Friday, March 5, 2010

Delhi Belly 3

I know I am very late in posting Delhi Belly 3 but the connection I was using before this was pathetic. I tried to open the blog but it just refused to open up in front of me as if shy of me. I came to know one thing during this break that Facebook is faster than orkut in every sense whether its chat or any other features. Without wasting much time I am moving on to Delhi Belly 3 (DB 2 was the last post obviously).

Me: WOW!! Is that what you call a F*#@*&g Hospital? Are you sure we are at the right place?

Bhabhi: Yeah Nippu. Everything that you haven't seen exists here in Delhi. No need to go anywhere in the world.

Cafe Coffee Day on the left and some other chain cafe on the right, a big lounge with centrally AC facilities, guards checking the visitors every now and then, people from all countries and all the world class facilities at a place. It sure gave me the illusion of a Shopping Mall. But I read somewhere long time back, " All that glitters is not Gold." Is it Gold or is it not? Well may be Gold for some or may be not for some.

The scene I have just described is the inside of the Apollo Hospital. My eyes were really bursting out with the retina scanning every nook and corner of the place. I could see sexy doctors moving around. I never knew that Doctors could be so sexy. Glamourising the Doctor's white coat is what the Delhi Doctor's have done. For sometime I forgot what I was there for.

While I was scanning the place, I saw my Mamaji sitting on a chair. We rushed to him and he was like that finally someone has arrived to stand besides him at every time. He was so upset that his emotions came out at once. My eldest Mamaji was admitted here for a bye-pass surgery. He then told us about the current situations and I rushed to the Ward where he was admitted. You have to undergo two more security checks before meeting he patient. I met him and he looked as though he wasn't ill at all. He told me that this was the first time that someone has done his shaving on bed. He got a hair cut also which made him look like a 20 year old chap. Being a Baniya he was inquiring about the ACs fitted there. His mind was running fast to expand the business we have (Mittal- Apollo Hospitals..).

I sat with him for sometime and was sent back by a very beautiful new nurse. Her smile had the powers of healing people faster than any medicine. Her voice was like a song which could be heard a thousand number of times and then also the longing to hear it is the same.

Nurse: Your meeting time is over. Don't you make him laugh so much. This is not good for him.

Me: (Starting a conversation) Laughter ain't good?? I thought laughter is the best medicine.

Nurse: It is. But don't you know Bruce Lee died due to a laugh.

Me: Yeah! I know everything about him. His first movie was Fist of Fury.

Nurse: No no. It was The Big Boss mister.

Me: (I just knew 2 of his movie names) No ways. Its Enter the Dragon or Fist of Fury. (Yuppy, I finally started a conversation with her).

Nurse: No. I cant be wrong. I am sure it is Big Boss.

Me: I give up. You seem to be a big fan of him. Sounds good. A girl and a fan of Lee.

Nurse: Why cant I? I like action and Bruce is still the master of all.

Me: Which other actors do you like? I mean the Indian ones?

Nurse: I love SRK.

(Action and Romance? Can they go together?)

Me: Hmmmm. Kind of contradiction. I see two persons in you.

Nurse: Tell me about them right now.

Me: A fighter and a lover...
(WTF! What did I just said..)

Nurse: (smiles) Err. Yes, may be, no, kind of true. I was here to tell you about the time. Its over now. Please leave the place or I will lose my job.

Me: Hope to see you soon. Bbye

Nurse: Bye.

I wanted the conversation to be much longer. My mamaji was awestruck at this act. He was smiling at me while I was leaving. I knew I had to come back, not to meet her but Mamaji. It's a grave feeling when someone so close to your life is going for a major operation. I felt sorry that time for this act of mine. May be my Mamaji's jolly nature that time made me forget the reality. I felt sorry with myself but somethings just happen and you come to know about them a bit late.

Let me leave this post here because the real adventure is yet to start. It might get a bit longer but then "Ye Dilli H mere Yaar." This time I won't be late in further postings.