Sunday, December 11, 2011



Looking at the moon I wonder sometimes,
Whether it is a heavenly body,
or something really divine?

Looking at the stars I wonder sometimes,
Are they really far,
or closer than the closest sight?

Looking at the flowers I wonder sometimes,
Are they really beautiful,
or everything is just about my eyes?

Looking at you, I wonder at times,
Does the world exist,
or it is just an illusion of sight?

Looking at you I came to know,
My value is cypher,
and yours is hard even to decipher.

Looking at you I wonder why,
The leaves rustle and birds fly.

Looking at you 'Now' I no longer wonder why,
My world revolves around you,
And that you are my sky.
There is no need of a moon,
And the world is futile.

You are my breathe, 
And you are my beat.
You are all I ever had.
I now no longer wonder that,
You are me...

Dedicated to "You".


Sunday, October 16, 2011


IIT-JEE has been renowned as one of the most prestigious entrance examination not only in the history of our great country, but also throughout the world. The IITs have consistently kept their standard high by staying apart from the other institutes and setting their own entrance examinations. Over the years, this has ensured that the quality of students entering the campus have been the best and the students passing out have shown impact not only in India but all over the world. Unfortunately, this may no longer be the same if the ideas proposed by the HRD minister, Mr. Kabil Sibal, are enforced. Instead of uplifting the level of our esteemed Universities, it may even go on to degrade them!

According to recent news the Minister of HRD has put forth a proposal which proposes a Common Entrance Test to seek admission in any Engineering College in the country which will consist of questions on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and an Aptitude Test. Moreover, this Aptitude Test will comprise of questions from all fields which the students study throughout their curriculum like History, Geography, General Knowledge etc.This added entity of Aptitude test will put more burden on the students as now they will have to study 4 subjects compared to the previous three. 

Apart from this, there is another glitch in the proposal. The HRD Minister has proposed that the marks scored by the students in their respective board examinations will also get due consideration while deciding the merit list of the test and that final admission to the colleges would be given by calculating an aggregate of the marks scored in the Common Entrance Test and the Boards.

The Government says that they will make the curriculum same throughout the country and that a Percentile system will be adopted to give equal opportunities to all students irrespective of the boards they belong to. But how could this be justified in a country where roughly 50 lakh students appear for Board examinations every year? Bringing about the same curriculum in our country, where we have 22 official languages being spoken in different parts, would hamper the regional diversity. 

While the idea of using results from the board examination is somewhat acceptable, it will take some time before the examination can match the standard of IITs. For one, the success in board examination in the current format relies more on mugging up of the concepts rather than on the practical applications of it -- which is what is tested by the JEE. Moreover, the papers are corrected by a diverse set of teachers which results in a great disparity in the marks achieved by students.

What will you do to check that, Minister of HRD? The center of board examination come in every nook and corner of the country. Once people are aware of the fact that IITs will give consideration to board marks, I tell you, everyone in the country would get the maximum possible marks. We can't deny the fact that there are places in the country where students could even open the books to write in the answer sheet and pass the examination. 

The changes that took place in the pattern in the year 2006 were somewhat reasonable and profound (Inclusion of reading comprehensions and Matrix Match type questions). But this time, the HRD has decided to take our IITs to a level which would never be uplifted by any reforms. 

Over the years IITs have created world class educational platforms. The faculty and alumni of IITs continues to make huge impact in all sectors of society, both in India and abroad. These are the people who passed one of the world's toughest tests to get admission to the IIT. The impact of IITians could be seen in each and every part of the world and society as a whole.

While addressing a discussion organized by the CII and Business Council on 14th Oct 2011 in Washington DC, the HRD minister said that that the country needs another 1000 Universities and 50,000 colleges in next 10 years. He also said that the US Universities should open their centers in India for R & D works.
Obviously once the level of our IITs will fall, these foreign universities would attract talent from the country. This will directly make the foreign universities prosper due to their talent pool which will comprise of the best brains in the country.

We can't let this happen to our country. we can't let this happen to the IITs. They were, they are and they will produce the best Engineers, not only in the country, but in the whole world. This pattern change would only bring about a transformation which would never prove to be fruitful to the nation. The test for these prestigious institutions holds the key for being the Numero Uno. Once the level falls, IITs fall. 

Bill Gates once said," If there is one thing that IIT has done -- it is the merit based approach and I won't temper it." 

So why temper an exam which is known for its 45 years old nature of remaining the same and still giving entry to those which are the best brains not only in the country but in the whole world.
May the HRD minister Gets Well Soon...

Save IITs.. Save the Nation.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am Anna..:)

Its been days since I wrote last. The events that were taking place, the consequences that were then followed and the same busy life moving ahead at a pace from which even light can't win, were some of the contributing factors to the delay in postings.

I am being looked upon by some as a traitor to the nation. "Once you have some kind of a skill and you don't use it for the sake of mankind and nation, then what is its use? You are an unpatriotic person and you run away at a time when the country needs you the most."

While I was asking questions to myself and solving my student's doubts, the country ran at a very fast pace. I was wondering whether my writing could bring about a change in people's thinking and that what will happen even if I write 10-12 lines about the country's ongoing polity.

Well after a prolonged thought process, I have something to say finally. I finally have something to write and you can't call me a traitor anymore.

Much has been talked about the Jan Lokpal and I don't think there is a need to discuss about the bill. Corruption, we all know is one of the major causes of all the evil. The JLP couldn't be brought due to the reason called Corruption. And now that there is an uprising, the government is trying to put up its own Lokpal Bill which couldn't abolish even 5% of the corruption.

Thanks to Anna and his team for all the pains they took for us and the nation as a whole. The country is in need of more Annas, Kejriwals and Bedis. I salute their spirit and their passion for the nation. They really are true patriots. This August was full of Kranti.

Kranti took place 3 months back too, the kranti which my Mother began in our society. It was all due to a large container of waste which the Nagar Nigam placed adjacent to our home at the time of Diwali last year. On complaining that time, we were given false sympathies and dates which we came to know when we returned to Kota in June this year. Since the day we returned, my mother used to make a call to the authorities daily and request them to please clean up the place. They came sometimes and sometimes they didn't. The smell of the waste was unbearable and we were forced to keep all the doors and windows of our house shut. But still my mother had the same routine of making a call and requesting. I noticed that after about a month, the sweeper would himself some and clean up the mess on the road but that container was still there which half blocked the road and half choked our throats and nose. She used to go and ask the colony people to co-operate. But people used to turn a deaf ear as always. After 4-5 such requests to the colony people, my mother took charge of the situation all alone and went to the Mayor's office. She went there thrice but even the Mayor of our city couldn't do much but passed a message to someone else.

On watching all this happening everyday, I told her several times that nothing's gonna happen. We gave the matter in media and print but it just brought the Nagar Nigam people to our house to tell us that they had some upper pressure and even they couldn't do anything. They asked us to please don't let things get worse by involving media. But my mother threw them out and gave them an open challenge that within a week, the container will be removed and that too without any upper pressure.

She directly met the Home Minister of our state in his open meetings and told him about the problem with photographs and newspaper cuttings. He quickly sent a call to the Mayor and other authorities to clean up the mess asap and himself came and checked whether things were done properly or not.

We were the happiest people on this earth at that time when we saw the container being taken away in front of our eyes. My mother had some tears in her eyes and we knew how she had fought for it. Those were tears of happiness and victory. She made the Nigam look small in front of her efforts. I hugged her and touched her feet. A great lesson was learned and here it is shared.

Its not about greatness or anything else. Its about the right that we have in a democracy. Govt. of the people, by the people and for the people is still applicable only if we know how to apply it. Things change only if we bring about the change. Don't let things just go as they are. Take a pledge, make a beginning and see what happens. For me Anna came late and my Mommy came first. But still its Anna for the whole nation.

And as I say, India is the world's largest democracy, so what is there without you and me? No government, nothing.. So today lets take a pledge to fight against all odds we face in life at any level. Lets finish this Corruption thing once and for all and unite in this battle of freedom once again.
Check who you are. There is an Anna inside me, inside you and (I am not kidding) everyone one of you.
Lets all unite and say, "I  AM ANNA."
Jai Hind....:)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bleeding Blue!!

I know I am really very late in posting on this very own space of  mine and I hope some people around this space missed me (Am I expecting a lot?).

Life had its ups and downs during this time and here I am back with a post. Though its not a post, but for sure you will love reading it. It is dedicated to all Indians and the God (Sachin). Its victory for us and lets celebrate this time. Party hard people and for those who are asking for it, come to me, I am willing to throw any number of parties on this occasion. I can no proudly say," I was alive when God reigned and India won the World Cup.

Here is the little verse I have made:

 Bleeding Blue!!

I am wounded, I am bruised,
Still I have no injuries,
But I have to undergo multiple surgeries.
Can someone please pass that bottle of glue,
Coz somehow I am Bleeding BLUE.

I had to put my car on mortgage,
I am all covered up with tricolored bandage,
Can someone please pass that bottle of glue,
Coz somehow I am Bleeding Blue.

I had an image of that cup,
But we always were the pups,

The God was asking for something tremendous,
Delivering every time it came to his shoulders.

It all began with Bangla's demolition,
Whom we taught what is our ambition.

Then came England's turn,
Which we couldn't return.

We lost one to the Africans,
And it made us the Hungrier Champions.

There were some amateurs after that,
Who said,"We will bowl, you bat."

Then came the match with an adrenaline pump,
And again, we made them run away taking Kangarooish Jumps.

And finally the pre-final came,
And I knew, whatever happens,
This game will bring all the fame.
And we made them hide in their bunkers,
Still having dreams of the balls hit for sixers.

Then came the day we were waiting for,
We had what we call our dream, His dream,
He was asking for nothing more,
And finally they made everyone scream.

I could sense that child in His smile,
I could see that tear in His glittering eyes,
I could feel the shiver in His body.
I could hear that loud cheer in His trembling voice's melody.

I cried, cried and cried,
Don't worry, I had, on my face, a huge smile.
We are ready to take anything on,
Whether it be a dry pitch,
Or there is presence of some dew.
Can someone now please pass that Bottle of Glue,
Coz I haven't stopped BLEEDING BLUE...:)

Dedicated to God and all the Indians..

Thank you everyone for reading. I hope it reaches the God sometime in my lifetime. I am optimistic. What!! Are you still reading? Go and celebrate people. Its Dussehra time..:)