Thursday, April 8, 2010

50 Ain't Enough...:)

Finally I touched a number which can be seen as an achievement. 50 or Fifty (For people with weak mathematics) is a number which the cricket lovers (like me) view as a Half Century. Now I have 51 followers which is a pious number in Hindu mythology and this is my 50th post at the blog. Can I call it a Golden Post??

I never thought that I would reach this number. Blogging grew from a time pass and learning method to a place where I could share various ideas and opinions on various topics with people from the world over. I have been guided and taken to a completely different path in this journey of mine. I am really going through a great time with so many people around me. Life is a great teacher you see.

There are people whom I want to thank from the core of my heart. The list is endless and so is the love for them.
Anu D -- She inspired me to write and I again began in 2009 after a long gap of 3 years.
Rajat Bhaiya -- A teacher who corrected me many times inspite of his busy schedules.
Ankita --A lovely friend of mine. When I was new it was her who told me that I am good and inspired my writing.
Chandni Jain  -- She is there reading me every single time and commenting in her unusual style. She can write on anything. Just pick a topic.
Parul -- She also inspired me a lot for writing. My sister you see...:)
Pratik Bhaiya -- A great author who was there to motivate me every time with his posts and comments. The most awaited posts are by him only.
Supriya Di -- Didn't knew this blog thing can give me a relation too and a very sweet one..:)
Shivani -- A beautiful writer, though she writes less. Gym is on..
Kapoor -- Included everywhere in my Delhi posts. He pushes me a lot with his great comments.
Sorcy -- A man with great wits and humor. I just love his posts. Something new everytime..
Choco -- A little girl with lots of talent. She will go places. Trust me.
Sana -- Mostly the first one to read. She writes great stuff.
Nevine -- The most talented of the lot. I just love reading her posts. A great word player. I learn so much.
Farila Mam -- A fighter and Survivor. I bow down to her spirit. Wish I could be as strong as her.
Antarman -- She has always shown me the right path by her comments. A great human being...
Wink -- Someone with whom I could connect most times. A great poem writer.
Insignia -- A cool blog writer. Her journeys are just awesome. My 50th follower. Thanks a lot.
Betty -- A different kind of an author wih cool posts. Life's new way.
Madhu -- A lovely author and brings a smile every time on my face. I wait for her comments.
Love -- My inspiration for everything I do. I just love being with her. Love you sweetheart.

I thank everyone for reading my posts and encouraging me at the same time. Pushpa, Sakhii, Rohini, Anima,TaraPankhuri, Riya, Chinmaya, Blunt Edges, @ease, Neha, Neelam, Kay, Bucking Fastard, Tangerine and many others. Sorry if I missed someone. Please remind me and your name will be added. My heartiest wishes to all of you in every nook of life. Thanks for all the support and criticizing. I need your support in the coming future also. Keep writing and commenting.

Soon I will be starting a new blog where me and Kapoor will be discussing diverse issues apart from the usual happenings. We need your support to make it a success and also to make people aware about the world around in a differently new approach.

Big hugs to everyone and thanks again for all the encouragement. Sorry for any mistakes made by me.



P.S. I refused a drink party today. I am loving it..:)


Chinmaya Dave said...

: )

Now the count is 52.... Awesome man !!!!

Nipun said...

@ chinmaya

Thnx man..:)
Just be there..

A New Beginning said...

Congrats Nipun and thats very generous of you to include so many ppl in your success, that shows a generous heart...You write very well and your best trait is your honesty!!
I wish you all the best for the endless number of posts yet to come :)
Happy Blogging!!

A New Beginning said...

Congrats Nipun and thats very generous of you to include so many ppl in your success, that shows a generous heart...You write very well and your best trait is your honesty!!
I wish you all the best for the endless number of posts yet to come :)
Happy Blogging!!

Madhu said...

hey my name is there..YIY YIY YIY..and guess what its 52 followers now.But hey,we match..i have 50+ followers too..:) so good no??

thanks for including my name there.Makes me feel like i am being acknowledged for something great..:) Will keep dropping by every time u scribble anything.And may u write more and entertain us more..:)

Chanz said...

yay...!! my name is there too... and i am jumping like a monkey now... yay..!!

okay, if i dont stop jumping right away, then the people in my office might take me to a mental asylum soon.. Gah..!! But nipun, congrats for you 50th post.. I still havent crossed 50 followers and i am falling short of 6 followers... but soon I too will be celebrating.. :)

btw, did i ever tell you that i love reading your blog.. :)

Rajat Jain said...

congrats, Nippu. Great job :)

You have improved by leaps and bounds from the first post!

Nipun said...

@ Sana

Thanks a lot Sana. I hope to maintain the same in the future with support from you people..:)
Will surely keep on writing and u don't forget to visit my space..:)

Nipun said...

@ madhu

Yeah!! Matching matching..:)
50+ is a great feeling.
Its your talent that has made u eligible to appear here...:)
As I said, i always look forward to ur comments..

Nipun said...

@ Chanz

Monkeys are the forefathers of human beings.. Hehehe. Control your emotions chanz or they will surely take u to a place where u myt have been before also LOLZzzz..
Thnx for every comment u have posted here. you were one of the very first followers. I owe u one..
I am sure u will be celebrating faster than anyone else.

BTW even I love to read ur blog..
Same pinch..

Nipun said...

@ Rajat bhaiya

Its all because of you bhaiya..
Who better can review my blogs..
Thanks for all the support recent lover boy.
Congos to u..:)
Where'e my google Tee??

Betty said...

Congrats Nipum! That's great !!Good for you!.
And , yes! Happy blogging!
You 're soo good !
All the best!

BTW Thanks so much for your interesting comments!

Insignia said...

Wooooohoooo. Congrats :-)
I can definitely relate to you when you say you just started blogging for passing time and then you cant believe you wrote so much!!!

This is what happens..but its a sheer achievement. And was i your 50th follower? Wow!!! Didnt realize that :-) I am your 'golden' follower :-P

And you refused a drinks party!! Yeiiiieeeyyyyyyyyyy!!way to go!! Awesome

Nipun said...

@ Betty

Thanks fr everything..:)
Its your goodness not mine..
I just love reading u..:)

Nipun said...

@ insignia

Thnx a lot..
Someone can relate to this post also..
U are 'The Golden Follower' and apart from that a terrific writer.
Thnx so much..:)
Yeah! I refused a drinks party and I just love the feel..

Chocolate Lover said...

wow!! congratulations :D

and now,
my name! my name yay yay yay yay! :P
u r really sweet :))

How r u?
now exams r over so i'll be regular to ur blog :D

mr.kapoor(aasu chalak pade aaj to..:-( ) said...

wooohoo...cngrts boy...u crossed the 50 knw wat..i too feel the same thng..50 ain't enough(or i say 52 now..) a long way to would look really gr8 wen ur toll {:-)} reaches 100..
n yeah thnx a lot ...i respect ur act of knw wat i gt a complaint or rather i say i disapprove to a fact of urs where u said i comment only on ur delhi posts...i felt bad...aankhon se aasu chalak pade..:-(
bt kn wat loads of wishes...happy blogging..
n yeah m lokking fwd to share this platfrm wid my nuts(thats u)..:-)oops..:-p
bst of luck..

Nipun said...

@ choco

You deserve that girlie..
Thank u for calling me sweet..:)

Its great that ur exams are over..
M fine and having fun with exams from tomorrow..
Dont knw wat to do..
Keep visiting..:)

Nipun said...

@ Mr. Kapoor

Thnx dude thnx..:)
I knw 50 ain't enough..
Dude I said that u were included in every post of mine from delhi series.
Not that u just commented on those posts..
Read the post again..:P
Dhang se pada kr..
Natak saala..
We'll rok d stage dude..:)


mr.kapoor-"a gr8 guy"..loll said...

oops i missed ur p.s. thng...
nvr avoid drinking sessions...i really feel pity and srry to all those who dnt drink...u wake up in the mrng..u feel the same the whole wen we rise up its an entirely difft stry altogthr...get up get up and dance..:-)...

p.s.who knws bttr thn u my dear "NUTS"....
dnt assume me being a it makes u feel high whnevr u do it...twice a mnth is not bad though...

Nipun said...

@ kapoor

yeah dude!!
I knw every bit of the feel..
Dont get me started on this topic..:p
Mein to dhakka khaya hua hu..:(

mr.kapoor said...

hehe:-)...v have a prjct in hand..just rembr free soon mammu..:-)

Nipun said...

@ kapoor

our project wil be accompalished for sure..:)
We are together...:)
just wait..
I hv big plans.

Urvashi said...

Congrats.... :)

50 posts is gr8..i hv started following u recently hvnt read much from ur blog...but chkd out a few posts..interesting work..

Keeep blogging n njoying... :) :)

Gdnite.. :)

Nipun said...

@ urvashi

Thanks a ton..:)
keep visiting...:)

pushplata said...

congrats dear
bt the thing is that ur post are good n u deserve it.

n thanx for adding my name

Farila said...

That was a great tribute Nuts.. I am really touched with the nice words you had to say for me and for everyone you have known.. Thank you.

confused guy..:-) said...

why few names in black font?

Nipun said...

@ pushpa

Thanx a lot..
U r such a sweet person..:)

Nipun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nipun said...

@ farila mam

U deserve that mam..
I want to be as strong as u really.
Not everyone can be like u.
thnx for everything..

Nipun said...

@ confused guy

thnx for noting that.
Waise I forgot that to format those names who dont have blogs.
Others have links and so I just formatted their names. I forgot to do that.
Sorry mate...:(

PARUL said...

That's lovely...thnk u :)...n yeah my pleasure..gud to find dat i inspired u in some way to write. he he;)..gud lck!

PARUL said...

n yeah u have a lOng way to I said LONG bck..rembr.. :)

Nipun said...

@ parul

U have always been one.
So lucky to have a sis lyk u..

Yes, i remember the day when u said that. I am touched...:)
Just be there little one.

PARUL said...

My pleasure... :)
I'l repeat keep your energy and spirits high... always!.
Gud lck!

Nipun said...

@ parul

thnx thnx..:)

rohini said...

Firstly congrts....and wishing for more n more...
and yes thnx for writing my name...thnx a lot..its feels grt...
and more adding on it...
U have been tagged...

Nipun said...

@ rohini

Thank u..
U deserve that..
Will soon chek d tag..

Ankita..... said...

hey!!!! congrats!!!
is dat Ankita me????
dnt remembr ven i inspired u?? ;)

jus luv reading ur blogs!! keep writing!!!!! ALL D BEST!!

Sid said...

Congrats dude.. Good going :)

Zeba said...

haha. now u r heading for 50 comments on this post!!! :)

sakhi said...

conr8s..u changed d name n pic too...!!

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Congrats :) ♥♥

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

I'm the next follower too :)

Nevine said...

And Nipun, you are the sweetest of my lot! I tell you, every visit from you puts such a smile on my face. I can't thank you enough, truly. Enjoy, and bask in your followship. We adore you!


Nipun said...

@ Ankita

Yeah! Its u obviously. One of my first few readers..:)
thnx for everything..:)

Nipun said...

@ Sid

thnx dude!!

Nipun said...

@ Zeba

Nice to c u back..:)

Nipun said...

@ Sakhii

Yes, I did that.
Didn't u lyk it?

Nipun said...

@ wink

thnx a ton..:)
keep visiting..:)

Nipun said...

@ Nevine

U made my day.
I always look forward for your comments. One of the best writers around. I adore u..
Thnx for everything..:)
The pleasure is mine..

neelam said...

needless to say....its your humor that has made this happen.......i think after R.K. Narayan, you have brought that tinge of humor.....which many big writers do not have......

Keep up the good work..!!..
and Best of your ability.!

Nipun said...

@ Neelam

Thanks Thanks...:)
I am flying like a bird sitting on an aeroplane called Black bird..HHE
U are always so sweet Neelam..:)
Dont know wat to say..
Just be there..

Thnx again dear..

Pratik Gupta said...

Is that Pratik me??? is it ?? Is it??
Fuck man! I am honoured..... :) [ Aaj maa yahan hoti to kitna khush hoti ]

Nipun said...

@ pratik bhaiya

Yeah! Its you..
Its Fucking awesome..:)
Sahi mein aaj Maa yahan hoti to kitni khush hoti..:)


Pankhuri said...

i njoy reading ur blogs..

Nipun said...

@ Pankhuri

I just love writing..:)
Thank you very much...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Baby Bro: I'm sorry I caught up late with that post of yours :)

Keep going :) You rock!!

Anonymous said...

In fact Nuts - I should have written:

Thanks Baby Bro: I'm sorry I caught up late with that post of yours :)

Keep going :) You rock!!

I'm touched with your acknowledgement and generosity and am sure you do have some real good friends out there. Congrats!!!


Nipun said...

@ Anu Di

U deserve that di..
Its all because of u.
I owe u one..

Thnx for being there every time I needed u..
Yeah!! My friends here are really sweet..