Thursday, September 10, 2009

800 Hours With 'The Devil'

"College timings changed? What the f*^k man! I hate our Pappu for this. When are you coming tomorrow? 7:30, nay its 2 early. It's final year dude. Grow up. We can obviously miss the first class. Chal, then see you tomorrow. Bye. F@^k Pappu!"
And I again sat in front of my PC to continue with 'Hangover', the movie. I dont know where was the humor in the movie lost all of a sudden as I gazed at my cell('The Devil'). I was bewildered to see the talk time that was being displayed on the screen-600 Hours! I was like, "What the F*&k!"
I quickly checked my Tata devil and it showed up another 200 odd hours summing to a total of 800 hours. Many thoughts ran at once in my mind. Some of them have been summarized under:

1) Is this the time I wasted?

2) Is this time, in any sense, valuable?

3) What did I missed in these 800 hours?

4) Is this the only time that i spent with 'The Devil' or there is more?

5) Can I live without the Devil(moment of truth)?

I quickly turned off my PC and sat shocked thinking all this. There is a hell lot of time wasted with the Devil, apart from these 800 hours. My heart sank when the thought of the monolithic device called Telephone(The Landline device) came to me. I have been with the devil for the last 3 years only but, I am using the landline even before the time I could wash my own ass. The thing that matters most is the Time. These hours, if viewed as days, account to 33.33 days. What the F!! It's ringing again.

After giving many deep thoughts, I couldn't find any answer to the above questions. It has no doubt reduced my mother's tension who always thinks that I am a trouble creator.
It has become a part and parcel of life. I would rather prefer calling it a body part.

Just like the 2 sides of a coin, every device invented by man has both advantages and disadvantages. I am not someone against the Devil. People say it has increased their social circle but now they don't even think to meet an old friend just because he is in touch by that Devil.

Their are many things to write down but can someone now keep me away from 'The Devil'. It is hungry for more blood and is continuously playing Dhan te nan. I think that their is more life to go with 'The Devil'. I am counting 900, 1000, 2000, 5000............ Let's see who wins..