Monday, March 15, 2010

Delhi Belly 4

While I was trying to come out of the Nurse's net, something more grueling but obviously more exciting caught my attention. No, it wasn't the female resident doctors available there every time but the Main Doc's call to the close family members. At such times, I could imagine that whatever philosophy I have read or whatever thoughts I read in 'WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE' are useless. We all are humans and the same chill goes through each of us while a close one or even a hero in a movie goes for a surgery or the Doc has to give some information about the patient. I crossed my fingers and sat near my Mamaji who was served with dinner that time. I don't think that anyone can fall ill after having such a great dinner. It consisted of every delicacy of the Indian food we eat usually (no unusually).

I shared the dinner with him and was getting answers to questions like 'Why India has the highest number of hungry in the world?' My cousin and my brother returned and told me that Blood will be needed in the operation. I got super excited that time. It was just around 3 months since I gave my Valuable blood and this time I was getting a chance to give it to my own Mamaji with whom I share the same blood (Blood relation you see). Usually people look at me when I talk about Blood donation as if I need blood (I just hate them for this). Next morning was the day which got fixed.

After having breakfast, I left for he blood bank. As I entered, people looked at me as if they have seen some kind of a AJOOBA (miracle). I wanted to tell them that its not the health that is visible but its the Will and the Guts, that are invisible, matter in such cases. I could see around 10-12 people waiting for their turns to get the stagnant blood out of their body. Most of them were first timers and were quite nervous. I told them about the uses and the replenishment of blood and most importantly that there ain't any pain involved in this process. Their was a pre check-up before one goes to the blood drainage room. The best thing was that the guy just pricked one of your fingers and take the samples on 3 different slides for checking various levels of blood like Hameoglobin, WBC's, Group etc, all in front of you which is interesting for sure. I was weighed and then with a slip I was sent to the Draiange room.

The room was huge and the nurse their was again awesome. I was asked to lie down on a specially designed bed which was equipped with various machines which give a feel to the person donating his blood as if he is the one going for an operation. This was the first Drainage room where I could hear a mixture of songs being played from an age old transistor.

Me: (Lying down) When is my turn?

Nurse: Wait a second. Cant you see their are others in the queue.

Me: (One thing I dont know why...) Can you please increase the volume?

Nurse: I told you to have some patience. Wait 5 minutes.

Me: The song will die till that time.

Nurse: (Gives me a look) Shut up.

She then came in 5 minutes and..

Nurse: 613 number wake up.

Me: Yeah! Insert the needle. I have closed my eyes.

Nurse: Its already in. Open your eyes.
(Looks at the report)
Wow! You are B-Negative. That's rare. We get only 2-3 people every week of this blood group. Are you a first timer?

Me: I know that. Its rare. I have given my Rare Blood around 5-6 times.

Nurse: Can i ask you somethimg?

Me: (Nods)

Nurse: Can we take 1 and a half unit of your blood?

Me: Okay! But dont make a fool of me.

Nurse: Done! Now wait for 5-10 minutes and then I will remove all the machines from you.

Me: I need to hurry. Lemme go.

Nurse: You look so impatient. If I wont open these then you will do it by yourself. Take a frooty and then go. Hope you can do this muchh..

Me: Ofcourse. I can do this much.

Then I emptied two packs of both biscuits and frooty tetra packs (allowed limit is one) in my stomach. It obviously feels a bit drowsy but it is short lived. Once you take some intake after donating blood, you recover very fast. Its like a recycling process for the body which happens to pump the same blood throughout again and again. For all those who are afraid or have never donated their blood ever, its a great thing to do. An inside feeling tells you that you have done something good and that you should be proud of this kind of work. The tests for various disease checks which costs around Rs.500 in the market, are done for free if you donate your blood. Its a win win situation in any case. The good is for us in any case. and the biggest thing is the feel "The Andarki Aawaz." It heels a lot. Their is an add on TV also in which a girl saves the life of an old man while she was on her way back after donating blood. It tells a lot. In the end I would also say what she says in that ad "Accha Lagta hai" (It feels good)..

The series ain't finished yet. I know what Kapoor and Gupta are waiting for but then " Sabra ka fal is Meetha."



A New Beginning said...

So we have a hero :)Congrats on donating blood..yes youre right it feels great and one with the share your blood after all :)Keep up!

Madhu said...

gave blood? awesome.I did that on my birthday last week...did not feel as weak like u i guess

P.S To top it all a sexy nurse does the trick..i had an old woman as one..:P:D would have wished for a handsome doc!

supriya said... bro is a real hero..huh..!! good going nippu...i am proud of you..!! :)

Samvedna said...

donating blood is good for health also..its like a purification sort.

In our time there was not much awareness, but now my daughter used to donate regularly.

Chanz said...

m scared of donating blood... Not of the needle pricking me but I am scared of the dizzyness.. Seriously.. I have had bad dreams (not exactly dreams but i was just day-dreaming with my eyes open). And it brought knots in my stomach.. I feel uneasy... :(

I got a lot of chances for donating, but I didnt...m such a big loser.. :(

Nipun said...

@ anew beginning

Thnx a lot..:)
Its not about being a hero actually. Its all about saving lives.
I expect all to do it..

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Very good madhu.
M so proud that the Youngistanis are coming out of their shell for thiese things. The world needs awareness and we are here helping..:)
High 5!!
And I wasn't drowsy. Its just that they were for free..:)

p.s. Donate blood in Apollos and Escorts. Its Heaven..:) Luck to u..

Nipun said...

@ suppy di

Mujhe bhi aap pe proud h dher saara.
Do i have a new donor added in the list??

Thnx di..

Nipun said...

@ samvedna

Yes its like recycling your body.
It helps the receiver as well as the donor.
Kudos to your daughter..:)

Nipun said...

@ chanz

No need to worry yaar.
Just take someone with you and just close your eyes while the pricking takes place.
It just feels like a mosquito bite..:)
It is never too late chanz.
Start now...:)
Recycle urself..:)

Pratik Gupta said...

Dude I just donated blood 2 weeks before...first time for me and It feels good. Though I fainted after that but the small round bandage on ur arm is something I was proud of...Good work bro!! Keep it up.

rohini said...

hey hi agn...cngrts u did a fab and generous job...keep it up...i never got this opportuniy..but would luv to......

Nipun said...

@ Pratik bhaiya

Its great to hear this.
Some new ones in the team...:)
Proud of u..
And decrease some other things so that u have some power left as a backup solution..:P

Nipun said...

@ rohini

Thnx a lot..
Whenever u get a chance just give it a go..:)
It feels great after all..:)
Keep visiting..

blunt edges said...

cool...though i have never donated blood!

Nipun said...

@ blunt edges

Go for it dude!!

prateek kapoor said...

hey m proud of u my boy..seriously every1 of us should come fwd doing this..i have donated my blood 2 times n it really gvs u gud feel specially wen the nurse who oozes it out is hot..:-)
u build a ladder where u reach the highest pt of humanity..hats off to every1 here who have done this..:-)

Nevine said...

Nipun, I'm left with the impression that this is non-fiction, true. Is it? What a story! And what telling. It's sometimes the most difficult thing for us to write true accounts of events in our lives... it is quite a challenge. But you write so well, and so honestly. And the mere thought of blood makes me dizzy.

Awesome writing, Nipun. And hey, thank you for your always welcome visits! :-)


Nipun said...

@ kapoor

Yeah dude!!
Youth makes all the difference.
Its a kind of service which needs no money from ur side. Everyone capable of bearing the pain should go for it.
The hot nurse can make the prick turn into a flower..:P

Hats off to the spirit..:)


Nipun said...

@ Nevine

Yes, this is non-fiction. This is what happened with me before some time.
Thnx a lot for dropping by this side.
I love reading you always.
Blood gives that feel of dizziness for sure but then this is what bravery is..:)
Try it out. It feels great..:)
thnx again.

Farila said...

One of the tragedies of going through cancer is - we can never donate blood ever again. In my pre-cancer days I used to donate blood and in post- cancer days had to struggle whenever a family member needed blood. Good work Nipun...

Hope the person who will receive your blood will remain sane ;)
just kidding

Nipun said...

@ farila mam

I can understand the probs which people go through.
High BP patients, Heart patients, Low Hb level patients etc should not give their blood.
Its an altogether different prob with you.
Its great that u donated it in ur pre-cancer days. Kudos to u..:)

My mamaji is still insane so utr prayers have worked..:P

Thnx a lot mam!!

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Finally my exams are over :)

ankita said...

i understand ki it must b "achha lagta hai" wali feeling.... but yr mujhe to bahot pain hota hai.... wo needle dekh ke hi darr lagta hai... weneva blood donation camp is organised in r colg,, vo frooty dekhke blood dene ka mann to karta hai...but injection dekhke i alwayz run away!!
but U keep on doin dis gr8 wrk!!!
waiting 4 next 1.....................

Insignia said...

Donated blood? So noble.

Nipun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nipun said...

@ wink

Exams also suck blood but in a different way..:)
Great to find u back..:)

Nipun said...

@ ankita

My first donation was due to this fact that I could c a amul cool bottle for free.
But the stingy feeling was overcome by the bottle.
So just give it a go..:)
I knw u are a brave girl..:P

Nipun said...

@ insignia


sakhii•• said...

gud...u shud donate blood..!!
seems u get along very well wid nurses!!!!
c my post too!!

Nipun said...

@ sakhii

U got me sakhii!!
thnx a lot.
Will surely read ur post..:)

buckingfastard said...

ahh blood donation is fun!!! specially sporting da band-aid afterwards...wenever nyone asks...why u got a bandaid...u say proudly...'ahh u kno just donating blood and all'...lolz its fun!!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to you my friend. Its such a great gesture donating blood. Implies how warm you are :)

B negative huh? Cmon Be Positive :P hehe..

Farila said...

Nipun.. it is so nice of you to answer every comment you receive. Very nice gesture...

Anonymous said...

i very adore all your writing style, very helpful.
don't give up and also keep creating considering the fact that it just simply very well worth to look through it,
looking forward to browse additional of your own stories, have a pleasant day ;)

Nipun said...

@ bf

Yeah! It is fun.
but the band-aid doesn't remain in place for long...:(

Nipun said...

@ shivani

thnx a lot!!
Waise I m super hot..:)

B negative rox!!
I dont need that B-+ thing..:)

Nipun said...

@ farila mam

thnx a lot..:)

Nipun said...

@ anonymous

Thnx to u..:)
Tell me one thing that how are these writings helpful for u??
I will keep writing for sure..:)
Thnx a ton..

fuel injector..:-) said...

m really gonna throw u in a dustbin u asshole....part-5 nikaalo jaldi..

Nipun said...

@ kapoor

it will be out soon...:)

Anonymous said...

*knocks and runs*

Nipun said...

@ ana

*knock knock*

Kaun h??