Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Delhi- 06

I know I get late in postings but then what the hell should I do. I am "Busy without work" these days. I think I'll need some sleeping pills because of her. I don't know whether it's her exams or mine. Phew.

So after all that Afghani look shit (refer DB:5), I resumed my responsibilities and after being completely satisfied by the operation results (as told by the Doctor and my cousin), I left the 5* hospital because no one was allowed to meet my Mamaji for the nest 3 days (ICCU). It was a very big relief to our whole family. I was completely pissed off with the hospital. Its not just about the sexy nurses and doctors. A hospital is the place where some life begins their journey while some ends.

I returned home (again standing in the DTC) eying all the Delhi Bellies (Don't beat me for that). I made up my mind to have a blast with my friends in Gaziabad. Kapoor and Gupta were waiting for this day eagerly. We had planned a Booze party and it was time for us to raise the toast. Actually its the capital which persuades me to go for alcohol because of the cheapness. We met and headed directly to the 'Theka' and brought a 'FUEL ka Khamba.' I thought that we were 4 people but we were 3. Mahajan skipped the temptation and insisted on cold drink and 'Aloo Chana.'

The place where we were partying has some sort of construction jinx, I think. Construction is always going on there and the structure looks the same every time. We sat near the valley part of the site and were talking about love and relations. But our talks went ahead of everything and I didn't realised when did er entered the Indian politics. We talked about every thing that was happening and after 3 FUEL injections, also about the things which were not. The glasses were getting emptied in a row. While the 3 Idiots tried to stop me from further shots, I was in no way under control. I knew I was in control of someone else. My head couldn't find a direction to rest. It was tilting in a direction where wind was flowing. I felt so fucking relaxed that time. I could hear some voices saying that "Mittal to out ho gaya" (Mittal has gone on a ride). While they were betting on my puke stopping capacity, I felt like a fire was burning inside my body everywhere and that I was a dragon who needed to throw that fire out. I puked at the floor after many attempts to stop. The sound that came was like a lion roaring in severe in digestion. I ran down the valley and puked 3-4 times more.

While I was on a recovery path, I saw Gupta hurrying down and puking his lungs out. Kapoor was in full form and he drank mine and Gupta's leftovers also (Don't feel so proud reading this you asshole). We somewhat recovered and went to a garden nearby where I slept. I don't know what these people were doing that time. I saw the pics and can tell that they were obviously playing jokes on me. Not being used too such things, I was feeling terrible that time. I could barely walk that time. Because I had to leave for Ajmer the same day, they got me settled in a bus which left me at bhaiya's place. I somehow reached the house and had a free fall on the bed.

I woke up after 5 hours and saw my brother ready with some good fighting moves. But I was walking Anesthesia who had no pains of any sort. The pain which could be felt by me was the pain in the heart. I puked around 20 times while at home too. Even 3-4 pills of the best anti-vomit tablets lost their significance. Everything I had in my body was out and I felt like a feather in the air. I couldn't even eat properly. I felt so weak that even a newly born baby could lift me up. That was the time I made up my mind against drinking. I know it is far too late to say all this and apologize but, I have heard that it is never too late. I learned a lesson at the very beginning of my life. I am very sorry for everything I did in the past. I really am.

For Gupta and Kapoor I would just say that please folks leave all this. Lets be simple and live life in a different way which the world can't. Don't leave MOH and MAYA but we can surely leave this shit. There will be a time when the body will ask for alcohol rather than water. So think again dude. I don't want to get philosophical on this. I know you both will listen to me at least once. Please..

So my Ajmer trip got canceled and I went shopping with Bhabhi the next day in the area called Silver Square, just kidding, Chandni Chowk. The name Delhi -06 comes from there only and I got to see the real Delhi for the first time. The true colors of our culture are seen here. Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and everything is there. Life in Delhi-06 could be so fast, I never imagined. I just love the movie Delhi -6 due to its cinematography now. I could identify one or two places in the movie where even I had a chance to leave my footsteps. Didn't saw any Sonam kapoor but there were even better.

I don't feel like going away from the capital for many reasons (Bhaiya-bhabhi, DTC buses, Girls, Friends, Life, culture and so many other things to explore). I don't want to harm any person's personal feelings here but I have just written about my perception of the place and events that took place there. These posts don't serve any purpose to harm any person. So here is me finishing up my Delhi Belly series and what better to finish it with a song from Delhi-06 which says " Ye Dilli H Mere Yaar, Bus Ishq, Mohabbat, Pyaar."