Monday, January 18, 2010

Puking Love..

Love is in the air,
Love is everywhere,
Love is a feeling,
That does not go anywhere.
Its hidden somewhere inside us,
Once found it changes the world.

This is not just my feelings. I hope those of you who have ever loved or are in love at this moment of time must have gone through this feeling. I could have filled the whole page (rather whole Web) defining LOVE, but then also some or the other feeling would have missed.

After getting recruited in Infosys, I forgot that I had to go back to the college also. Someone reminded me of exams by texting me and so I had to leave for the college immediately. Reached the bus-stand, bought a ticket and sat in the bus. Some aunty came asking for a double seat for her husband and her and I had to shift to the triple seat side. I have always prayed God to make my trips memorable by sending some bombshells in the bus. Even if she takes another seat, I can shift near her by making some funny excuses. But my prayers are still in the queue. I have the shittiest luck in any case, whether it is a train, a bus or a plane. Its kids rather than those bombshells who have always accompanied me in the longest of journeys I have ever gone through.

It’s a kind of advantage traveling with kids because sometimes they may offer you a joint seat If you are traveling with wait list tickets or have no reservation at all (sorry Laalu because after Mamta’s reign I haven’t travelled much). The parents offer you various food items and a luncheon like me can’t refuse to anything offered (even though warnings are displayed).

So this time also (as usual) there wasn’t any girl in the bus and the conductor shifted me to the front seat (near himself). I sat there and was listening to my I-Pod. I was tired like hell due to the 3 sleepless nights (2 in pressure and 1 in excitement). I didn’t know when I got asleep. But this sleep was short lived. The vibrating Devil doesn’t allow you take any kind of rest (There was a time when I wanted people to hear my L6’s ringtone and now it just vibrates..Haha). My friends called me up to congratulate me and asking about the interview (Thanks to the blog that my cassette needs no rewinding now).
5 different songs, some Marwari, Hadoti, fighting etc. etc. were all happening around. Everything was so subtle, so peaceful (unlike the bus environment). I just loved every event that time. But suddenly
Arey…Arey…… Uth jaldi Uth… Bhaisahab meri beti ko ulti aa rahi h (My daughter wants to puke). Khidki nahi khul rahi h (Windows are not opening..The same old bus..). Jaldi se bus rukwao (stop the fucking bus!).

I opened the window of my seat, jumped and picked the little kid from the seat and made her sit beside me rubbing her back. I don’t know what happened to me. A sudden caring sense got over me. She sat near me with her head out of the window for about an hour in the same posture. But there was no puking. It was really cold and I was wondering how a kid could stand to such cold breezes for an hour or so. I looked at her mother who was sitting quite comfortably with the rest of her kids (She was sleeping actually). Just out of curiosity, I asked the little girl whether she really wanted to puke.
To my amazement she said,” No.” That time I felt like someone has played with my feelings. But what I could have done? As I closed the window, I saw her tilting towards me and then she slept with my arm as her pillow. All the grit I had went off in a second. Her mother saw me and smiled and I smiled back at her. I said,” What an Idea Sirji..”. She slept on my hand for the rest of the journey and I could not move from there for a second (had to wait 3 long hours for peeing).

I don’t know why but I was very happy as I came out of the bus (Pee was not the only reason). Sometimes life takes you to roads which you never expect or ever think to take. It’s a game called Life and I am playing it as it is coming to me. Don’t know what emotions I had at that time. It’s all about love. Love someone and you also will come to know that each and every part of this universe is as lovable as you yourself are. Just try and love. The feeling is not lost still. It comes to you with different types of incidents, accidents and events. I am really in love and I don’t mind telling her again and again.

But that time it was different and it was Puking Love....