Sunday, December 11, 2011



Looking at the moon I wonder sometimes,
Whether it is a heavenly body,
or something really divine?

Looking at the stars I wonder sometimes,
Are they really far,
or closer than the closest sight?

Looking at the flowers I wonder sometimes,
Are they really beautiful,
or everything is just about my eyes?

Looking at you, I wonder at times,
Does the world exist,
or it is just an illusion of sight?

Looking at you I came to know,
My value is cypher,
and yours is hard even to decipher.

Looking at you I wonder why,
The leaves rustle and birds fly.

Looking at you 'Now' I no longer wonder why,
My world revolves around you,
And that you are my sky.
There is no need of a moon,
And the world is futile.

You are my breathe, 
And you are my beat.
You are all I ever had.
I now no longer wonder that,
You are me...

Dedicated to "You".