Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rain Poem...

The drops that fall,
In the world's hall,
Had a life someday.
But now it has gone away.
Seasons came and went by,
Still my heart is so shy.
The drops are falling tip-tip,
While i drink a cuppa tea sip by sip.
The rain makes me commemorate,
The days that i spent with my mates.
The sound that they make,
Calls me to take,
The path i forgot,
And the life I lost.
The clouds rumble, And i just tumble.
Remembering that day,
When in my arms She lay,
The gathering of clouds,
Makes me recall,
The place and those wet grounds,
Where days were spent by the 'Chatting Lords'.
The drop that fall on my lips,
Reminds me of my first kiss.
Then i equivocate.
Still there's life,
In the drops, in the rain.
Only memories go far,
Its not me or you yaar.
The rain came yesterday,
And I again feel sucked,
Coz I go back in the memory lane.
Again the same questions were asked,
And I once more become lame,
Without my buddies,
The true ones,
And I feel myself, my soul,
Depart as infinite raindrops,
Touching and kissing my loved,
And bring back my lost life to me!!


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Nipun said...

The long awaited rain verse is here..