Saturday, April 24, 2010

I've Seen God.. (Sachin's B'Day)

This is the day for which I was eagerly waiting for. People say they have seen God in their dreams or when they reach the state of trance. But I say I've seen him playing on the grass, rubbing a stony round structure with saliva in between in fingers, holding a flat-bulged willow-wood product and hitting that round mass out of the grass field.

I've seen him rise. I've seen him fall. But God never stops and he didn't ever and continuously proved his Godly nature.

I've seen him through tough times just like one of us. I've seen him in the best of moods like one of us. But that never overshadowed the kind of class God has.

I've seen him score. I've seen him ducked. But God never disappoints for very long and keeps on hearing my prayers.

I've seen him taking wickets. I've seen him being hit. But its Godly temperament that never gave up.

I've seen him through rights. I've seen him through wrongs. But the respect that God shows is always overwhelming.

The way he stands in between the humans makes him the tallest individual on Earth. The records sets him apart from everyone else. There have been players in every sport. But 'Sach' a player was never born in any.

There can only be one God.
The God which the world's 20% population follows.
The God who never stops.
The God who answers all our prayers.
The God who exists between us.
The God who can be felt by touch.
The God who makes us smile.
The God who generates the feeling of oneness. 
The God who gives us the reason to celebrate even when we lose.
The God who takes all our worries on his shoulders.
The God who leaves  us biting nails at times.
The God who lives for us.

I dedicate this post to the God of Big Things, Shri Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, whom I believe is the living legend and for me He's God and I don't think anyone would disagree. Its my God's birthday and I wanted to wish him in a different way.

Happy Birthday God!!

May you give your followers what they want.
Let 'SACHIN'ism prevail. I thank you for being there and showing up at times that a God really exists.

May the records you set never get broken and that you be prayed in the years to follow.
I know what I have written is nothing as compared to others, but then God is kind enough. The fastest post I have ever written (6 minutes and 30 seconds).

Love you God..