Monday, March 22, 2010

Delhi Belly 5

After donating my blood, I had to return to Bhaiya'a home. I was about to leave the place and rain started coming down from nowhere. It was like a storm. I felt as if someone is pouring buckets of water right over my head. I had never experienced a water 'Thud' like this before. Each drop was like a Sponge ball having the co-efficient of restitution as 1.

I quickly got into a bus. It happened again that a lady came to me and showed me the upper portion of the window where it was written in bold letter that the swat on which I had taken refuge was "Mahilaon ke lie" or reserved for the woman (I thought women have reached moon and still..). Well i have never ever got a seat in a bus in Delhi because every time I board them, someone comes and pulls me apart from the seat magnet. Why me...??

Winter was not fully gone and it was raining in the Capital. I just love the place. So many bus stops, so many people travel together, so many languages they speak, but still the common language of humanity is the same and works every where. I got up from the seat and someone entered from the front door (not allowed entry) of the bus.

She was approaching towards me. I was staring at her in disbelief and she didn't showed any gesture. She sat beside the girl who asked to get up and I was really praying God to have dome that. The girl looked like a pure Delhite and I was standing write above her holding the round bars for a not so firm grip because she was making me lose the grip.

Rains make look girls even hotter. She was one of those who deserve this complement. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She looked like Monica Bellucci. I was trying hard not to make any eye contacts with her so that I can stare at her pure, raw beauty. It seemed as if God Indra has sent an 'Apsara' along with the rains. She was looking awesomely hot. I was awestruck at her beauty which was further increased by rains. I just wanted to stand there the whole day and gaze at her but she left much before.

I reached home without getting rained and again had to leave for Apollo the next day. This time again couldn't get a seat (Lucky me). Mamaji was taken for operation and during this time I thought to give the place a visit. I was roaming around the International Lounge here and there. After some time the guard standing at the Lounge Gate got mad.

Guard: You want to come in Sir?

(Do I have to ask you?)

Me: Yeah! Why not...

(Who wouldn't like to enter a lounge with so many hot chicks inside)

Guard: Card???

Me: Why?

Guard: Take that from Afghanistan commission.

Me: What man? Have u gone mad?

Guard: (Looks at me in astonishment) But sirrrr......

Me: I have no card and I am not an Aghani.

Guard: What? Then go sir please.

Me: WTF!! Why did you stopped me first?

Guard: Sorry sir.

Me: All right man! Chill.

I wasn't able to understand the review given by the guard. Then i realized that I was looking like an Afhghani. I was dressed up in boots, a jeans, a shirt and a sleeveless jacket. This stuff gained its true value with my Dutch cut beard which was purely Afghani. Now I could understand why all this happened.

Looks obviously sets us apart from everything. Looks are depended on culture, region and groups. I dont know this particualr look crap. I just keep whatever I like the most. These days I am sporting a 'Decent Boy' look (and mind you, decency rox). Somethings are judged just by the looks a person has (A victim). Even looks create divide. I don't know what to do yaar!

My next post will be the last post to this series. Thanx for wait everyone and to be so generous to keep commenting...:)



A New Beginning said...

I totally agree with you, Delhi is a beautiful place with so many people living here, people from all the corners of India. Your adventures of delhi have sure shown it in a new light :)

Koo said...

YEah, Damn. So much of divisions here.. :\
But funny post. Lol. ^^

supriya said...

with that look took the right decision not to buzz the "hot girl"...i guess..!! hehehe...just kidding..! awesome post nippu...!
looking forward to the last episode of the series.. :)

Chanz said...

Hehehe... baap re... thank god, you were in India and not in US..!!

and i liked it when u said that rain makes the girls look hotter.. :D

Nipun said...

@ A new beginning

Thnx a lot for being the first the first person to comment every time.
Delhi is obviously a collage of colors..

Nipun said...

@ koo

Divisions are fun..

Nipun said...

@ suppy di

I would have got a tight one from her..
Thnx di for inspiring me..:)

Nipun said...

@ chanz

I agree. Agar US mein hota to Jail mein daal dete aur wo bhi bina pooche....:P
Fir mein bolta rehta dat My name is Mittal and I m the steel king..:)
For that beautiful line, the applause goes for me and only me..:)

prateek the killer said...

kutte..kamine...tera to me khoon pi jaaunga...nice post...delhi ki ladkia bus sexy he to hoti hai aur hota he kya hai..:-)vaise tune agar nxt n final post me kuch likha ni to delhi k ladke b tujhe sexy lagenge nxt time se..:-)vo b in rainy season me to aur b jyada..:-)

Nipun said...

@ kapoor

I knw man. I won't disappoint u next time for sure..:)
Have some patience.
Bus aane wala h Delhi-06..:)

Farila said...

Is it going to be a filmy kind of ending with the goons attacking the rain apsara and you saving her from them and she falling madly in love with you????????

Hope she will not call you bhaiya and tie a rakhi like Supriya did LOL

Nevine said...

Bus rides are always quite an experience, aren't they? It's like a social cauldron that's boiling and we're the bubbles. And who in the world wouldn't want to stare at a girl that looks like Monica Bellucci; even I would want to stare! ;-) Your story-telling is very warm and true, Nipun. I really enjoy it. It's very relaxing, I must say. I'll be back for your last installment. Happy writing!


Nipun said...

@ farila mam

Life ain't filmy...:(
Wish what u said turns into reality.
Saving a life is fun and that too of a Hot Girl.

Supriya di didn't offered me a rakhi.
Instead I offered her my hand to tie a rakhi..

Nipun said...

@ Nevine

What a line Nevine! Wish I could have thought upto that level. Bubbles and cauldrons.. Sounds like a Harry potter fan..:)

Thnx for being so sweet.
Keep visiting..:)

Madhu said...

Delhi is on my hit list to visit...uve made that urge stronger...
P.S does rain really make women look hot?? Kindly enlighten me on that@

Nipun said...

@ madhu

Do visit the place every other month. The true metro of our country..:)

U need an elaboration.
Women has that anatomy which makes her look beautiful and hot in a cold rainy season.
I have observed them from each and every angle. I just love them. Rains enhance the beauty. Women are all so beautiful...:)
No more elaboration Madhu....:)
I will be sued by someone..:P

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Im ever ready for dancing :) (:

Tara said...

Nipun again !! thats all I can say.. The rain or girl which one was the source for this funny post.. Loved it and enjoy every sec o life just the way you do now.. Am loosing it at times ..
Anxious for the last chapter ..

Nipun said...

@ tara

Nice to c u..:)
My inspiration is nothing but my Love..:)
Life is fun Tara..
Don't lose hope is the moral of the story...:)
Live it up and keep reading.
Thnx a ton.

Nipun said...

@ wink

Then get started..
Dance like no1 is watching..

ankita said...

"ik ladki bheegi bhaagi si!!!"
tu kabhi ni sudhrega bettaa!!!

n yaa,, dat Afghani look!!! wanna c it!!
show me ven v ll meet next tym!!!

Nipun said...

@ ankita

U got the ryt feel dear..:)
I m trying to get better at this..

I m trying to get that look back.
U c lots of work needs to be done for that.
As soon as I grow a long beard, will show u..:)

sakhii•• said...

"Mahilaon ke lie" or reserved for the woman (I thought women have reached moon and still..). ...this was d best part....
fun reading...very nice flow...
ppl judge others by looks...obiously...yeh india h...

Nipun said...

@ sakhii

Thnx dear..
Yes, obviously this is India. But with those looks I might have ended up with RAW people..:)

Insignia said...

I wonder why you didnt pick up any conversation with that girl in the bus??

:-) neat!!! Waiting for the next.

Nipun said...

@ insignia

People get me so wrong..:P
I m such a shy person that u won't believe..:)


♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

I do dance like no ones watching :D

pushplata said...

hello mr. afgani
mana ghar ki kheti h iska matlab ye thore hi h ki tumhe joker hi banna h ar hal me

post is nice par tumhe us larki se kuch bat to karni hi chahiye thi

Nipun said...

@ wink

I came to know that..:)

Nipun said...

@ pushpa

Ab ye baat ladkiyon ke samajh se bahar h..

And about the girl, she was so full of attitude. I didn't had any guts for that..

Sid said...

Ha ha the legendary Delhi girls... I hv heard even Chandigarh rocks ;)

Good post

Nipun said...

@ sid

Yeah dude!!
I havent been to Chandigarh, so cant talk much about that place..:)
But i have heard that its an awesome place..:)
Delhi will be Delhi..

Thnx man..

@ease said...

amazing.. u described everythng the way, i felt... when i had come to delhi for the 1st time..

memories revisited..

also chk this..:

Nipun said...

@ ease

Thnx man..
It feels gr8 when ppl say that they felt connected..:)

Pratik Gupta said...

Dilli-di-Kudiyan.....Those were the days :(

Nipun said...

@ pratik bhai

The most attractive of the lot..:)

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