Monday, July 13, 2009

I Exist!!

Morning sometimes comes up with a lots of surprises.
I had pre-planned my day with my father and studies a day before.
But I didn't knew that a new experience was waiting for me.
I woke up with a friends call at 9 and was asked to come to a picnic.
Still in my sleep i refused the offer.
Then came call of another of my friend and was again asked to go to a different place for picnic.
This dilemma isn't new to me as it keeps on occurring (sometimes 3-4 times a day).
Being the arbiter most of the times in such cases, I am the one who is cursed for delays and negations.
But luckily this time one of the programs were canceled and I was happy that I won't be the cause of another program failure.
So I took of for Pushkar and visited Pachkund(Bathing place of Pandavas) on the way.
The place was quite peaceful but not a good point to hang around with friend.
So we were headed for Sunset Point and Brahma Temple.
On the way we visited a Sindhi temple where we sat for a while.
Being a passionate photographer I took my camera out and started taking pics of the beautiful place.
The Pushkar lake is in ruins these days and is completely dry.
What have we done to our mother nature? Instead of nurturing it, we are just pressing the resources to that extent that they no longer remain resources.
Its like leaving your parents when they need you the most once you grow up.
So after this heartbreaking photo session I turned to my so called friends where I could still feel some smile, unlike the lake, for their photos.
But alas!!
They refused to get photographed and moreover showed mistrust in fellow people.
This situation is again interesting as thoughts pondered over me.
If this was the case then why did they came with us to a place away from there homes??
Isn't this also a degree of mistrust within their souls and their hearts??
How do you define trust??
Well the answer is not with the hypocrites atleast.
I think trust is a kind of relation which one shares with the other by believing in each other.
Believing someone blindly is Faith but that is the higher degree which could only be related to God.For some people it may be a mistake but for me it is a way to recognise myself and also to have that spiritual feeling that
Hey! I Exist!!