Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Miss You!!

I know its been a very long time since I have written something on my space, but then sometimes time and the conditions doesn't permit you with the opportunity to do things which you long for. I have so many thoughts to share and so many incidents to tell but then you see, Conditions Applied*..

Recently one of my articles didn't got selected in an International Competition. Though I got past the many Indian authors and mates, but couldn't compete at the International front. I gave it my days and nights, worked for 25 hours a day but what I got was just a lesson and obviously an experience.

It would have been much better if I had not even qualified in the Indian round. I don't know the game which God is playing with me. Whenever I am about to reach the heights, he makes me stumble just before the pinnacle. Everyone says to be calm and look for the flip side (the same Half empty and Half full shit), but their are times when you just can't always think straight. All these thoughts look and sound bookish and although I have read a lot of philosophy, I myself can't deny the fact of thinking in the opposite sense still. I got through some things, while I didn't got selected in some. I can't even distinguish between the feelings. The latter overcomes all other feelings everytime. An old dilemma still eating me and WTF, Boys don't cry..:)

But I am sure to fight back. I will soon fight this feeling which I am going through. Its more about toughness. I don't feel like talking or writing this time and I know I am writing crap but this is really giving me a lot of strength. Sorry guys for such a post but I thought that may be publishing crap may also get an applause because most of the times its crap which works (The experience which I gained you see).

I was missing this space so much that I just couldn't help my fingers at this very hour to type. I know I don't want to write but these fingers are working like machines. No grammar checks, no spelling checks, just some crap. But I really miss you people a lot and I couldn't even come and comment on your blogs due to exams and other reasons. Whatever time I got was not enough for reading all your posts, though I did comment on a few which were there at the top always.

I really am missing a lot of people this time. I want to talk and share and laugh just like the times before. This has already made me much calm right now and I will return soon. Miss u guys a lot. Sorry again for all this crap.



CHINMAYA said...

Hey Nipun, chill man....... if you have lost out then it must have been for something good.

As for the missing part, we were also missing you a lot on this part. Thank god that after 11 June, one big crap called engineering will be over. After that we can spend more time here, comment on posts and do stuff, but again with Conditions Applied*...

Insignia said...

Awwwww...Thats alright. I know any amount of consoling wont remove the pain away. But thats ok.

You will do much better next time. And the best part is you gained experience.

Cheer up :-)

Chanz said...

wooohoooooooo... control nipun... U look as if u can break anybody's head.. But you know what, I too will talk abt the half empty and half full shit... and you know why.. becoz its true... it really is.. and you your self said that u got a lot of experience.. and exposure too... come on dude.. thats becoz God wants you to be back with a spirit higher and more zestful than it was this time.

PS : M I talking like your mom..??


Samvedna said...

Hey Nipun ! tought imes nevr last but but tough people do !

There is always a next time, and its good that you cleared thru Indian authors

Cheer up and work harder !

blunt edges said...

hmmm...head 4 the nearest pub dude...that alone can save ya!

pushplata said...

nice crap :P

hey u won at national level n u ll next time win at international level jst keep trying n give ur best:)

ankita said...

oye,, nippu!!
ki ho gaya yr???

inna pareshaan kyu ho rha hai?? :(
dis tym u qualified Indian wala round naa... next tym u r definitely gonna clear dat international 1 too...
pakka... i know u!!

ab ye depressed bando jaisi batein mat kar...

cheer up n BOUNCE BACK!!!!

sakhii•• said...

yeah....pretty long time it has been....
nice 2 c u nyways!
hope some more posts of u soon :D

rohini said...

U kn its better -- nt to eat the crap..just puke it..
i will not give u i alws do..but i alws blv..should nt cry for wat hapnd..we all kn it was bad..but the only remedy is to work for more ...
and yes i agree with Blunt here...go to the nearest Pub..enjoy...
and yes next time i kn u will post smthing which will not be realted to Nurses....but may be smthing better than ..hmm....u can only tell that :-)

Tara said...

Great 2 c u !! hey cheer up man its not the end.. Just think how much we all long to read ur CRAPS !!

Come back soon !!

Urvashi said...

hey its fine if u write out ur emotions is definitely not crap..

Better luck next time..its awesome tht u reached till there....

TC :)

A New Beginning said...

God sure has something better planned for you..kepp your hopes high and dont give up ever!

Madhu said...

Its so fine ya...why are u worried.Ull do well next time. I know..

this is lifes own way of teaching one to be strong..:) cheer up buddyQ

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Sometimes people do not know when to keep their mouth shut. Advises and motivational talks don't really help when the mind is messed up. But you had a problem, and you have a solution to the problem as well. Like you said, it is all about toughness. Way to go mate. Go conquer the world. :-D

And congrats that you entered an International competition and gave a lot of potentials a run for their money!

Nipun said...

@ Chinu

Thanks mate.
Yeah u r ryt.
11th june is the D day..
Lets hope for the best,,

Nipun said...

@ Insignia

M feeling a lot better after watching so many comments..
Sometimes u need more than jst an experience..
But den its alryt nw.

Thank u so much..

Nipun said...

@ Chanz

I thot about it later and even I found it to be cool.
It really helps wen u feel alone..
And yes I dont throw or break things when I m down with sumthing.
Thanks a lot chanz..

p.s. Yes u do sound like my mother..

Nipun said...

@ samvedna

I surely will follow ur words.
M trying to get tough..:)

Thank u so much..

Nipun said...

@ Bluntu

Thats a gr8 advice man but u c Delhi-06 taught me a lesson.
Hope u hv read that.
Cant drink although its d best possible way to cum out..:P

Thanks dude!!

Nipun said...

@ Pushpa

Will surely try out..
There was nothing for the national level passers. Though the experience counts..
Thank u pushpa..

Nipun said...

@ Ankita

me not senti.
just a bit confused and in some very big dilemmas. There seems no way coming out of the way.
But I will fight back..:)

*bounce bounce*

C m already bouncing..

Thank u so much//

Nipun said...

@ sakhii

I will be seen here more in some time. Abhi mera vichran doosre sthaano mein h..:P

Nipun said...

@ rohini

didnt thot of that but then I think I have puked a lot this tym at the blog..
Bluntu is ryt bt again no drinks for me..:)
Will surely cum up with sumthin useful dis tym..
Thanks a lot//

Nipun said...

@ Tara

Thank u very much..
U made my day by saying that.
I m flying..

Nipun said...

@ Urvashi

Yeah! I agree with u.
It relaxed me a lot when I wrote here. Its even better to c ppl commenting and pushing u forward..:)

Thank u so much..

Nipun said...

@ A new Beginning

Thank u very much..
Will surely keep this in mind..

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Will surely cum up with my most Dhaansu article next tym..
Life really has its ways..

Thanks a lot/

Nipun said...

@ Prabhu

This is what the problem with the world is. They cum from all directions and most of them become apart of the problem. Rather resolving an issue they make it even complicated.
When I read the post again I found that yes I had the answer to my problem. You are right man..

Thank u so much..

sakhii•• said...

toh use wahi rehne do...i dun mind :D

Nipun said...

@ Sakhii

Wahin jaata hu..
Dont worry girl..:P
Will c u once m bak..

sm said...

good luck

Nipun said...

@ sm


Shas said...

I can identify with the post as it has happened with me also several times. Just stay put and things will become better. Am glad that you were able to pour out ur heart here.
Cheer up dude!
All the best!!!

Sorcerer said...

never give up..dude..
cheer up!

Sorcerer said...

never give up..dude..
cheer up!

Sorcerer said...

never give up..dude..
cheer up!


Hey frst time on ur blog...too much missing is goin aroun happens u miss lot of things in ur life but time dosnt let u allow to express...nice blog..tak cre...

Nipun said...

@ Shas

Pouring it out here helped me a lot and then the people here are so nice that they took my pain away in minutes.
Thank u so much..:)

Nipun said...

@ Sorcerer

I wont brother.
Sorry for not being able to read u for quite a long time.

Thanks mate..

Nipun said...

@ Broken Star

Yeah! Kind of missing around..:(
But nw i m out of it.
Welcome to my space.
Thank u very much..
Keep visiting..

buckingfastard said...

oh cummon!! u got selected over ur indian counterparts for the international leg!! and ur THIS upset!! SERIOSLY!! i wud be jumping in joy re!! :)

long life ahead!! and if u continue wid dis pace!!! the top slot stays booked fr u!!chill and njoy!!

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Kay said...

well it looks as if you are on your way haha... sorry couldn't help but put some optomism in there :)

Keep on truckin' though, because perseverance pays

Pratik Gupta said...

Just One advice: Live it up, Drink it down or Laugh it out. :)