Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funny Isn't it??

Finally I am back to the world of blogging after a long break. I am very sorry for not reading and commenting on all your lovely blogs and write ups. This won't be carried forward, I promise.

My fingers yearned to write while my brain gave a big red signal to think or write anything useful. I was drenched with work the whole last month. The month was full of excitement and new hopes.

Before proceeding any further, I would take pride in telling my blog buddies that I am a Certified Electrical Engineer (B.Tech Hons.) now. All my hard work of studying a day before exam, completing the assignments on the day of submission, making and writing stories in question paper and fooling around the teachers has finally paid off. So for any problems related to your electrical equipments, you have a licensed person to contact now (at your own risk). Payments can be made by cash or DD in favor of Er. Nipun Mittal (other details will be provided on request as RAW has warned me about some groups having an eye on my account).

I joined Shree Cement Ltd, Beawar,
And generated some power.
But alas! The plant was shut down,
Coz it was my destiny's plan..:)

Shitttt.. These days I go poetic here n there, me and my rhymes.:P

Neither the plant was shut down, nor I generated any power. I joined the company to gain first hand experience in the core sector, and mind my words, ITS TOTALLY COOL. The parts of a plant which I used to make as simple small rectangular boxes in the examination copies, appeared to be quite huge in reality.

Er. Nuts: Where is the boiler sir?

Senior: Here see this.

Er. Nuts: No sir, not this The one rectangular box which I used to make in copy.

Senior: Can you see this 5 storeyed structure?

Er. Nuts: Yes Sir.

Senior: This is the rectangular box you are talking about man. Grow up.

This forms a very small part of the story. There are "endless" foolish stories like this (winking) and if you can tolerate them then its up to you (your wish is my command). 

While my induction was going on, I was put on with the people preparing for the Independence Day function. I was given the role of Mughal Dancer and later on a youth dancer. I played all the roles during our practice sessions (Peasant, Viceroy, King, Bhagat Singh and balh blah...) as our group of 52 was never available at a time. I became quite famous in a short while as Plant ka Bhand (Dancer) with my super ultimate moon walk.  Some feelings are generated only when one becomes a part of that story or has undergone or studied the same. One such feeling is Patriotism and I could feel that with full passion on that very day. 

I left the company 10 days after the function. I learned very little but I made relations with some very nice and humble people. I thank all of them to be so supportive and respondent to my foolish questions. Thank you all my Shree Power Mates. May you reach the epitomes of success. Will miss you guys..

I used to get up at 6 in the morning and returned back from work at 8 in the night. It was quite hectic as I had to travel about 120 Kms daily. But it feels so cool inside a boiler. Trust me on that..:)

During this time, my parents were planing for an overseas trip to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangkok etc. I was the one who searched for different packages daily and inquire about them from different sources. Finally we took one and just when I was about to make payments, my father's holidays got canceled and so the trip also went through the same destiny. It really is painful when you are ready with your bag packed and just in time you come to hear such things. The same happened to our Kerala trip again and again and again. We used to pack and unpack our bags in quick successions. My mother was highly disappointed but then this is what life is. Finally we decided no to go and postpone the trip for some time. (Just imagine the beaches, the chiks and me...:P)

Isn't it funny, how life travels?
Isn't it funny, how decisions are made?
Isn't it funny, how conditions affect your decisions?
Isn't it funny, how life plays games?
Isn't it funny, how everything becomes so normal again?

So here I am sitting at my desktop and writing another entry. This is what was destined and this is what has actually happened. Keep no complains from life, you never know where it turns. And yes, suggest me some work. I have to join Infosys on 20th December and so I have loads of time. The brightest and best suggestions would be awarded.