Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother...

MOTHER. Who can define the unending power of this human being sent to earth by God as our Guardian Angel? So its Mother's Day and I want to dedicate this post to my Lovely Mother. Here is the verse I wrote for my mother. Let the childhood flow....

When She calls out my name,
It feels I've got all the fame.

When she praises me,
It feels there exists only one person and that's me.

When she shows her affection,
I feel like I am in seventh heaven.

Whenever she embrace,
It feels that nothing is left for me to face.

Whenever she scolds,
My life turns many folds.

She's my Mother,
And there's no one like her.

God made Mother,
As sweet as Butter,
Which melts when it gets heated,
And becomes tough at times I didn't succeeded.

The things she taught,
I couldn't forget at all.

She held me in her arms,
Whenever the world tried to make a harm.

Whenever I cried,
She made rice and that too fried.

She took all my pains,
Which went away like rains.

Her finger's single tickle,
Makes me laugh and chuckle.

I am so fond,
Of the Mother-child sweet bond.

Her lap is my playground,
Where I sleep, play and go round and round.

Life is so incomplete and futile,
Without my mother's love and smile.

She fed me with her milk,
Without asking for any silk.

She waited patiently to hear 'Ma'.
The sleepless nights she spent for me.
The delicious food she cooked for me.
The nine months she waited for me.
I would never be able to thank her,
And I fall short of words.

She's as sweet as sugar,
And as good as butter.

I've seen God,
May be in different forms,
But this form is tangible,
In whose lap I could lay and feel comfortable.

Nothing in the world can define,
A Mother who is so Pure and Divine.

And this is not the end my dear,
Coz it will take my whole life to define my Mother.

P.S. This is a dedication to all the mother who have lived there life tirelessly to make their kith and kin happy and ever healthy. I salute the spirit of Motherhood. May God be with all of us. I don't know if I am able to do justice with this post because its impossible to define a mother's qualities at this space and in a limited time. I fall short of words defining her.
Thank you Mummy for being there. Love you loads.


P.P.S. This post is not signed as Nuts or Baba Nuts coz my mother calls me Nippu..:)


Chinmaya Dave said...

Aunty is lucky to have you as a child.
You are more luckier to have her.

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Nipun said...

@ Chinmaya..

Thank u so much friend...:)
Same is the case for u..
Go and tell her or call her..

pooja said...

really very sweet... :)

Manita said...

Very well written!!
i dont hv words 4 u...
yes, nothing can be compared to a mother...she helps us to cross d difficult phases of lyf....

Nipun said...

@ Pooja

Thank u so much...:)

Nipun said...

@ Manita

Thanks dear!!
I agree with u completely..:)
Moms are the best..:)

rohini said...

HI Nippu....its sounds gr8...and yes much similar to Appu....
the post really touched me..its the most well written poem on mother i read til now....with ur permission can i copy it although it would be urs ....but i will show it to my mother....agree??
and yes happy mother's day to ur mom frm my side too...:-)

sakhii•• said...

soulful.perfect.u hav realized her role in one's life.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

A lovely dedication to mother dear with all perspectives adding flavor. :-D Liked reading it. True pleasure.

Neelam said...

amazing man.....there is a saying.....'Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried job, since the payment is pure love'

Mamma is Incredible...

Insignia said...

A very sincere dedication this is.

Happy Mother's day to your mom

Nipun said...

@ Rohini

I would feel great if it reaches somewhere else also.
Take it and go..
and yes my name was devised like this only.
Appu ka bhai Nippu..hehe..
Wishing u d same..
Happy Mother's Day...:)

Nipun said...

@ Sakhii

Thank u so much sakhii..:)
Its high time for each one of u c..

Nipun said...

@ Prabhu

A big thanks to u man..:)
I really couldn't find anything better than this to dedicate..
Although I haven't recited it to her till now..
Thanks for the motivation..

Nipun said...

@ Neelam

Agree with u Neelam..:)
Mamma is the most amazing part of ones life..:)

Nipun said...

@ Insignia

Thank you very much Insignia..:)
dedicated to all the mothers..:)

sm said...

nice poem
happy mothers day

blunt edges said...

that was very sweet nippu :)

Urvashi said...

hey..its so simple n cute....could relate to most of it bcos i guess Mom is same everywhere...her love, scoldings, sacrifices....everytin is the same.. :)

Nevine said...

Nipun, these are beautiful words expressed from your soul for the very first person whose soul you touched. I'm sure your mother is so proud of you, and I'm sure she appreciates this lovely poem you've written for her. Here's to a lovely Mother's Day for your mum, Nipun!


Nipun said...

@ sm

Thank u...:)

Nipun said...

@ Bluntu

M touched my friend..:)

Nipun said...

@ Urvashi

Yeah! The feel is the same.
Happy Mothers Day..:)
Thanks a lot..

Nipun said...

@ Nevine

Thank u so much.
I was waiting for your comment eagerly. She really is the first person whose soul I touched.
I could still feel the tickling..
Thanks again.:)

Tara said...

Mother .. sweetest of all ... Am glad you could pour out your love above all the bondage.. its so deep for all of us !!!

Madhu said...

Oye hoye nippu! That is cuter and nicer than anything thats coming..:)

Well written man..:! Moms are the best things ever.Can we ever survive without em..)

Nipun said...

@ Tara

So good to c u back after such a long tym..
The love i have shown here is just a drop of the ocean which the mother has given me in the form of love.

Thank u..:)

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Yeah! Nippu..:)
Thank u so much Madhu.
Life is so incomplete without mother.

Farila said...

Your Mom is lucky woman and she must have immensely enjoyed this masterpiece her son created for her..
And thanks from a Mom

Kay said...

well that was just as sweet as butter :) hope mom got a copy!

Nipun said...

@ Farila mam

Thank u mam..
Hope ur day was awesome..:)

Nipun said...

@ Kay

Big thank to u...
Yes she got a copy..:)

Samvedna said...

very sweet of you..did you show it to your mother?

LOL:) at....Whenever I cried,
She made rice and that too fried.

Nipun said...

@ Samvedna

Yeah! I showed it to her.
Hindi translation was done by my father.
Yes she did that..:)

Jaunty anima said...

Superb post!! What abrilliant sweet lil poem u've written...Ur mum must be a proud woman!!:)

Nipun said...

@ Anima

Thank u..:)

Rajlakshmi said...

a beautiful dedication to your mother :)

Nipun said...

@ Rajlakshmi

thank u very much..

Sorcerer said...

wow!!! really really wonderful buddy!

Insignia said...

You have been tagged. Check my blog :-)

pushplata said...


Nipun said...

@ Sorcerer

Thanks mate..:)

Nipun said...

@ Pushpa

:) :)
:) :)

Nipun said...

@ Insignia

Lemme chek..

Surbhi Bafna said...

ur mother is worth of all the praise you are earning. IT's all coz of her. So thnkuu auntie for such a word-player!! :)