Friday, August 7, 2009

A Rakhi Without Sister!!

Exams!!! The name says it all.
This word itself gives a nerve-racking feel. It sends a chill to the core of my heart.
After a long and restless wait, finally my 6th sem exams commenced from the 25th of July.
So with a lot of heart and soul I initiated my studies before 2 days of the opening ceremony of exams. The papers went by and so the memories of the respective subjects with them. My examination look was getting over my mother. Well, its the only superstitious part of my life (The Old Examination Look). I remember that once my grandma told me that if you cut your hair or shave your beard at the time of a test, then all the wisdom that you have accumulated through the books, goes with the part which we are shedding from the body. So I just follow this principle from the day she told me(at that time i had no beard or moustache). My mother hates this examination period, not because I am not free, but because I don't shave and crop-up with a long-thick beard during my exams which last for about 15 days.
I just didn't had any idea of the days and dates that went past during this period. After giving my second last exam (which was as usual a mess), I received Rakhis from my father that came for me via courier and realized that I was missing something. I became conscious of the fact that it was the first Rakhi of my life when I had none of my sisters with me. I suddenly felt crushed and fragmented. Its has been a tradition that on the day of Rakhi, our whole family goes to my sisters home for tying Rakhi and the day is celebrated by eating sweets and lots of sweets by me. But this year was different. The day arrived. Due to my exams, I just couldn't go anywhere. My mother n father attached to me, also couldn't visit anyone at the day of Rakhi. They showed no sign of downheartedness but it couldn't be hidden by their actions.
I myself was crestfallen on that day. I had two reasons unlike others(exams included). I was also picturing my friends who were away from their homes and had no moral support around. Whoever I met that day seemed to be a bit gloomy of the fact that it was Rakhi.
Sisters form a very integral part of brother's life. Being two brothers, me and my elder brother always had great respect for women. We have always had sister's love and affection from the various girls in our big family. But this time not even a single person was around me who would come and tie me the knot of Rakhi. I just felt like crying sometimes but then "Boys Dont Cry".
So this year gave me an internal strength which will surely help me survive through all the years coming up where I can't expect ayone to be around me at such times of celebration. I think its the heart that binds the relation and the closeness. My thoughts would surely have reached where I want them to reach. I truly never want to lose any of these relations which makes me feel that there is an existence of mine in this world. So this was my first experience of a Rakhi without sister. How many have you had and wait....
What if you have a sister and she doesn't tie a Rakhi to you??


Pratik Gupta said...

exam..beard...hairs all over...yeah same story all around but not because of belief but lack of time...anyways i don change my socks in exams so the pain is in different form with me. [:)]

Nipun said...

in my case its diff bhaiya..
bt i atleast wash my clothes[:p]

pushplata said...

u knw wat i too celebrated this rakhi alone without my brothers jst bcoz of there papers.........

Nipun said...

it happens dear..
writing is the best solution 2 many problems..