Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rain Poem...

The drops that fall,
In the world's hall,
Had a life someday.
But now it has gone away.
Seasons came and went by,
Still my heart is so shy.
The drops are falling tip-tip,
While i drink a cuppa tea sip by sip.
The rain makes me commemorate,
The days that i spent with my mates.
The sound that they make,
Calls me to take,
The path i forgot,
And the life I lost.
The clouds rumble, And i just tumble.
Remembering that day,
When in my arms She lay,
The gathering of clouds,
Makes me recall,
The place and those wet grounds,
Where days were spent by the 'Chatting Lords'.
The drop that fall on my lips,
Reminds me of my first kiss.
Then i equivocate.
Still there's life,
In the drops, in the rain.
Only memories go far,
Its not me or you yaar.
The rain came yesterday,
And I again feel sucked,
Coz I go back in the memory lane.
Again the same questions were asked,
And I once more become lame,
Without my buddies,
The true ones,
And I feel myself, my soul,
Depart as infinite raindrops,
Touching and kissing my loved,
And bring back my lost life to me!!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Rains and Pakoriz!!

Have you ever wondered that whenever it rains, why people relish eating the "Greatest Indian Dish" known as Pakora or Pakori??
Well, even after a long thought (even though I have an exam tomorrow morning), I could not stagnate myelf to a single conclusion.
Is it the climate??
Is it the Indian culture??
Is it just that everyone have it so I'll also have it??
The questions are endless and so are the answers.
This was the first time that I was missing the taste of my mum's made pakori so badly.
It was raining cats and dogs but being the only person in the house, I had to control my strong pakori emotions which are meant to come out on this blog and that too in such a weird manner.
But what made me restless was the thought that why did I developed an urge, at the time of rain, to eat pakoris??
I remember eating pakoris in rains the last time when I was in Kota and preparing for various competitive exams.
Its quite a luxury if you get such things in hostels.
I feel that the reason behind the "Pakori urge" was the time that has elapsed.
In India, monsoon is regarded as the season when the Gods are happy and thus shower their blessings in the form of rains. So rains brings a joy in the heart of each and every Indian which in turn calls for a celebration.
This celebraiton demands something that's mouth watering and hot at the same time due to the little cold that the rain bring with it.
I don't think there is a better preparation other than Pakoris for such an occasion which fulfills both the above requisites. So its a part of our culture also.
So its the culture that binds me to such habits. Just because I wanted to celebrate, I had that urge. Besides there are other factors(biological, mental etc..) which may be no one can explain.
I think my verse will explain some of them which will be out in a few days on the blog.
So till then keep having pakoras n pakoris and relish the moments of your life..
Happy Monsoons!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a long, lone and tiresome day, it is this hour of the night that makes me feel like an author.
But at this very hour of the night i am feeling a new kinda energy inside me.
The reason behind this is a video which I downloaded from my inbox.
The video shows a female leopard hunting a female baboon and while dragging the baboon for fulfilling her appetite, the baboon gives birth to a meek child.
The leopard then leaves the hunted baboon and starts to caress the baby.
She even protected the baby from some jaguars that came for a treat.
I was quite astonished to see such an incident and that too in animals.
I just don't understand the source of such a great force which keeps the appetite or hunger of an animal below the fondling of a newly born life.
I have heard before that animals eat up their young ones to fulfill the fire of hunger as it is said that animals are here on earth just to eat and sleep.
But from now on I would completely disagree with such arguments.
The force of motherhood drew the baby and the hunter together.
The meekness, submissiveness and the lack of resistance shown by the baby baboon, made the fastest and most feared hunter on earth, a mere spectator.
The world thus seems to be more and more complicated in each and every sense I try to figure out.
An ignorant kid is unknown to his hunter and the hunter due to this ignorance starts to caress his source of appetite.
What form of energy is this and where are such feelings developed?
Well, i think the answer is known to all those females who had the divne experience of cuddling a kid and being a mother.
A mother is born as soon as a child is a born. Mother love is the fuel for every event of our life.
The prey, after losing his real mother, found tenderness in the fur of the leopard and so the relationship bacame a bond.
It is thus rightly said," God could not be everywhere. So he created mothers."
What I am feeling now is that,"THERE"S NOTHING LIKE MY MUM'S HUG."

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Exist!!

Morning sometimes comes up with a lots of surprises.
I had pre-planned my day with my father and studies a day before.
But I didn't knew that a new experience was waiting for me.
I woke up with a friends call at 9 and was asked to come to a picnic.
Still in my sleep i refused the offer.
Then came call of another of my friend and was again asked to go to a different place for picnic.
This dilemma isn't new to me as it keeps on occurring (sometimes 3-4 times a day).
Being the arbiter most of the times in such cases, I am the one who is cursed for delays and negations.
But luckily this time one of the programs were canceled and I was happy that I won't be the cause of another program failure.
So I took of for Pushkar and visited Pachkund(Bathing place of Pandavas) on the way.
The place was quite peaceful but not a good point to hang around with friend.
So we were headed for Sunset Point and Brahma Temple.
On the way we visited a Sindhi temple where we sat for a while.
Being a passionate photographer I took my camera out and started taking pics of the beautiful place.
The Pushkar lake is in ruins these days and is completely dry.
What have we done to our mother nature? Instead of nurturing it, we are just pressing the resources to that extent that they no longer remain resources.
Its like leaving your parents when they need you the most once you grow up.
So after this heartbreaking photo session I turned to my so called friends where I could still feel some smile, unlike the lake, for their photos.
But alas!!
They refused to get photographed and moreover showed mistrust in fellow people.
This situation is again interesting as thoughts pondered over me.
If this was the case then why did they came with us to a place away from there homes??
Isn't this also a degree of mistrust within their souls and their hearts??
How do you define trust??
Well the answer is not with the hypocrites atleast.
I think trust is a kind of relation which one shares with the other by believing in each other.
Believing someone blindly is Faith but that is the higher degree which could only be related to God.For some people it may be a mistake but for me it is a way to recognise myself and also to have that spiritual feeling that
Hey! I Exist!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


For me destressing is doing any fun activity.
So after yesterday's dance party i am quite calm and composed and not being the usual powerhouse.
Energy really comes from within.
It is us who have to look inside for its utilisation.
When i was told to rest after the power packed dance performance , i replied back immediately that this was something that gives me more energy.
I quoted that," Dancing is silent poetry", which i had read many years back but it came to me in an instant.
One more thing i would like to add is that writing a blog is also quite destressing which might be as much stressful for the other lot to read..


Friday, July 10, 2009

A Ray of hope..

Waking up at 4 in the morning can be fun sometimes.
I had to drop my mother to the railway station for her train to Pune(her last visit as bhaiya will now be in Delhi).
As i am not used to wake up so early, I was quite tired and so just got back home and slept again.
Obviously I am not able to recall what metabolism was taking place in my body, but I was quite aware of the thoughts that were coming to me.
The thoughts not being the usual ones, were related to The Almighty.
I just could not believe myself that I was thanking Him from my soul and that too in English with Hindi as my mother tongue.
The thanks giving process was in a different manner.
As people say that dreams vanish as soon as you wake up so after praising and thanking God i woke up and made notes of whatever i could remember in my Moto L-6.
It goes like this:
I thank thee for my existence,
I thank thee for making me learn,
I thank thee for giving me experience,
I thank thee for giving me a vision,
I thank thee for sharing His knowledge,

and rest I could not remember..
So it was a one of a kind experience in my life.
Bringing in practice what I am gaining is again a worthy experience.
So I tried and was astonished to get relieved when i treated no one below or above my intellect.
With God in the morning I have felt relief in the night.
So I think here comes The Ray Of Hope......


Thursday, July 9, 2009

After a long time...

Getting to writing is not something new to me.
Writing small and long verses has been an old habit.
Blog writing is something that has fascinated me in a way that no one can expect and that i can't explain.
This being the first writing of mine, might be boring to some lot.
But at the same time i am writing for myself and that's the biggest reason for writing this blog.
So let me give it a beginning and leave the rest to me obviously.