Monday, November 23, 2009

When You're Gone....

Wonder what happens when the object with which you have spent a major part of your life just goes away or becomes non-existent in a single bang (A bang that’s 3 times as fast as the speed of sound)?
I could not resist the feel for writing this post. When such things happen, you are broken. What I have lost is something that everyone valued. It gave me an identity of my own but now it is gone.
It is time for everyone of my group to groom and prepare for interviews for admission to colleges and getting placed in companies. For qualifying in an interview, it is always said “To Be Yourself”. But an interview nowadays is a mere degree up to which the Interviewer can be persuaded.
I was the one who gave the longest interview in the college to the Indian Army. But the outcome was prejudiced. I don’t understand what bias these army people have in their mind. I tried to be myself (actually I was myself) at the interview, but what these people want is all those sugar coated answers.
But this time it will not be the real me who will be facing the interviews. It has to be someone else. I will give them what they want.
Now I have broken up all the emotional ties with the thing (not just a thing) that I was having from the past 4 years. And yes, I am feeling so downhearted at this lost.
Well, it’s the very famous “Caesar’s Cut” a.k.a “Goti” a.k.a “Tikla”. Just a few hours back I had a chat with my brother who persuaded me to get this off of my visage. I was totally astonished to see my face without the Goti on my face (Being there for 4 years and now off in a macho bang). When the sword was out to wipe out the enemy, I felt like a thousand knights were approaching towards me to knock me down. Each and every hair that fell down was filling up the puddle of blood. The war between emotions and practicality finally ended with a lot of bloodshed. You decide who got slaughtered in this act of war?
What am I going to whirl around while I am thinking (Missing you so much this time)?
On which object will I perform all the experiments that I used to perform on you (and with you)?
Feels like I am lost somewhere. This is not me. The originality is lost. I can’t recognize myself in the mirror. But for consoling myself, I painted the mirror black at the very spot where my chin was seen. It really gave me a sigh of relief.
On looking at my gloomy face my father said,”Ye to ghar ki kheti hai. Aa Jaegi.” He boosted up my ruined morale by telling his own story of the removal of the long beard which he used to keep when he lived in Bihar about 23 years ago. He said “It really feels like a hammer being hit on your heart. But sometimes the hammering gives fruitful results. And then it is not the end of the world.”
This is what I am hoping for, some juicy results. Let’s see what happen when you’re gone…..


Pratik Gupta said...

jeh baat!! goti katwa di...gud. dude its so obsolete. Try the Typical Johnny depp look now

Nipun said...

@yes bhaiya!!
Tried that Johny Depp look 2..
But Goti to Goti hi h na..

sumit said...

i can understand u r feeln nudeeeeeeee!!!
he na

Nipun said...

i knw tujhe kya samajh aa raha h..
college mein bhi sbse pehle tu hi maje lega..

CHINMAYA said...


Creative Styling

prateek kapoor said...

@nippu's emotions----:-)hey dnt feel heartbroken...bhai hai ki dress silwa ra hu tere liye..pehanke khush ho jaio....dnt wrry..:-)

@goti..-----watever ur dad said ws gud enough dude...afterall u need to b dynamic u have finally moved out of the shackles of being the same old nippun ...finally the birth of new star has taken to c u without ur goti.waiting for the 6th..:-)

@the blog-------gud one again...the beggining made me thnk the othr way round(1st para)..:-) bt again nice hold...i hpe mr.gulzar(mr.anon) reading this n trying to gain a gud hold of ur emotions..:-)baaki as always.cheers mate...

p.s.,nxt tym make sure to undtnd the basic concept of "compromising" while gvng an army interview to a col in an empty room..:-)

Nipun said...

@ prateek
Thnx again mate..
ur comments hold a great value for me.
And yes
@my emotions
feels lyk my virtual gf has left me..
@my Goti
ab to aadat ho gai h..

And yes, this time i will surely compromise. U knw wat m talking about....:)

Nipun said...

Thnx dude..

prateek kapoor said...

:-)bst of luck lft.col.nippun mittal(vardi wale)..:-)

Nipun said...

sudhar ja kamine..

ANKITA said...

yr.. starting me to i thot ki pata ni kya ho gaya???
dara dia tha tune to????
ab yaha pic bhi new wali laga le!!!!
widout GOTI!!

Nipun said...

maje mat le yaar..
aur haan thats what a writer can do to u..

Shivani said...

Awww... sorry to hear about your loss ;-) but as your papa said "Ghar ki kheti hai .. fir aa jaayegi"

I felt the same sense of loss when I got my hair cut from very long to very short (and it was my own stubborn decision). But the moment my tresses got sliced off .. I felt like "Shit, what the f$%^ have i done(sorry about the 'f' word).. and I still often search "how to grow long hair" :-P but that's life dude...

Nipun said...

But u had a bigger loss than me..
Beard comes twice a week.
But its hard to grow long hair..
Even I long for long hairs but m already loosing them.
Thanx for the sympathies..
I realy need them..

Anonymous said...

bechari goti!!

Sorcerer said...


you are telling johny depp looks dont work?

try harder!

Nipun said...

Wat cud i have done?
Wen sumone calls u n say dat dis is wat kept u from our call..

Jensxjtn said...

Hmmmmmm........ Creative Styling