Saturday, December 26, 2009


18th Dec.


Tik tok
Tik tok
tik tok

19th Dec


I am 22 now.
Happy Birthday to me.
Finally I have got some time to wish myself a happy birthday.
College exams and some other competitive exams took over all the fun which was planned. But thanks to some of our teachers who were lenient enough to provide us with the question paper an hour before the exams.
Wishes started flowing from 11:00 pm on 18th and the devil didn't let me rest until the 20th morning. This post of mine is dedicated to all my friends who called and wished me on my birthday.
As promised earlier, I am writing down the names of people who called me in chronological order. But before that I must mention my parents and my Bhaiya and Bhabhi who have always stood behind me in the gravest of situations. Without their support I could not have achieved whatever I have in my short duration. My intellect come from my father and the writing skills from my mother. The caring nature comes from my Brother and practicality from my Bhabhi. I love you very much.

Now for the friends. Here is the list.
1) Ankit a.k.a Painjon (wished me at 11)
2) Neha a.k.a Talli (She has been the first for the second time..)
3) Gazal a.k.a Nanu (15 missed calls and then a message, Sweet friend)
4) Vinita a.k.a Rajputani (Whenever she called I was busy with someone else)
5) Manita a.k.a Sweetie
6) Samreen a.k.a Sam
7) Ashish a.k.a Kauwa
8) Jitendra a.k.a Draupadi
9) Neha a.k.a Teacher
10)Rishabh a.k.a Jai Veer (Is this name for real man?)
11)Rohit a.k.a Captain (Same story of being busy)
12)Pulkit a.k.a Pullu (We celebrated it much before man, Thanks)
13)Shaifali a.k.a ----
14)Parul a.k.a Sister (It felt great talking to you sis)
15)Pushplata a.k.a pushpa
16)Aditi a.k.a Rimpi
17)Megha a.k.a Meghi
18)Ritika a.k.a Chinki
19)Ankit a.k.a Scientist (My oldest school mate)
20)Deepanshu a.k.a Deepu ()My best friend)
21)Parshvi a.k.a Paro (How sweet..)
22)Deepshikha a.k.a Deepa (Better than anyone)
23)Rahul a.k.a Junior
24)Nishant a.k.a Chughi (You'll surely get a party dude)
25)Ankita a.k.a Lnda Goodman (Horos do work)
26)Priyanka a.k.a Dinki D
27)Richa a.k.a Delicacy
28)Aditya a.k.a Adi Bhai
29)Gaurav a.k.a Khandu
30)Anant a.k.a Dare Devil
31)Naufil a.k.a Chacha
32)Khushi D a.k.a Khush
33)Mayanka D a.k.a Mickey Mouse
34)Veena D a.k.a Hong Kong
35)Anjali a.k.a Shakira
36)Sandhya a.k.a Sandy Singh
37)Manali a.k.a Shimla (Unexpected)
38)Shweta a.k.a Bubble Gum
39)Priyanka a.k.a ____
40)Nikhil a.k.a Aglaa
41)Amit a.k.a Body Builder
42)Ankita a.k.a Miss Infosys
43)Subrato a.k.a Chachu
44)Barkha a.k.a Bakra
45)Prachi a.k.a Phodu (Dont Hit me. Its true..)
46)Vinita a.k.a Chatter patter (you are the queen..)
47)Vyom a.k.a Chuha (Various numbers dont work dude.)
48)Praveen a.k.a Gunda
49)Shrey a.k.a Sherry (Balance Over)
50)Divya a.k.a _____
51)Anant a.k.a Teddy
52)Nidhi a.k.a Lost (Even though I reminded her, but thats normal)
53)Shweta D a.k.a Friend
54)Prateek a.k.a Tunnn (We Rock dude..)
55)Prashant a.k.a Pasu (Hard work pays)
56)Tushar a.k.a Bhaiya (Expected the first from you)
57)Ashutosh a.k.a Lambu
58)Pragati a.k.a Billi
59)Prashant Bhaiya a.k.a jindal Steel
60)All my lovely bhabhies and would b bhabhies (I am your youngest Dewar, so beware)

For all those who messaged, scrapped or wrote on my wall, thanks a ton.
There are many other names to write but the post will go longer and longer.
I could not leave the devil even for a minute. The invigilators allowed me to attend calls while I was giving exam.
Many new experinces and many new happening to share with you lot, but I fell ill and couldn't concentrate on anything properly.
What I can say is that I am Overwhelmed and hope all of you people call me again on my next birthday.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Foes to Friends.

"Love can heal anything." This line is unonymously used in almost all bollywood movies. The application of this seemed hypothetical to me until the 7th of December.
Interesting things and events occur while I am with the Devil. This time again that special someone was on the line and I was just roaming about near my father's office waiting for him to get free from his work. While talking I saw my father coming down (winding up the talks) and he handed me the keys of our Car as he was leaving for some other work. I was asked to wait again and my stomach knew no bounds of hunger. So I decided to park the car and and eat something 'CHATPATA'.

As I parked the car and came out of it, I saw a huge, drunk, black (although color doesn't matter) man standing in front of me with folded hands and a helmet on his head. He removed his helmet and with a heavy tone :

Mr. Black: Take the car out of my sight.

[An angry black man double my size, get ready to fight Lt. Nuts]

Me: What? Is this place yours?

[Black man getting furious]

Mr. Black: Don't you dare raise my anger. I told you, just do as I say.

[Removing my watch and opening a shirt's button]

Me: What the hell can you do? There are other cars parked here already. I am not going anywhere else.

[Confidently turning a back to him]

Mr. Black: *Some abuses*

[Removes his helmet and run towards me. Are you going to kill me?]

Me: Wait there. Whats your problem dude? Arey arey.....

[There was no stopping him and I had to dodge him. Again the same abuses.]

Mr. Black: Take the car out I say or i will break either your head or the car's glasses. Just don't dare park here. All the bankers park their vehicles here and I can't even shit properly. Tell the bank to make a parking place here.

[So its a serious matter involving shit.]

Me: Okay. Let me park and I'll surely take your words to the authority. Actually I came here for the tender published by the bank for making a parking slot out here.

[I don't know what made me say this. But it worked like anything.]

Mr Black: [Less furious now] What? You are here for making a parking??

[The effect was fast. And i used it to the fullest.]

Me: Yes. I am a contractor. Here to talk about the thing what troubles you the most.
Don't worry I am taking my car out of here. I will sort out something and will look for a new place where cars can be parked. It generates a lot of money you see. Around 10-12 thousand a month.

[I opened the car gates and he came running to me.

Mr. Black: Sir, please forgive me. 'Ye to meri Daaru bol rahi thi.' Tell me where do you want to park the car. I will do it sir.

[Movies can turn into reality, Jaane tu....]

Me: Okay. Leave the car here only. There is still some time for me to go up there. I am going to eat something. I will surely put your name at the top in parking providers list.

[Confidence building up now, Felix Felicis]

Mr. Black: Thank you sir! I know a man who makes great burgers. He's my friend. I will take you to his shop.

[I am so naughty *grin*]

Me: Okay.

And then I had a burger better than any Subways in the world (When things are free, they become even better). He was confident that something good is going to happen in a few days. I assured him that Govt. things take time and it might take 6-7 months for the tender to pass (by then I will complete my engineering). I took his word that he won't be bad with the bankers and will let people park their cars at that place of construction.

Although I fooled him, it was the love that was there in my "chikni chupdi" talks that made him throw his weapons. I kept my word of conveying his message to the authorities. All of them laughed like nuts. They couldn't believe my way of handling him as there had been accidents with people tackling him.

I don't know the kind of treachery I used. Obviously I didn't wanted to hurt his feelings. The authorities agreed on my point (shit matters). To my astonishment, the bank has issued a tender regarding the parking place.

When I went there yesterday, He greeted me well and asked me about the proceedings in parking case. I could say nothing but gave him an assuring smile. and one more thing, his name was KAALU (no sentiments hurt, I hope)

How much time does it take to become a Foe? I don't know the answer. But I know the time it takes to turn Foe to a Friend. Let Love Prevail....


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black And Green

I have this habit of roaming about nearby my house while talking on the phone or thinking something productive (Which ain't productive at all).

It was just another funny day and I was talking to someone special on the Devil (The hour count has reached 400 now). I usually don't keep track of my whereabouts while I am talking effortlessly on the Devil. I have lost my way around 5 times (A blind follower of walk while you talk ad).

This time also, I reached an unknown place and very obviously, I didn't knew where had I left my home behind. Although most places I discovered when I get lost were beautiful as I live in a hilly area, the sight of this place was not a very scintillating type. This time Columbus had discovered a small valley where most people dumped their house wastes. There were heaps of garbage and wastes. I saw some tarry black smoke coming out from one of the heaps which was about 99% burnt. The sight had already made a diversion in my talks and I couldn't concentrate on a single thing. Then came a kid in rags and gave the heap a blow with his huge stick. The burnt part got scattered here and there and he picked up some half-burnt poly bags and ran away waving his stick in the air.

I could imagine the condition of burnt Lanka by Hanuman (Part of Ramayana) at the sight of this newly discovered land. The scene reminded me of the inferno that took place 2 years ago nearby our home in Kota. It was like Hell.

While I was about to finish my talks and turn my back at this sight, I saw something very tiny, very green and very fresh in between the ash. I couldn't take my eyes off from this little creature. It had an appeal, actually a prayer. I don't know what variety it belonged to, but I have learnt that plants do possess life. And yes what better example of life can you provide.

While the whole world is fighting over carbon credits and CFC reduction, this creature wass doing its job silently and serenely. Although very nominal, but this infant was contributing to the cause (Global Warming). Acting in the worst conditions, it was giving life to numerous organisms. Its rightly said that " Kamal to Keechad mein hi ugta hai". So there always is and will be, a ray of hope. I had never felt the color green like that before. Neither had I observed a tiny thing like that before. But then nature is dynamic.

Hope can't be given away. If there is hope, there is everything and if its not, then nothing.

Get as many carbon credits you want but what credit are you going to give to this tiny contributor? Actually you are not even eligible to give credit to this magnificent fighter and survivor. Its up to us how we make and maintain our nature (Each one, teach one, plant one). Its not about black and white anymore. The battle has itself chosen a new opponent, Green. Now its all about a new war between Black and Green.