Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being Tagged...:)

I have been tagged thrice in the last month and due to the hectic schedule I could not complete not even a single tag. Now that I feel like a bird flying high up their in the sky, I can try and show my regard to some of my fellow blogger friends who makes this blogging part fun. So here I am finally doing a tag given by Rohini. Thank you so much Rohini for the 'Cherry on Top' Award. I am so grateful to get that. The tag goes like this:

She has asked me to write three good things about me. Yeah! Just 3, I am a pool of talent you see..:P (I know most of you are nodding in agreement). But choosing the three best qualities out of the infinite ones is a tough job. But God is kind..

1) I have a good sense of humor. I might be a PJ king at times but I don't see people around me with sad faces. I try to put an end at people's worry not by really helping them in the cause but by the therapy called Laughter.

2) I am very bad at lying. Whenever I lie, I smile and my face gives every possible indication which says." Please catch me, I am a liar." But yes, I catch lies very easily even by people who are God at lying.

3) I am a good singer. Hindi songs are not for me (though I love listening to them). My voice has a texture supported only by the English Beats and their style of singing. I can sing any RAP in the world. Just bring it to me.

Now I need to put up a picture which I like the most and the picture is:

Thats my elder brother with my parents. Wish we could be small again. I just love this pic..

Now this award and the tag is forwarded to some of the very special people whose names are as follows:

1) Choco
2) Farila Mam
3) Chandni aka Chanz
4) Insignia
5) Wink
6) Madhu

There are tags for the others too. So don't worry. Everyone of you deserve an award. I know I have spoken a lot about me but then, I just can't control that guddy guddy feel that comes while writing about myself.

Thanks a lot Rohini for the award and I must tell you that you area great writer and someone who comes up with diverse topics everytime. Always fighting for women rights. Kudos to you. Keep writing and you really deserve an applause..
*clap clap*




blunt edges said...

congrats buddy :)

oh come on lying is easy...just act casual ;)

Ankita K.. said...

ok.... so we hv atleast 1 similarity...
man..even i cant lie...
ma frnds tell me 2 shut ma mouth up veneva ve go 4 r projct prseesntation....
coz i alwyz answer 'sachi-sachi' 2 all mam's ques....

i agree 2 d frst point 2....

but donno abt dis singing talent... cant say until i hear... ;)

pic is really cute!!!(uncle thoda thoda tere jaise hi lag rhe hain.... :) )

Nipun said...

@ Bluntu

Thnx man!!
it becomes so hard for me.
I just can't control my smile and hesitation..
Teach me dude..:)

Nipun said...

@ Ankita

I can lie at such times when its about project or saving my ass from someone. Its just that I am Lucky sometimes..
Will make u hear my voice for sure. But u c, the English Texture..

I just love the pic..
Ab beta kiska hu..:)

A New Beginning said...


Pratik Gupta said...

We will have a Rap(e) night once you are here in bang....watsay??

Insignia said...

Congrats on the award :-) And thanks much for tagging me and for the award. I am honored :-)

Hey I understand what you mean when you say you cant lie!! Same expression and my discomfort gives away :-|

Just 3 good things!!! Hmm way too less huh :-P

such old pictures bring back those reminiscent memories :-)

Nipun said...

@ Anew Beginning

Thanks thanks..

Nipun said...

@ Pratik Bhaiya

Sure sir!!
I am with you..
Lemme come at ur place..

Nipun said...

@ Insignia

U deserve that..:P

The discomfort levels are just ever increasing while I try to lie u c..
Yeah! 3 things are just not enough.
Some qualities tend to infinity..

Its the best picture I have ever seen..

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

congratulations Nipun! ^_^

and yippeee!
my name on the top! haha! thankiyu sho much ^_^

*hands you a chocolate*

Chanz said...

lol @ My voice has a texture supported only by the English Beats

btew there was no need of writing CHANDNI "JAIN".. :D

Nipun said...

@ choco

Thnx dear!
Yes, you can shout cry baby..
Your name is on the top.

Chocolate to pighal gai..:(

Nipun said...

@ Chanz

Its true really!!
Don't u believe me Chandni Ji..

So sorry I wrote that..
*goes to edit that..*

Madhu said...

Award! YAYIE!!! am super happy getting one from u..:) :) well lying is something i do convincingly well..:) White lie blue lie,multi colour lie..U name it...i tell it..:)

i love making people smile too..but yeah sometimes i make all those non deserving people happy too..:) the rest..ill do the tag..its nice..:)

Congos on the award!

Ria said...

well done!! :) Hav done this tag before. Nice answers.

Nipun said...

@ Madhu

Yeah!! Yeah!!
I know I am very generous giving such things to people which doesn't cost me a thing but my writing..:)

U seem to be an expert..
Please teach me how to lie..:(

Let it be Madhu. Just make them smile too. May be they are in need of that undeserving smile on their faces..:)

Just Rock buddy..
Thnx for being there..:)

Nipun said...

@ Ria

Thnx a lot for the visit..
Its great to knw that u have done this before..
Keep visiting..

sm said...


Neelam said...

Cherry on top....wah yaar.
Agreed...three is less for you.

rohini said...

thnx for taking out time man for this tag..i kn it would not be easy doing this..charting only three out of ur infinite talents ....but u did grt in this...
the first good thing i could sense...ur humor...
Lying ..i relate to u...
oh really i would like to hear that...does blog allow posting audio too...i dnt kn...but i sing so so....hihihi...
the pic is alws refreshing looking at our old times snap specially if its of family...ur father looks like u..har koi tumhe unki tarah bolta hoga ..hai na...anyways...but initially i thought it was u....i mean the kid...

and hey thnx for the applause.....bowing down....Oh i cant handle my praise .....
thnx agn:-)

Nipun said...

@ sm


Nipun said...

@ Neelam

Cherry on top..
Its very less u c..:)

Nipun said...

@ Rohini

I am quite generous u c..
Finding just 3 qualities in a pool of talent is tough..
Hiding all other talents for me was a bit tough but then I managed..
Feels so good that ppl can cnct to me with some qualities.
Will soon upload a performance somewhere and load it up..
Just watch krna okay,.,.

Thank u so much for the complement. People say this but now I can relate to him much more.
I was not as cute as my brother as ppl say but yeah I think all kids are cute..:(

Handle it..
Still bowing down..:)
U deserve what u got..
thnx for being there..

Chanz said...

hehehe.... thanks for changing that... :D

but u know what, I have aleady done this tag

:D hahahaha

Nipun said...

@ Chanz

Not fair..
Do it again and except the award..:)