Friday, September 25, 2009

A Jaagran In Disguise!!!

I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings by this post of mine but then this is what I noticed at a Jaagran just before a few minutes. I couldn't bear such an insult of our deity and came back home.
I am a partially atheist person. When I woke up today in the morning, I saw a pamphlet which had large letters inscribed on it calling all the (so called) MATA KE BHAKT. The pamphlet was quite a persuasive one and even I got persuaded to attend the JAAGRAN as it was near my home.
The day went by very normally in many anticipations for my future.
I had a glimpse of the preparation for the night in the evening. It looked impressive.
The JAAGRAN started at 8:00 p.m sharp and I could feel the thumps that sound energy from the place was bringing to my room. I am still feeling the same and this time a bit harder.
I went there at 10 and got a seat. The first song I heard was 'KAJRARE KAJRARE' in praise of our deity. Wow!! I thought. What the hell is going on here. Am I sitting in a club? Who the hell has composed this song in MATA's praise? Still searching for the answers, I heard another cheapo. It was yet another item number taken from a bollywood movie which I can't write here. God knows what will happen to me, if some Bajrang Dal volunteer read my blog (If he ever know how to read...Haha).
It was getting over the head and I had to return back home before I could hear any more of those cheapo songs. The people proclaiming themselves as the biggest BHAKTS are doing such an act. If a partial atheist like me can get hurt, then I don't know what is the condition of the truest of the devotees.
I can hear something. Wait. Whats this?? 'ITS THE TIME TO DISCO'. Wow!! This man is sure going places. More'....1 2 3 4.... '.  What more should I say? Everything is possible in our country.
Is this hypocrisy or professionalism? I can't understand the difference anymore. Friends Do help me find the answer in this regard as I am highly confused. This I think is the drawback of being a partial atheist.
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