Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glimpses of 2009

Years have always went past,
Years will come and go,
Would I be the same saint,
Or someone lost long ago??

Being poetic is fun sometimes (actually always). Starting with a poem and moving on in life to a further stage called Blogging.
I have begun writing the story of my life. I don't know when will it get published. But it will someday, for sure.

Thanks to the so many new relations and friends who have supported me always. I never thought that I could write but now I can challenge Archer and Rowling (Wait and watch people). The credit goes to someone who has never commented on any post of mine. (I don't know why she doesn't).

An year so short and long at the same time. I wanted some moments to remain forever while some to never revert back. Success and Happiness are short lived for sure. But you have to thrive for excellence all time.

Some events changed my whole life. I still can't understand the feeling which I have for those events. (Don't ask me)

Long lasting memories with friends and foes, fights and fun at various places, frightening people and Fully Faaltu Dhamaal at Farji dinners won't be forgotten.

I tasted both cakes of failure and success at the same time. Won many hearts but lost some at the same time. I will try and win them back again.

Found a new feeling called Love (My God! Its really great.). People say that I express very well. But what the F! I am still unable to tell her what I feel(And By God! I think she knows because there are times when I have expressed feelings by using the 7th sense).

2009 showed me all emotions like Love, betrayal, hate, envy, win, lose and blah blah blah. I seriously didn't meant what I said at many times. People might get you wrong if you are an expressive person with well coordinated expressions for each word and thought that you convey. Sorry If I have hurt someone.

Software glitch (F you CAT), swine flu testing (Its a horrifying feeling), uncleared cut-off (3 marks), losing the Ceasar's cut and the Indian army case (Lt. Col. Nuts signed out) were some of the setbacks. These setbacks have really helped me in overcoming a lot of things. Failures can be good too.

Celebrated the best Birthday ever without a party. Thank you guys. May you be there with me all the times because my life has just begun.

Spent quality time with 2 of my bestest friends in Kota. I Really miss them a real lot (Love you both).

Some promises are always unbroken. So no new promises for the running year. A roof-top party, paper dance, crackers and loud music started the year 2010. It was great fun. Then a movie with my sister in which I cried like hell. But now "All Is Well."

Years have always went past,
Years will come and go,
Would I be the same saint,
Or someone lost long ago?
I have learned from you,
I have laughed with you,
I have cried with you,
I have danced with you,
I am somewhere stolen a small part of you.
My life is a blend,
Of all your life's bends.
Thank you everyone for being there,
Saving my life from becoming a doctrinaire.

These are just the glimpses. Wait for the story.