Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dove Of Love

Here I am back again after a very long time. I am really very sorry for not reading and commenting on your blog posts. But now that I am back, you will find me everywhere...:)

It really feels amazing when you finish your college. The same heavy brain, saturated with engineering knowledge (transformers stepping up and down the voltage, motors running on load and no-load, short medium and long transmission lines, faults, circuits and diodes everywhere and blah blah blah), is now free and will be roaming around the world for the next 45 days after which my skills will be used by some big firm you see.

Its a new life altogether and though I go nostalgic thinking about the best time of my life, I have to begin a new chapter each day. Here is something new from my side once again. I know I am new to this poetry writing thing, but I am trying hard to write and think in every direction possible. So here I go:

Dove Of Love

Taking myself apart,
Has brought the change,
And on becoming smart,
I found myself strange.

I was not like that,
But you made me so,
Taking all I ever had,
You fuckin tried to go.

Whatever you did was in reality,
The acts of showing our odd parity.

All the shit you brought,
Now makes me think of droughts.

And you fucking know the consequences,
Of all that you did,
I was hurt and still not in my senses,
But for you its a bid.

I hate and repel such hypocrites,
That encircles me and tells me,"I am the best."
Which really is the worst.

But what the Fuck!
It's just hard luck.
Getting such blows is a daily game,
And I know you always get a lot of fame.

So what is that you want from me now?
My wings have been clipped,
But still I am in peace,
With the same color.

I fly in every direction,
Still giving everyone the same affection.
I have nothing left but Love,
Coz I am God's Dove,
The Dove of Love..!!

P.S. I have changed the blog template after a long time and I think she'll like it. What about you people?
Please do tell me about the template. Suggestions are invited from everyone. And I have submitted my Delhi Belly Series to a newspaper. It might get published in some days. A blog party if it gets published for sure..



Chanz said...

oh yeah..!! I want a party... hope it gets published...

I simply love the poem... how do u make it rhyme without sounding deliberate... I am so unable to do so... :( but i love yours...

and glad to hear that u r back... now i know people havent forgotten my blog... and will visit soon

Nipun said...

@ Chanz

Yeah!! Party is fix once it gets published.
I haven't forgotten your blog Chanz.
Its just that whichever blog used to be att he top of the blog roll I read and ran away quickly.
I will read and comment on all the posts..

and thanks for the praise.
That rhyme comes naturally..

Ankita K. said...

hey... dts a wondrful poem wid lots of beeps in ma mind ven i ws reading... ;)

m sure it ll get publishd.. i dnt want a blog party.. i want a real party(8 shipra mall)..


Insignia said...

The poem was intense. Except for the beep-beeps :-P

And whats with the pink-pink blog template? :-D

Insignia said...

:-D Dont worry, she wont just smile. She will laugh out :-D

Heights to impress huh :-) All the best :-)

Nipun said...

@ Ankita

Thanks a lot yaar. But the thing is that those beeps just came in naturally. I know you are already in a state in which you say this beep beep quite a lot of times but then...:)

Party to milegi beta..

Nipun said...

@ Insignia

Thank you..
But what should I do then?
I just don't understand.


Insignia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shivani said...

If shakespeare read this poem, he would die again (this time of heart attack).. a poem full of swear words :D

haha.. but makes a great read ;-)

Karan said...

The journey of "life" . Very well said !!!

Tangerine said...

Congratulations on finishing college! You are a MAN of the world now :)

Love the poem and the template (she will definitely like it!!!)

As for the Delhi Belly series... keeping my fingers crossed!

Tara said...

Great to c u back !! Looking forward to see the published series !! Poem oh its so different ..

yogita said...

if this is the first poem written by you, its worth...keep it up.

sakhii•• said...

nice 2 c u back!
n yeah, vl w8 4 d party ;)
sweet poem!!
nice template too!!
girls like pink!! :D

vinita said...

btry...such a heart touching poem..gtng more n more experienced..

rohini said...

wow grt poem...i love the DOve...the bird is so flawless and u delivered a flawless poem too...

cngrts on finishing ur clg...hope ur skills get noticed and paid too...

ur blog temp is too nice...bright yet sober...

now the qtn part...who is this 'She'? and dnt wry she will like it...all the best...Enjoy ur 45 days...:-)

rohini said...

and hey the best for the Delly Belly time will come man....

Urvashi said...

Hey the template is cute.... who is this "she" hmmm...??? tell us if ur series is published..!!! :) njoy..TC :) :)

Beyond Horizon said...

ur blogger template n title of new post go hand in in simplicity....loved d first stanza......"And on becoming smart,
I found myself strange".....keep d flow of ur expressions via poetry....u r good at it..... :)

A New Beginning said...

lolz its a beep beep poem..but straightfrom your heart one can see the honest overflow of emotions..congrats and all the best for a successful life ahead!
The blog template is great Im sure shed like it!

Madhu said...

She will OBVIOUSLY love it cant she.Pink is a perfect way into a womans heart..:) ask me about it.

as far as the poem i concerned,i can tell only one word...

Pratik Gupta said...

The ebst thing is you changes that Pink template....I was about to call you seeing that template :)
Awesome write again...This is the new thing and you should explore it more :)

Nipun said...

@ Shivani

Thank God Shakespeare is dead long ago..:)
U r here after a very long time.
Gud to c u bak..
Keep visiting..:)

Nipun said...

@ Karan

Thanks a lot..:)

Nipun said...

@ Tangerine

Man of the world.
Sounds very new to me..:)
But then this time is ryt..

Thanks for liking the poem and template.
May it gets published soon..:)

Nipun said...

@ Tara

Thank u so much..:)
It feels so nice to c the old readers commenting..:)
Hw r u?

Nipun said...

@ Yogita

Though it is not the first one by me but I am trying to learn the art..
Thanks a lot Yogita..:)
Keep visiting..

Nipun said...

@ sakhii

Thank u so much..
Girls really do like pink..:)

Nipun said...

@ Vinita

U got time to read my blog. Mera to jeevan safal ho gaya..:P

Thank u so much Dabbi...:)

Nipun said...

@ Rohini

Thank u very much..:)

Yeah! I finished my college and will be joining my job soon.:)

Thank u so much for liking the template.

U will surely cum to knw about her. She's der in every blog if u notice..:)

Do pray for the series..:)
Thank u so much,,,

Nipun said...

@ Urvashi

Thank u so much..:)
She's my life..

Will surely put up a post if it gets published.

Nipun said...

@ Beyond Horizon

Thank u so much for noting such minute things.
Will surely keep the flow moving..:)

Kepp visiting..:)

Nipun said...

@ A new Beginning..

Thank u very much Shas.:)
U always bring smile on my face.
I know I shud not have used those swear words but then the flow u c is natural...:)
She has already given her like approval..:)

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Pink is the perfect to a woman's heart..:)
Whats dere in pink that attracts women?
Thank u so much..:)

Nipun said...

@ Pratik Bhaiya

I will change it in sometime..:)
Why did you stopped?
U sud have called up..:)

Thank u so much bhaiya!!
Seekha to aap se hi h..:)

Aapka Shishya..

Farila said...

I have been back on blogs after a long hiatus too so may have not noticed you missing.. Congratulations on writing poetry (new age with slangs LOL ... it is nice to read) and becoming an engineer...

The first thing that I observed when I came here was your template and I think I like this better than the previous one. May be it is time I changed my template too ;)

BROKEN STAR said... was nice readin ur dove of love.....congrats on finishing d collg....all d best for ur new lif..tak cr!

Nipun said...

@ Farila Mam

Its so nice to c u here after a long time.
I was so missing ur comments..:(
I have found this side of mine recently...:)

Slangs came in naturally..
Dont knw why. I dont use them regularly bt then also dey came out.
Our old blog template was d same...
Thanks for being there..

Nipun said...

@ broken star

Thank u soo much..:)

D.A said...

A feminine feel to the template ofcourse..thats all i can say about it. Congrats on getting out collg! :P m still 2yrs away from the big day! liked your poem..i'm a amateur poet myself ( as far as i could go :P

supriya said...

hey nippu..after a long time ..i am here! what a beautiful post..and wat a cute attempt on poem-writing. but is there anything wrong happened recently that i have missed? its just that your poem reflected so. anyways...the template is beautiful...lover boy..!!

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