Friday, July 17, 2009

Rains and Pakoriz!!

Have you ever wondered that whenever it rains, why people relish eating the "Greatest Indian Dish" known as Pakora or Pakori??
Well, even after a long thought (even though I have an exam tomorrow morning), I could not stagnate myelf to a single conclusion.
Is it the climate??
Is it the Indian culture??
Is it just that everyone have it so I'll also have it??
The questions are endless and so are the answers.
This was the first time that I was missing the taste of my mum's made pakori so badly.
It was raining cats and dogs but being the only person in the house, I had to control my strong pakori emotions which are meant to come out on this blog and that too in such a weird manner.
But what made me restless was the thought that why did I developed an urge, at the time of rain, to eat pakoris??
I remember eating pakoris in rains the last time when I was in Kota and preparing for various competitive exams.
Its quite a luxury if you get such things in hostels.
I feel that the reason behind the "Pakori urge" was the time that has elapsed.
In India, monsoon is regarded as the season when the Gods are happy and thus shower their blessings in the form of rains. So rains brings a joy in the heart of each and every Indian which in turn calls for a celebration.
This celebraiton demands something that's mouth watering and hot at the same time due to the little cold that the rain bring with it.
I don't think there is a better preparation other than Pakoris for such an occasion which fulfills both the above requisites. So its a part of our culture also.
So its the culture that binds me to such habits. Just because I wanted to celebrate, I had that urge. Besides there are other factors(biological, mental etc..) which may be no one can explain.
I think my verse will explain some of them which will be out in a few days on the blog.
So till then keep having pakoras n pakoris and relish the moments of your life..
Happy Monsoons!!