Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being Tagged...:)

I have been tagged thrice in the last month and due to the hectic schedule I could not complete not even a single tag. Now that I feel like a bird flying high up their in the sky, I can try and show my regard to some of my fellow blogger friends who makes this blogging part fun. So here I am finally doing a tag given by Rohini. Thank you so much Rohini for the 'Cherry on Top' Award. I am so grateful to get that. The tag goes like this:

She has asked me to write three good things about me. Yeah! Just 3, I am a pool of talent you see..:P (I know most of you are nodding in agreement). But choosing the three best qualities out of the infinite ones is a tough job. But God is kind..

1) I have a good sense of humor. I might be a PJ king at times but I don't see people around me with sad faces. I try to put an end at people's worry not by really helping them in the cause but by the therapy called Laughter.

2) I am very bad at lying. Whenever I lie, I smile and my face gives every possible indication which says." Please catch me, I am a liar." But yes, I catch lies very easily even by people who are God at lying.

3) I am a good singer. Hindi songs are not for me (though I love listening to them). My voice has a texture supported only by the English Beats and their style of singing. I can sing any RAP in the world. Just bring it to me.

Now I need to put up a picture which I like the most and the picture is:

Thats my elder brother with my parents. Wish we could be small again. I just love this pic..

Now this award and the tag is forwarded to some of the very special people whose names are as follows:

1) Choco
2) Farila Mam
3) Chandni aka Chanz
4) Insignia
5) Wink
6) Madhu

There are tags for the others too. So don't worry. Everyone of you deserve an award. I know I have spoken a lot about me but then, I just can't control that guddy guddy feel that comes while writing about myself.

Thanks a lot Rohini for the award and I must tell you that you area great writer and someone who comes up with diverse topics everytime. Always fighting for women rights. Kudos to you. Keep writing and you really deserve an applause..
*clap clap*



Saturday, April 24, 2010

I've Seen God.. (Sachin's B'Day)

This is the day for which I was eagerly waiting for. People say they have seen God in their dreams or when they reach the state of trance. But I say I've seen him playing on the grass, rubbing a stony round structure with saliva in between in fingers, holding a flat-bulged willow-wood product and hitting that round mass out of the grass field.

I've seen him rise. I've seen him fall. But God never stops and he didn't ever and continuously proved his Godly nature.

I've seen him through tough times just like one of us. I've seen him in the best of moods like one of us. But that never overshadowed the kind of class God has.

I've seen him score. I've seen him ducked. But God never disappoints for very long and keeps on hearing my prayers.

I've seen him taking wickets. I've seen him being hit. But its Godly temperament that never gave up.

I've seen him through rights. I've seen him through wrongs. But the respect that God shows is always overwhelming.

The way he stands in between the humans makes him the tallest individual on Earth. The records sets him apart from everyone else. There have been players in every sport. But 'Sach' a player was never born in any.

There can only be one God.
The God which the world's 20% population follows.
The God who never stops.
The God who answers all our prayers.
The God who exists between us.
The God who can be felt by touch.
The God who makes us smile.
The God who generates the feeling of oneness. 
The God who gives us the reason to celebrate even when we lose.
The God who takes all our worries on his shoulders.
The God who leaves  us biting nails at times.
The God who lives for us.

I dedicate this post to the God of Big Things, Shri Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, whom I believe is the living legend and for me He's God and I don't think anyone would disagree. Its my God's birthday and I wanted to wish him in a different way.

Happy Birthday God!!

May you give your followers what they want.
Let 'SACHIN'ism prevail. I thank you for being there and showing up at times that a God really exists.

May the records you set never get broken and that you be prayed in the years to follow.
I know what I have written is nothing as compared to others, but then God is kind enough. The fastest post I have ever written (6 minutes and 30 seconds).

Love you God..


Friday, April 16, 2010

Tarangini Tales # 1

It’s been more than a month since the 8th semester began and I have hardly attended any classes. But I don't know why am I going to the college daily. I miss the place when I am at home. I really do (No need to laugh fellows).
Actually I was quite excited about the college annual fest Tarangini-10, the only time of the year when we get a chance to shed that Grey-White uniform and come in our true colors. Last time I was excited about this event was when I was in First year and then the excitement goes down with every semester. The fear of going away from a place makes a person fall in love with the place and this is what has happened with me (I know most would disagree).
Finally the day arrived and after lots of hard work from juniors and batch mates, the event finally kicked off to a decent start. Hats off to all of you and a Hi5s for your hard work.
My participation starts with the very first event called LAN gaming in which my team was completely pissed off by 8-0 in Counter Strike. I couldn't kill even a single police-man, keeping the view in fact that "Good wins over Bad." I lost it by ethics you see. I even screwed my NFS Most wanted game and came last in the heats although I used to be a champ an year before.
Then came my turn to be a spectator in Mock Parliament where I couldn't even understand what the Agenda was because both the ruling and opposing parties were supporting the same motion. But the event was a success. No doubts. While I was sitting there, I received a call from someone wanting to have a look at my Hayabusa (Imaginary name in respect of the sold product). I had to leave urgently and heartfelt thanks to all the people who made this possible for me because it was the last time I saw my Hayabusa.:(
I returned and sat in the poetry writing competition where the topic given was Mother and Child. I scribbled something and submitted but lacking all those 'Saaf Safaai' skills, I had to write it down on a new paper which became as dirty as the old one again.
I was free to roam now and spent about an hour lecturing juniors on how to study tips and what to do in the college. It feels great when you don't have to refer someone as ' because you are the supreme most power. Talking to them is fun because somewhere deep inside I know that I was also a junior who asked for advice but didn’t had any. I promised them a real party this time and paid their bill at the “Teja ji ki Thadi” just outside our college campus (‘Baniyas’ are not that miser you see).
I entered the college again and saw a nice stage setup and the ‘half amphitheatre’ filled with loads and loads of students, most of whom I couldn’t recognize. The guys were recognizable to a large extent but the girls. What to say? They were all aliens, although they study in the same college and can be seen roaming around in the same campus where I sit idle killing time. I can’t understand what these girls do and where do they come from at such times. Make-up works up wonders and so does the dress up.
I quickly found a place in the last row. I was glad to be able to sit at least. The event began with Duet Song and I heard some very melodious songs. A forgotten song was brought back to memory which I downloaded just now (Intehaan ho gai, mere pyaar ki.).
Then came Solo Dance (Indian) and our batch started dancing at the back seats. I threw away the chair and my batch mates gathered to dance at any possible tune playing. We danced on Kehna Hi kya, Dhoom tana, Rajasthani songs, Barso re and other songs meant for no-dance category. Teachers came and settled us down many times but as the back turned around, our moves started to go round and round. It was a dug-out sort of thing where I got lots of bruises everywhere on my feet. But who cares that time. I didn’t knew that someone was watching until I received an SMS from my sis saying “Jyada Maja aa raha h aapko :p.” I revolved my head around and saw her standing on the first floor with her friends and waving from there. The light man was quite clever because, during the waits, he was revolving the Spot Light on students and we thought that we were in focus in the camera..:)
While the warm up session was getting over, the dances finished and we had to settle down. After some photography I returned home remembering the good old days on my friend’s bike. Then Earth Hour was observed and here I am writing this entry after that.
I am looking forward for an even better time tomorrow.
Ah! My legs! They need some hot water. Mummy…..


Thursday, April 8, 2010

50 Ain't Enough...:)

Finally I touched a number which can be seen as an achievement. 50 or Fifty (For people with weak mathematics) is a number which the cricket lovers (like me) view as a Half Century. Now I have 51 followers which is a pious number in Hindu mythology and this is my 50th post at the blog. Can I call it a Golden Post??

I never thought that I would reach this number. Blogging grew from a time pass and learning method to a place where I could share various ideas and opinions on various topics with people from the world over. I have been guided and taken to a completely different path in this journey of mine. I am really going through a great time with so many people around me. Life is a great teacher you see.

There are people whom I want to thank from the core of my heart. The list is endless and so is the love for them.
Anu D -- She inspired me to write and I again began in 2009 after a long gap of 3 years.
Rajat Bhaiya -- A teacher who corrected me many times inspite of his busy schedules.
Ankita --A lovely friend of mine. When I was new it was her who told me that I am good and inspired my writing.
Chandni Jain  -- She is there reading me every single time and commenting in her unusual style. She can write on anything. Just pick a topic.
Parul -- She also inspired me a lot for writing. My sister you see...:)
Pratik Bhaiya -- A great author who was there to motivate me every time with his posts and comments. The most awaited posts are by him only.
Supriya Di -- Didn't knew this blog thing can give me a relation too and a very sweet one..:)
Shivani -- A beautiful writer, though she writes less. Gym is on..
Kapoor -- Included everywhere in my Delhi posts. He pushes me a lot with his great comments.
Sorcy -- A man with great wits and humor. I just love his posts. Something new everytime..
Choco -- A little girl with lots of talent. She will go places. Trust me.
Sana -- Mostly the first one to read. She writes great stuff.
Nevine -- The most talented of the lot. I just love reading her posts. A great word player. I learn so much.
Farila Mam -- A fighter and Survivor. I bow down to her spirit. Wish I could be as strong as her.
Antarman -- She has always shown me the right path by her comments. A great human being...
Wink -- Someone with whom I could connect most times. A great poem writer.
Insignia -- A cool blog writer. Her journeys are just awesome. My 50th follower. Thanks a lot.
Betty -- A different kind of an author wih cool posts. Life's new way.
Madhu -- A lovely author and brings a smile every time on my face. I wait for her comments.
Love -- My inspiration for everything I do. I just love being with her. Love you sweetheart.

I thank everyone for reading my posts and encouraging me at the same time. Pushpa, Sakhii, Rohini, Anima,TaraPankhuri, Riya, Chinmaya, Blunt Edges, @ease, Neha, Neelam, Kay, Bucking Fastard, Tangerine and many others. Sorry if I missed someone. Please remind me and your name will be added. My heartiest wishes to all of you in every nook of life. Thanks for all the support and criticizing. I need your support in the coming future also. Keep writing and commenting.

Soon I will be starting a new blog where me and Kapoor will be discussing diverse issues apart from the usual happenings. We need your support to make it a success and also to make people aware about the world around in a differently new approach.

Big hugs to everyone and thanks again for all the encouragement. Sorry for any mistakes made by me.



P.S. I refused a drink party today. I am loving it..:)