Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lucky Chinese Tag (Tagged again..)

I have been tagged again in a very short duration. This time the tag is made by a very sweet person whose name I don’t know but I know that she is a hardcore Baniya. So here I am Antarman with the lucky Chinese tag as you call it. Thanks a lot for tagging me Antarman and I will try my level best to answer the questions with the same honesty as you have answered them. lets see what luck does this tag bring.

Here I go:

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

Ha! The idiot box! Let me think…

1. Fear Factor
2. Man v/s Wild
3. Jailed Abroad
4. Comedy Circus
5. Roadies
6. Time Wrap
7. Dance India Dance
8. World’s Greatest Inventions

8 Places to eat and dine

1. Salt n Pepper (Can’t 4 get the place ever due to lovely memories.)
2. Mango Masala
3. Rasoi
4. Amar Punjabi Dhaba (APD. The best..)
5. Sheesha Café (Pune)
6. Swad Ri Dhani (Smaller version of Chokhi Dhanni)
7. Mc Donald’s
8. Hotel Madras

8Things I Look Forward To

I am a firm believer of the line which says,” Live life as it comes.” I also read somewhere that expectations bring disappointments. But I will try something out for sure.

1. Passing my Engineering (Saturated now)
2. Meet my Bhaiya and Bhabhi (I really miss them a lot).
3. Party thrown by any of my friend (The party animal is here).
4. Joining Infy a.s.a.p.
5. Sleep like a child (Haven’t slept like that from such a long time).
6. Meet her once again.
7. Meet Sachin Tendulkar and bowl him out.
8. Make my country a better place to live.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

1. Woke up at 5:30 a.m. (It’s been a long time since I have seen that time in the morning).
2. Studied for exam for about an hour and slept again.
3. Gave my exam and found that both of my hands were in pain (No I don’t write with both hands like Prof. Veeru Sahastra Buddhi)
4. Had a chat with her for an hour for the first time
5. Had a fight with a tempo wala (Baniya you see..)
6. Enjoyed with my landlords (They are 2 great persons who really live for others)
7. Raat Baaki Baat Baaki…
8. Raat Gai Baat Gai.. hehe

8 Things I love about Winter

1. I look fat.
2. Jackets,Pullovers and my colorful band.
3. You don't have to bath.
4. Sitting in the sun and composing something.
5. Face the sun with naked eyes.
6. Eating Gajar ka Halwa
7. Warm cozy blankets and lots and lots of tea.
8. Acting like smoking cigarette (you know how to do that).

8 Things on my Wish-list

1. Peace.
2. Success
3. Send my parents on a world tour.
4. Spread love and laughter everywhere.
5. Buy a car (Right now its Toyota Innova as my mother likes it very much)
6. To be able to be kind enough for others.
7. A race with Michael Schumacher.
8. Publish my book of life.

8 Things I am Passionate about

1. My work
2. Writing
3. Family (you are also a part of it now).
4. Reading
5. Humor in life (Never lose this sense).
6. Honesty
7. Learning
8. Living my life to the fullest (I think this says everthing).

8 Words/Phrases I often use

1. Good Good Good..
2. Good hai yaar.
3. Cool h bhai.
4. It’s like..
5. Cool Man
6. Thek h
7. Arey yaar.
8. Abhi ke abhi bol.

8 Things I learnt from the past

1. Life goes on and on and on..
2. You are also important.
4. My decisions matter a lot.
5. Certain of God’s blessing arrive by shattering all the windows.
6. Past is a great teacher. No doubts (Failure to success conversion).
7. Whatever happens, happens for the good.
8. There is something like God for sure. May be an energy or something else.

8 Places I would like to go /Visit

1. Simla (I just love the place).
2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
3. Siachin Glacier
4. Pak Occupied Kashmir
5. Laddakh
6. Brazil (Carnival time)
7. Rome
8. Venice

8 Things I currently need/want.....

1. Some sleep.
2. The pair of sleepers I forgot in another room (Its cold in here).
3. It’s you my love (No blushing).
4. My followers increase to hundred in a minute.
5. Meet some of my very special friends
6. My phone (I think I left it somewhere)
7. Pick up my book and study.
8. Listen to the song ‘Tum Mile.’ (People sleeping will hit me)

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
1) Chanz
2) Shivani
3) Chocolate lover
4) Chinmaya Dave
5) Supriya
6) Shas
7) Sana Hashmi (A new beginning
8) Anonymous

These are some of my answers. Lets c how you people do it.
Thanks a lot to Antarman once again.