Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birth Of A Star

Getting through an Engineering College in India is a very easy task ( IITs including nowadays ). When I was not selected in the JEE examination, I suddenly observed that many new ways of achieving my dreams were opened in the form of various other colleges.

I got through one of Rajasthan's Govt. Engineering Colleges in the holy city of Ajmer. I was excited and at the same time a bit afraid of all the ragging procedures which I had heard about. Then there were people who told me some ragging stories of the Medical college in Ajmer which included peeing on heater, standing in a lake for hours, hair therapy ( balding ), getting naked in front of girls and blah blah blah!!!
But the excitement of going to the college overcame all my fears (I came, I saw, I am conquering). The first few days in the hostel were really peaceful as there were no seniors in the hostel. We were the kings of wet nights and dry days. But happiness was short lived. In fact it is..

Seniors (hungry wolves) arrived and we juniors (meek lambs) were called in their rooms one by one. I heard many of my mates crying with their heart out (Still wonder what the fu*#ing wolves asked??). I was mugging up the intro (a series of names of each and every member of your family, the exams you gave and no abbreviations allowed, hobbies, mast*^bation rate per month....... ) which was expected from us to recite in a single breath, when I heard 'Nipun Mittal, First Year Elec.'.(These people knew more about me than myself). I went in and saw the seniors sitting here n there randomly, some busy in their cellphones and some reading MASTRAM (Cheapest form of literature but arousing for sure). I was asked to give the intro which I finished in 6 takes (The fastest among the lot). Then a senior asked me to strip which I obviously refused to do. They looked quite impressed with my English. So I was given an English song to sing after an hour. They copied the song in a pen drive and sent me in another room.

I played the song and to my horror, found that it was Eminem's Lose Yourself (without lyrics). I heard the song 4-5 times in a row but was not able to understand even a single line of the song. As said rightly that 'Necessity is the mother of invention', I opened the play speed settings of the media player and made the song a moaning verse. I could now understand something and slowly and steadily I wrote the whole song like this. Then I practiced singing with the same accent and style and was prepared in time. I was called again and to everyone's (and mine too) surprise, I rapped (you dirty minds) without any hesitation and limps. They hailed me like anything and a Rapper was born.

Ragging might be painful and excruciating for some people but it made me a passionate rapper. It was a kind of PDP (personality development program) for me. My music inclination drifted away and I learned all the Eminem Raps in a very short period. But its been a long time since I have heard that very first RAP of mine.Passion remains but things go by. Priorities change with time. Be unknown to music and you will feel the real charm that music has. I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to. At some point in my life I was chasing the fastest rapper in the world. But now I have no time even to listen to my competitor (No laughs people). I no longer use the play speed controller.

My college has given me a lot. I don't know what you people have got, but there are things which happen in student life which might take you places. Learn from each and everything and don't ever give up. You'll surely find one or the other way of doing a thing or you will come to know about the ways by which your aim can't be achieved. I remember when I used to stammer and now I can RAP faster then Eminem (Exaggeration). So the PDP proved quite helpful and even if it added nothing to the lives of many, it gave birth to a STAR.....