Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a long, lone and tiresome day, it is this hour of the night that makes me feel like an author.
But at this very hour of the night i am feeling a new kinda energy inside me.
The reason behind this is a video which I downloaded from my inbox.
The video shows a female leopard hunting a female baboon and while dragging the baboon for fulfilling her appetite, the baboon gives birth to a meek child.
The leopard then leaves the hunted baboon and starts to caress the baby.
She even protected the baby from some jaguars that came for a treat.
I was quite astonished to see such an incident and that too in animals.
I just don't understand the source of such a great force which keeps the appetite or hunger of an animal below the fondling of a newly born life.
I have heard before that animals eat up their young ones to fulfill the fire of hunger as it is said that animals are here on earth just to eat and sleep.
But from now on I would completely disagree with such arguments.
The force of motherhood drew the baby and the hunter together.
The meekness, submissiveness and the lack of resistance shown by the baby baboon, made the fastest and most feared hunter on earth, a mere spectator.
The world thus seems to be more and more complicated in each and every sense I try to figure out.
An ignorant kid is unknown to his hunter and the hunter due to this ignorance starts to caress his source of appetite.
What form of energy is this and where are such feelings developed?
Well, i think the answer is known to all those females who had the divne experience of cuddling a kid and being a mother.
A mother is born as soon as a child is a born. Mother love is the fuel for every event of our life.
The prey, after losing his real mother, found tenderness in the fur of the leopard and so the relationship bacame a bond.
It is thus rightly said," God could not be everywhere. So he created mothers."
What I am feeling now is that,"THERE"S NOTHING LIKE MY MUM'S HUG."


ankita said...

awsum... tu book likhega.. to i ll b ur frst customer...

Pratik Gupta said...

can u pass me the link of that youtube vids

Nipun said...

i'll send u the mail bhaiya very soon..