Sunday, May 6, 2012

'Online' or 'On-Line'

Here is a small conversation piece with which I think some people might co-relate with. This is a general write-up and I don't mean to hurt anyone's personal feelings.

Netizen 1:
Hey!! Wassss up??

Netizen 2: (Here he comes) Nothing much. Sitting idle. When did you come 'online'. You should have told me before coming.

Netizen 1: (If I would have told ya, I won't have found ya.) As if you always come 'online' after informing me. And yes, why should I tell you before coming 'online'.

Netizen 2: (Why can't you understand the feelings I have for you?) You are dumb and nothing else. Its been a long time since we are having these chats. I thought we were friends.

Netizen 1: (Here is the signal dude!!) Well, of course we are friends. I just thought it would be silly to inform you coz we are 'just friends'. 

Netizen 2: (Why God Why?) So you just came to say Hi or you have some official work? 

Netizen 1: (Why God Why?) Nothing important. Was hoping to find you online.

Netizen2: (I think he is a mind reader.) Really? That's so sweet of you.
Netizen 1: (Is this the right time to say the words?) Errrrr.. No No.. I just.. I mean.. I can't think.. I don't know.. I am gone.. I am in love.. (Shit).. I am in Love..  in love with you.. (What am I saying.. I am so gone..) I am sick.. I want to meet you. I am in love with you. Do you feel the same? (What am I saying)

Netizen 2: (Finally the words are out..OMG!!) What are you saying? You love me? 

Netizen 1: (I would have appreciated a n answer.) Yes, I do and want to meet you asap.

Netizen 2:  (I love you too but we can't meet.) Sure we will meet. Lets catch up at 4 this Sunday at the Mall.
Netizen 1: (Still no affirmative) Yup! That will do. But I was wondering if I can get an answer to the question I asked..

Netizen 2: (Desperado) Wait for it..Patience my dear patience.. We are meeting this Sunday.. 

Netizen 1: (I know its a yes!!) Sure darling. Oops..(way to early)

Netizen 2: (Ecstatic guy) Alryt then see you soon.. Bye. 

And then Netizen 1 waited the whole Sunday for Netizen 2  to appear in the avatar which he had in his mind, which he had seen in her profile and which he had imagined infinite times..But the online Avatar never came.
Netizen 1, mad in love with Netizen 2, committed suicide on Monday and left a note which said," I am not just a profile. I am a human being and that too real." 

Well, the whole thing behind this is a comparison between 'Being Online or On-Line.'

There is no problem in spending hours on the internet and surfing the web. This is what we do when we sit online. We use the internet and surf the web. But the problem starts when we get on-line with someone who is also available online

Getting online and on the internet is the need of the hour. Most of us today are available on the social networking sites and we very openly say that we are looking for a relationship (open or whatever) or in which sex are we interested in. So do we get online in order to date someone or have a serious relationship with a Netizen who may be having a fake identity?

Internet aims at making the world available at our fingertips and bring people from various parts of the world, closer. Are we really coming closer? Why this virtual world is becoming a reality? Why are their such cases in which a boy (may be) meets a girl (may be) and they fall into a serious relation just by typing some lovely sugar coated words? 

And that's not it. I know people who even before their child is born, created a profile for the unborn (Both sexes were taken into account and so there were two different profiles.)

Well.. I hope my fellow netizens (obviously real identity holders) will come with a solution to this problem very soon and will help enlighten the coming social networking generation who could even ask their parents whether they were downloaded..