Friday, December 3, 2010

The Grand Theft..

Being away from the blog hurts, really. I won't say that I was busy or I was doing some extraordinary work, but I would rather say that I was having some Mood Swings. I opened the blog and started scribbling and at the next moment I closed it down.

Unless the brain sits quiet, I can't vomit out my feelings completely. Exams, interviews and then selection, brings joy and a different feeling each time. Now that I am at peace (obviously I am alive) electricity is playing games with me. I will soon be publishing a guest Delhi Belly post by Pratik Gupta. Keep your fingers crossed for that as its gonna be an amazing journey from the day to the night and the place where it ends is just..

Life can't suck all the time. Its back and I am on a roll. Things can't go all the way turning towards us each time and when they turn is it the end? Another unanswered question...

Thinking on over a million things at a time hampers each and everything about which one is thinking. Choosing a single path out of the various ones laid in front is a very difficult job. I wonder what effects will these decisions cause?
What was once aspired is now conspired and I am leaving for Mysore finally. I don't know when will I be able to blog again, but I will keep updating you people with the happenings there. 

There are things coming to my heartfelt brain as the date is coming nearer. I feel like a theft is being performed very religiously and happily.

The theft of stealing fragrance from a flower,
The theft of stealing a son from his parents,
The theft of stealing a friend from his mates,
The theft of stealing a lover from his sweetheart.

Isn't this a kind of theft? The happening parties and grand adios are to celebrate the above thefts. Isn't this a kind of contradiction? But this is what life is all about. Life is Nuts...:)

Life is a grand theft and at some or the other point in life everyone of us is a thief, stealing what not ought to be stolen in any case. But what if our life itself is a Grand theft....:)


P.S. I need your wishes as I am going to play the third role (Electrical Engg, Teacher, Systems Engg) in my professional life.