Saturday, June 26, 2010

The New Rain..

While the Black clouds swirl,
My heart suddenly twirls.

The rain comes down pouring,
Bringing out all my heart's feeling.

But this time its a new rain,
Sinking my heart with an unknown pain..

The idea of writing this post struck to me yesterday when Ajmer received its first monsoon rains (Though the whole of the city wasn't wet, but I could get some glimpse). Sandstorms and breezes are a daily affair here. In-fact one can see sand suspended in the atmosphere for days here in Ajmer. It was yet another day of my boredom. I had to go and meet my bestest buddy as he brought milk cake for me. Actually he also got placed and now we will be working together at the same place. This obviously gave me another reason to smile.

The weather was getting thunderous and sandstorm started blowing with an extreme speed. I was getting a feel of the cold breeze when suddenly rains came pouring down.

While my heart signaled a green for a rain dance, my gray cells ordered me to run and save my cell phone and I-pod from getting wet. And so I ran under cover for saving my gadgets and quickly checked whether they were working or not. The rainy emotions were gone in less than 60 seconds.

There was a time when, without any thoughts, I just opened my clothes and ran to enjoy a rainy bath. I know most would agree to this fact that the time has changed. The way we used to enjoy things has changed. It has become more of a technical affair. The fear of getting our gizmos malfunctioning has put a big question mark on the type of entertainment we chose. We now enjoy with our gadgets and the very lovely virtual world called the internet. Has our entertainment also become virtual? Have we lost the human nature that wanted to fly up in the sky like the birds and get wet in the rain without any worries?

I don't know the answer, but may be you people can help me find the answer. Introspect yourself. The feel that this years rains brought something very new. My heart ached when I pondered upon my actions taken that time. To hell with such technology which prohibits human emotions to emerge. The rain songs stored in my I-pod are a waste if I couldn't feel their true meaning.

And the new rain continues to pour,
While my heart sinks in another bore.....


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dove Of Love

Here I am back again after a very long time. I am really very sorry for not reading and commenting on your blog posts. But now that I am back, you will find me everywhere...:)

It really feels amazing when you finish your college. The same heavy brain, saturated with engineering knowledge (transformers stepping up and down the voltage, motors running on load and no-load, short medium and long transmission lines, faults, circuits and diodes everywhere and blah blah blah), is now free and will be roaming around the world for the next 45 days after which my skills will be used by some big firm you see.

Its a new life altogether and though I go nostalgic thinking about the best time of my life, I have to begin a new chapter each day. Here is something new from my side once again. I know I am new to this poetry writing thing, but I am trying hard to write and think in every direction possible. So here I go:

Dove Of Love

Taking myself apart,
Has brought the change,
And on becoming smart,
I found myself strange.

I was not like that,
But you made me so,
Taking all I ever had,
You fuckin tried to go.

Whatever you did was in reality,
The acts of showing our odd parity.

All the shit you brought,
Now makes me think of droughts.

And you fucking know the consequences,
Of all that you did,
I was hurt and still not in my senses,
But for you its a bid.

I hate and repel such hypocrites,
That encircles me and tells me,"I am the best."
Which really is the worst.

But what the Fuck!
It's just hard luck.
Getting such blows is a daily game,
And I know you always get a lot of fame.

So what is that you want from me now?
My wings have been clipped,
But still I am in peace,
With the same color.

I fly in every direction,
Still giving everyone the same affection.
I have nothing left but Love,
Coz I am God's Dove,
The Dove of Love..!!

P.S. I have changed the blog template after a long time and I think she'll like it. What about you people?
Please do tell me about the template. Suggestions are invited from everyone. And I have submitted my Delhi Belly Series to a newspaper. It might get published in some days. A blog party if it gets published for sure..