Monday, September 7, 2009

Delhi Belly

Delhi, Dilli, Dehli and many other names have been given to the capital of India(after all there's no rule to pronounce a proper noun). I have been to this place twice before. First when I visited Andaman and took a flight to Jaipur from here and second time was when I visited the valley of Gods and Delhi was on the way.
This time the journey begins from Kota with my Mummy in a non-stop train. Expecting some hot chicks in the train has always brought me down. There was not even a single 'Pataka' in the train(Pataka is an exaggeration, not even a chitpati). I had 5 Point someone with me and after getting highly disappointed with my surroundings, I made a promise to finish the book in the train itself. The book was licked fully when we were about 10 mins away from Delhi(U cant imagine what problems I faced while reading as my mummy kept on making comments on my voracious reading habit which might sometimes get onto people's nerves as the world is then not a place for me).
It was raining cats and dogs in Delhi. Rain God was getting quite with time and it seemed as though someone up there is toileting on earth(hope u can understand this..:). On our way to Bhaiya's home, I saw many chinky's and not to mention all sizes of skirts. I was finally glad to see all this and in high spirits. Bhabhi and Bhaiya were wondering what has made me so energetic after such a tiring journey. Nothing great happened that day other than the mother dairy experience. It was the first time I saw milk dispensers. It feels as if you are feeding the cow with a coin and the cow is providing you the required amount(My God!! Even cows have gone professional). The funny part was that people were telling the shopkeeper, "Mera to 1 litre kum aaya.." Next day I had to apply for the gas connection as Bhaiya has no time. So me and Bhabhi went for it and breaking all the rules we got the conection and cylinder the same day(Thanks to my acting skills which made the authorities to really think that I had an upset stomach due to improper outside diets for 5-6 days). Next day I had to apply for the internet connection and after many persuasive requests to the sexy CCE, the connection was installed the same day. Next day was the day I was waiting for. I had a plan to meet 2 of my old friends at different locations and times. So I left for Gaziabad from my place. The auto, I sat in, got its clutch wire torn off. I got another auto after a km walk and that auto was restricted to go any further due to some demolition in Gzbd. Finally I had to take the same old "11 number ki gaadi" which never ditches you. After strolling for about 2 kms an auto came from nowhere and I jumped into it. My friend had reached there on time and I was still strolling after getting off from the auto. The building seened to be there but the entrance was nowhere. At last I found her and we half hugged each other. I cant tell you what it feels to meet an old friend after 5 years. Its that kind of feeling which cannot be penned down. We ate, talked a lot and discussed various topics. There I saw all kinds of despos and some pseudo partners. Then I went to her home and had 'Kheer' and called the second friend to get ready. I left her with a very heavy heart but then we depart to meet again. I reached his house and hugged him tight. Without wasting anytime we went out with one more of our friends for our booze party. We sat and discussed many alien topics on the rocks. Solutions were being poured down one by one for each problem. Then we went home and had our photo session and I left for my home. Being new to the place I asked my passage from 2 girls, wearing a barely minimum mini, in anticipation. It needs a lot of guts to do this. But those guts came down when you are being told the wrong way(Moral:Beautiful girls are dumb). Finally an aunty helped me and I reached the place. One can imagine what happens when in a day you got to see this so much of Delhi bellies. All the clouds were gone and I just felt like sleeping keeping all the memories intact with me. But there's one thing for sure--"You cannot find a better belly, all over India, than the very own desi Delhi Belly............:p