Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Miss You!!

I know its been a very long time since I have written something on my space, but then sometimes time and the conditions doesn't permit you with the opportunity to do things which you long for. I have so many thoughts to share and so many incidents to tell but then you see, Conditions Applied*..

Recently one of my articles didn't got selected in an International Competition. Though I got past the many Indian authors and mates, but couldn't compete at the International front. I gave it my days and nights, worked for 25 hours a day but what I got was just a lesson and obviously an experience.

It would have been much better if I had not even qualified in the Indian round. I don't know the game which God is playing with me. Whenever I am about to reach the heights, he makes me stumble just before the pinnacle. Everyone says to be calm and look for the flip side (the same Half empty and Half full shit), but their are times when you just can't always think straight. All these thoughts look and sound bookish and although I have read a lot of philosophy, I myself can't deny the fact of thinking in the opposite sense still. I got through some things, while I didn't got selected in some. I can't even distinguish between the feelings. The latter overcomes all other feelings everytime. An old dilemma still eating me and WTF, Boys don't cry..:)

But I am sure to fight back. I will soon fight this feeling which I am going through. Its more about toughness. I don't feel like talking or writing this time and I know I am writing crap but this is really giving me a lot of strength. Sorry guys for such a post but I thought that may be publishing crap may also get an applause because most of the times its crap which works (The experience which I gained you see).

I was missing this space so much that I just couldn't help my fingers at this very hour to type. I know I don't want to write but these fingers are working like machines. No grammar checks, no spelling checks, just some crap. But I really miss you people a lot and I couldn't even come and comment on your blogs due to exams and other reasons. Whatever time I got was not enough for reading all your posts, though I did comment on a few which were there at the top always.

I really am missing a lot of people this time. I want to talk and share and laugh just like the times before. This has already made me much calm right now and I will return soon. Miss u guys a lot. Sorry again for all this crap.