Sunday, November 1, 2009

Facing The Book V/S Facebook

I wonder how many days does an Engineering student study in an year. I consider myself as one of those intelli group members and gives around 10 days for the final exam preparation.Times have changed and will have the same dynamic nature throughout times. Now it has come down to 4-5 days at the max. Whenever I sit down to face my course books, there is a thing ( don't know what form of matter are these websites ) which keeps on attracting (distracting now) me towards it. I know you undergo the same dilemma, Face the book or go to Facebook.
These SNS ( social networking sites ), are, in my opinion, the most unsocial mode of communication.
Rather than increasing the social skills ( as was expected ), these SNS have depleted the gregarious nature of our human breed called Homo Sapians. I wonder how many of us are known to this fact that human beings are called Homo Sapians, but most of us know at least these fictitious facts about themselves---
  • Which movie star resembles you?
  • Are you good in Bed?
  • Are you a retard?
  • How dirty is your mind?
  • What does your eyes say about you?
  • What animal are you?
  • What alcoholic drink are you?
  • Who likes you?
  • Who wants to date you?
  • Are you a good f#*K?
  • Blah Blah Blah...........................
It's an unending list and even I don't know about the many quizzes I gave. You just post any arbit quiz here and check how many people take it ( in full spirits ). People don't remember the number of subjects they have in a semester but they never forget the number of friends they have on Orkut, Facebook etc.

I am unable to understand all those wars that goes on in Orkut communities like---
  • Boys v/s Gals
  • Add 2, subtract 2 (enhancing your mathematical skills)
  • Best thing in the profile of the person above you.
  • Cutest and ugliest smiles.
  • and blah blah blah....
Start a topic and you see how many voters and posts you get just to get false winning feel. The matter rests in the bags or shelves while the unknown matter is going global. What a sarcasm!!

The perplexity lies in the fact that whether these SNSs are worth as some people say or are they 'A Giant Leap For Mankind'? No doubt that I found many of my old friends via the orkut and facebook friend finder, but at the sane time I lost contact with them. I atleast gave a thought from my idle mind for them before but now I have so many friends (old n new) that there is no chance of giving them even a thought. I see friend requests, accept them and forget them at the same time.

I again wonder that how are we going to face the real book, the book of life, which teaches us everthing?
Who says wars are over? They are getting bloody day by day (Mafia wars to Vampire wars). Some of my friends pleaded me to join their farm or Mafia network. People are even prosecuted for things which they feel are right in a country which has freedom of speech (Don't Tweet). Go dude! Fight for a cause.
Its good to socialize, but physically. Today we are socializing in a world which even the makers don't know exist or not (The Matrix).
I don't know where am I stuck? I know I am not facing the book, but the probability of facing it in the near future can't be made even .999999 from 1. The predicament is never ending (let something new come) and still the war is on, Facing The Book v/s Facebook.


Rajat Jain said...

I think you are over-generalizing here. Few of 'em might be addicts, but not most of 'em. I, for one, do not take more than 1 fb quiz per month on an avg. and most of the friends in my profile that I know of do the same.

Nipun said...

I totally agree with u.
This is what I have perceived bhaiya.
Kya karu logo ki halat dekhta hu to aisa hi lagta h.
Even I m not one of them.
But den its an era of numbers and numbers say sumthing else..

prashant said...

These SocialSites r just like a coin,
u'll see what depends on ur perspective, even i say it head and you say it is tail and both r true if we r facing each other.....
There r lots of good things and communities u will really find....
All is upto u where u want....

after all we don't hv to stuck in "jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai.."



Nipun said...

I have put up that point in my post.
There are always the devilish and divine sides.
There's is a probability that people turn towards the former side.
Choice has always existed.
Go for it..

ankita said...

welll... i do agree wid all of d things said above.....
but i know 1 thing... m writing here coz i met an old friend(dis NUTS) on 1 of these SNS...
so i dnt hv much complains.....

Nipun said...

agree agree agree.......

Pratik Gupta said...

The title is too awesome!! and lets accept the fact that we all have tonnes of free time so it depends on you how you want to spend it.

Nipun said...

@ pratik bhaiya
thanx a ton..
And i again agree with d fact..

pushplata said...

really a fact
bt wwat else do u expect frm us who hav a lot of free time
as we dont study for exams untill they are on our heads
atleast we r talking to some people through these site

prateek kapoor said...

cheers once again...:-)

m fucked up to say this ki bhai..i appreciate you for whatever u write..

i dnt knw wat pple really feel addicted too coz thrs nthng adicted whn u turn on the regular mode feature to anythng be it a quiz or game watever..(thats coz "I" encountr it on a daily basis..)....this moribund lyf is being really brigd wid the help of thez so called "SNSs",,,bt at the same tym twists r thr too...
face them or u r as said above...the head and the tail both sides exist bt thez "SNSs" do play the role of those "sholay" wala jitna bura dikata hai utna he achha b hai...

afterall....It's all about people. It's about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges....

so cheers mate...keep going

Nipun said...

thats where d revolution begins my dear..
U hv 2 b different in any sense..
why not dis way?

Nipun said...

agree wid u 2 an extent..
but wat about d real ppl??
u r obviously 4gettin dem mate..
its facebook and not a face in real or a situation in reality..
The most uncommon thing in thios world is common sense after all..
I think u got the point..
And thnx a ton mate..

prateek kapoor said...

point..yeah point..nice pt..:-)

u really take everythng i its choti 3rs wali ya badi 4.50 rs wali..hehe...

n thnx kaaye baat vaise?

Nipun said...

@pratik badshah
Thnx for the Tareef..
And ye 3-5 band kr de bhai.
Its a bad habit.

PARUL said...

kewll.....i agree...aftr all I waste so much of my time on Fcbk...for the things u listed :D.. kudos!

Nipun said...

Opinions differ.
Some might not agree as they have loads of free time.
Thnx a lot sis!!

Sorcerer said...

i love those dumb things..
its so fun to think that someone dumber programmed it using a random seed.
God Made Random() for these ppl

Nipun said...

@ sorcerer
Is dis one of ur signs dat u have used()..
And obviously dumber things dan us are fun..
Thnx mate..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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