Friday, July 10, 2009

A Ray of hope..

Waking up at 4 in the morning can be fun sometimes.
I had to drop my mother to the railway station for her train to Pune(her last visit as bhaiya will now be in Delhi).
As i am not used to wake up so early, I was quite tired and so just got back home and slept again.
Obviously I am not able to recall what metabolism was taking place in my body, but I was quite aware of the thoughts that were coming to me.
The thoughts not being the usual ones, were related to The Almighty.
I just could not believe myself that I was thanking Him from my soul and that too in English with Hindi as my mother tongue.
The thanks giving process was in a different manner.
As people say that dreams vanish as soon as you wake up so after praising and thanking God i woke up and made notes of whatever i could remember in my Moto L-6.
It goes like this:
I thank thee for my existence,
I thank thee for making me learn,
I thank thee for giving me experience,
I thank thee for giving me a vision,
I thank thee for sharing His knowledge,

and rest I could not remember..
So it was a one of a kind experience in my life.
Bringing in practice what I am gaining is again a worthy experience.
So I tried and was astonished to get relieved when i treated no one below or above my intellect.
With God in the morning I have felt relief in the night.
So I think here comes The Ray Of Hope......


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