Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dhan Te Tan.............

"Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode." I wonder what came through the mind of the lyricist while this song with energy overflowing all over was written. I don't know the name of the lyricist but Kudos to you Sir!! When I heard this song for the first time, my ears went straight up and there was an inflow of immense energy in my body, mind and soul(I am still not able to find the reason.).
"Dil Nichode" sounds like taking your soaked clothes out from water and drying them
(The great Indian style). What's there in this song that has made it a chart-buster?
May be its the "Good Luck" which has been extracted out in the song(Koi good luck nikale..Haha).
The music of the song is just rocking. Calling it a song would be unfair as it is, in my opinion, an Anthem, Energy Anthem. I tried out some experiments with the anthem and may be I can put up a reason why this is so. The experiments carried out were:

1) I had set this song as my alarm tune and when I woke up this time I felt much more energetic than before. My previous tone was Fired Up(Hush) .

2) I played this song and went to attend the call of the nature and found that I just couldn't help myself making the bathroom dirty.

3) I played this song at a lecture and when the prof. heard the song, instead of throwing me out of the class(he has done that before), said that even he liked the song(Good Luck).

4) At a party thrown by my friend, the girls being shy weren't dancing. But as soon as this song was played, I don't know what happened to my shy friend, he went to the girls and took their hands forcing them on the dance floor. To my surprise, the girls were not as resistive as they usually are.

5) While I was on my way to Kota and driving my Maruti Suzuki 800+, I realized that the speedometer was racing up reaching 115kmph which is something not expected by a car running on gas.

6) Whenever I heard the song on the Dooms day(Result arrival day), I felt quite relieved and needless to say I just forgot all my tensions and just started headbanging.

I think that much of evidence is enough for making this song a chart-buster. So lets hit it..
DHAN TE TAN.......................

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just 2 keep a Promise..

Ever wondered why the word RESULT gives everyone goosebumps??
From the most brainy (PHODU) to the biggest oaf (CH%$#@), everyone is at the verge of breakdown until the result page pops up on the computer screen. I always believe in smart studies. I have seen bookworms and I must tell you that I am not one. I am a smart student (Got the point??). After around 500 messages on my so called 'devil', which declared result everyday, and a long delay, finally the D-Day arrived. It was announced in the newspaper before. (Humne gilahri k jhoothe matar khaae the....) Oh! I am sorry. I get carried away with this song. So fear became a factor from the time I read the newspaper in the morning. I couldn't concentrate on even very small things. I couldn't eat properly or sleep or watch movie or anything else. But then I was forgetting something. I was missing something that forms part and parcel of my life. As soon as her thought came to my stagnant gray cells, suddenly I was ecstatic in that staggering position. I called her with my Devil and told her my roll number as I have done for the past 3 years. The spirit of this friend of mine is certainly undying. She's the one who is telling me my result for the past 3 years. Whatever her result may be, she's has always been highly exuberant while telling me mine. And then after asking my result when I ask about her, I just cant expalin the pain that I feel in her voice. The same measure of happiness and pain can be seen within some minutes. But thanks to God that I dont get to observe the twinge for the last two years. I can't even imagine what she's gone through in such a small time fragment of 20-21 years. She has..... Well I guess writing all those things wouldn't be appropriate here. But I respevt her a lot in true sense. Sometimes I am afraid of my feelings for her. But then there are things that you have to leave for God.
The result hysteria was all over me because the results were to be announced in the evening, but they weren't still. It was 23:50 and I was chatting wid around 12 people at a time just to avoid breakdown situation. Then suddenly my Devil rang and another friend of mine told me that she has checked my roll no: and that I was pass. My joy knew no bounds and I was dancing and jumping around in the house. But then the Devil rang again and she said that it was a list of her college and not mine. So I sat quiet for a while and then again remembered the old friend and told her about my condition. She den put me on waiting mode and inquired (I don't know from where does she get all the info:) about my result. I was waiting like a man in a queue to pee and than she said."ALL CLEAR." I just felt like hugging her the moment I heard this once again from the same mouth, with the same ecstasy as it used to be. My heart just knew that she can't be telling me anything wrong. I was pass consecutively for the 3rd year. She also shared the cake with me. I have already framed a belief that I won't check my result myself under any circumstance and that she'll be the first to do so. Then results were fully out after 3-4 hours amd then again I was surprised to see me getting 76% marks. My smart work finally paid off and I got what I deserved. I made the first call to her for telling my marks. Even though she got lesser marks than me, she was (just like the old days) in a state of equal excitement as me. Her voice filled me with a new energy as she has always done. I don't know how would I ever be able to return what she has given to me? I know she don't want anything in return but I am highly obliged to her not just for the result game but also for the sweet relation that we share. I know by this time you might have felt what importance you have in my life. Words can't always be the means to express your feelings (as I fall short of vocabulary power). So promise me that you'll always check all my results in the future, just as I wrote this 'Just 2 Keep a Promise'....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wish I Could Be That Kind...

Training forms a very important part in Engineering curriculum.
After a lot of fight I finally got through BHEL and NTPC.
I was quite ecstatic this time that finally something big was going to happen. But God had something else in his stores for me. The breaking news came through the demon which resides in the side pocket of my trousers which said," Training after the 6th sem exams has to be undergone in the months of May-June and the exams for 6th semester will be held afterward. " I was thrashed into pieces on reading this news. All my dreams came crashing down and than I had to apply in RRVPNL, Jaipur for my training and luckily I got through the 400 kV GSS for my training.
My accommodation was arranged with Nirbhay bhaiya who is a teacher in CP, Jaipur and used to live at our home in Kota when he taught in Bansal Classes. Pandey Ji is the messiest person I have ever come across in my life. His room being hell's scene (I guess hell would be much better).
But then the love and affection that he has for his fellow men(and women off-course) overpowers all his good habits (cant mention them). The most reckless guy I have seen but not in the case of taking care of others. We went on drives in his brand new I-10 and drank juice(2-3 glasses min.).
One night, after he returned from work, we sat out on the 'grass for name' where the kids around us were playing Dumb-shell-arts. We also did participate actively and den suddenly in between (I dont know what happened), Pandey ji got up and took me with him in his i-10 to an ice-cream shop. We bought ice-cream for all the kids and then what I saw changed my perception of this human being. Some beggars collected around us asking for ice-cream. I was dodging them while Pandey ji took them by their hands and asked them the flavor of their choice. I was astonished to see all this. He bought cornetto for all the kids gathered around us and this was not all. He ran to the car and took a cartoon of biscuits out and distributed it among the kids. I have no words to write the feeling that I was going through at that time while Pandey ji had no expression changes on his face. He was rather happier. Then we bought a packet of Bingo and a 500 ml Fanta and after making the colony kids happy we just took a stroll. Then Pandey ji told me that when he was a kid he always wished to have the experience of roaming freely with a packet of chips and a cold drink in his hand. He couldn't have such luxuries due to lack of money. But things change and now he is in a position that he can fulfill such small desires that a kid possess. I being speechless on his "Karma", could just nod on whatever he said.
I think that such are the desires that everyone of us possess. But how many of us are able to get them fulfilled? The answer lies in the desire itself. This act of kindness has affected my life in a positive way. How many of us are that kind or that wide-hearted? Everything seemed to be fake to me until this incidence occurred. Wish everyone gets that kind. Wish I could be that kind....

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Rakhi Without Sister!!

Exams!!! The name says it all.
This word itself gives a nerve-racking feel. It sends a chill to the core of my heart.
After a long and restless wait, finally my 6th sem exams commenced from the 25th of July.
So with a lot of heart and soul I initiated my studies before 2 days of the opening ceremony of exams. The papers went by and so the memories of the respective subjects with them. My examination look was getting over my mother. Well, its the only superstitious part of my life (The Old Examination Look). I remember that once my grandma told me that if you cut your hair or shave your beard at the time of a test, then all the wisdom that you have accumulated through the books, goes with the part which we are shedding from the body. So I just follow this principle from the day she told me(at that time i had no beard or moustache). My mother hates this examination period, not because I am not free, but because I don't shave and crop-up with a long-thick beard during my exams which last for about 15 days.
I just didn't had any idea of the days and dates that went past during this period. After giving my second last exam (which was as usual a mess), I received Rakhis from my father that came for me via courier and realized that I was missing something. I became conscious of the fact that it was the first Rakhi of my life when I had none of my sisters with me. I suddenly felt crushed and fragmented. Its has been a tradition that on the day of Rakhi, our whole family goes to my sisters home for tying Rakhi and the day is celebrated by eating sweets and lots of sweets by me. But this year was different. The day arrived. Due to my exams, I just couldn't go anywhere. My mother n father attached to me, also couldn't visit anyone at the day of Rakhi. They showed no sign of downheartedness but it couldn't be hidden by their actions.
I myself was crestfallen on that day. I had two reasons unlike others(exams included). I was also picturing my friends who were away from their homes and had no moral support around. Whoever I met that day seemed to be a bit gloomy of the fact that it was Rakhi.
Sisters form a very integral part of brother's life. Being two brothers, me and my elder brother always had great respect for women. We have always had sister's love and affection from the various girls in our big family. But this time not even a single person was around me who would come and tie me the knot of Rakhi. I just felt like crying sometimes but then "Boys Dont Cry".
So this year gave me an internal strength which will surely help me survive through all the years coming up where I can't expect ayone to be around me at such times of celebration. I think its the heart that binds the relation and the closeness. My thoughts would surely have reached where I want them to reach. I truly never want to lose any of these relations which makes me feel that there is an existence of mine in this world. So this was my first experience of a Rakhi without sister. How many have you had and wait....
What if you have a sister and she doesn't tie a Rakhi to you??