Thursday, April 8, 2010

50 Ain't Enough...:)

Finally I touched a number which can be seen as an achievement. 50 or Fifty (For people with weak mathematics) is a number which the cricket lovers (like me) view as a Half Century. Now I have 51 followers which is a pious number in Hindu mythology and this is my 50th post at the blog. Can I call it a Golden Post??

I never thought that I would reach this number. Blogging grew from a time pass and learning method to a place where I could share various ideas and opinions on various topics with people from the world over. I have been guided and taken to a completely different path in this journey of mine. I am really going through a great time with so many people around me. Life is a great teacher you see.

There are people whom I want to thank from the core of my heart. The list is endless and so is the love for them.
Anu D -- She inspired me to write and I again began in 2009 after a long gap of 3 years.
Rajat Bhaiya -- A teacher who corrected me many times inspite of his busy schedules.
Ankita --A lovely friend of mine. When I was new it was her who told me that I am good and inspired my writing.
Chandni Jain  -- She is there reading me every single time and commenting in her unusual style. She can write on anything. Just pick a topic.
Parul -- She also inspired me a lot for writing. My sister you see...:)
Pratik Bhaiya -- A great author who was there to motivate me every time with his posts and comments. The most awaited posts are by him only.
Supriya Di -- Didn't knew this blog thing can give me a relation too and a very sweet one..:)
Shivani -- A beautiful writer, though she writes less. Gym is on..
Kapoor -- Included everywhere in my Delhi posts. He pushes me a lot with his great comments.
Sorcy -- A man with great wits and humor. I just love his posts. Something new everytime..
Choco -- A little girl with lots of talent. She will go places. Trust me.
Sana -- Mostly the first one to read. She writes great stuff.
Nevine -- The most talented of the lot. I just love reading her posts. A great word player. I learn so much.
Farila Mam -- A fighter and Survivor. I bow down to her spirit. Wish I could be as strong as her.
Antarman -- She has always shown me the right path by her comments. A great human being...
Wink -- Someone with whom I could connect most times. A great poem writer.
Insignia -- A cool blog writer. Her journeys are just awesome. My 50th follower. Thanks a lot.
Betty -- A different kind of an author wih cool posts. Life's new way.
Madhu -- A lovely author and brings a smile every time on my face. I wait for her comments.
Love -- My inspiration for everything I do. I just love being with her. Love you sweetheart.

I thank everyone for reading my posts and encouraging me at the same time. Pushpa, Sakhii, Rohini, Anima,TaraPankhuri, Riya, Chinmaya, Blunt Edges, @ease, Neha, Neelam, Kay, Bucking Fastard, Tangerine and many others. Sorry if I missed someone. Please remind me and your name will be added. My heartiest wishes to all of you in every nook of life. Thanks for all the support and criticizing. I need your support in the coming future also. Keep writing and commenting.

Soon I will be starting a new blog where me and Kapoor will be discussing diverse issues apart from the usual happenings. We need your support to make it a success and also to make people aware about the world around in a differently new approach.

Big hugs to everyone and thanks again for all the encouragement. Sorry for any mistakes made by me.



P.S. I refused a drink party today. I am loving it..:)