). Go dude! Fight for a cause.
Its good to socialize, but physically. Today we are socializing in a world which even the makers don't know exist or not (The Matrix).
I don't know where am I stuck? I know I am not facing the book, but the probability of facing it in the near future can't be made even .999999 from 1. The predicament is never ending (let something new come) and still the war is on, Facing The Book v/s Facebook.