Friday, January 8, 2010

Pranky Project

I didn't expected 2010 to be so eventful in the very beginning. Submissions in college and life (love actually) went on simultaneously. Never thought that I would express my feelings in this way, but I did.

Searching for numbers in the Devil can be quite tiresome if you have nicknamed a person and you forget what nickname you gave. It tool me around 10 minutes and finally I my search came to an end at Jhandu.

Nuts: Wasss up Dude?

Jhandu: Bol be Mittal. Kya hua? (What happened?)

(I dont know who stole his enthu)

Nuts: What about our project? When do we have to submit it?

Jhandu: Tomorrow. I will be going to Chawla today(He meant tonight).

Nuts: (getting the signal) Okay. We'll submit it tomorrow. Be ready at 11.

This project of mine will be remembered as a milestone in history. It took around 15 days to finish up and what I found in the end was a permanent buzzing buzzer. Sometimes the project worked in a completely opposite sense. The buzzer buzzed whenever it ought not to. Putting all things in simple words I can say that our project went to a trip and got drunk. It acted the way it wanted while we were there to control it.

I am very much afraid of my HOD and I am kind of frightened whenever she's around. But as it is very rightly said that "Necessity is the mother of invention", I just thought of the prank I used to perform in the hostel.

I kept Jhandu out of it and we reached the college in style. We had the biggest looking project. Before the Doom's day meeting, I took the project to a nearby plug and switched it ON. And what the F! The lights went off in a bang. The wire shorting trick always works. It was my time now. We took it to the HOD and then what happened is history.

Nuts: Good morning mam! We are here with our project before the deadline.

HOD: Switch it on. Tell me how it works.

(She has never given a reply to my Wishes)

Nuts: (Plugs in the socket.) Oh! There is no power. What do we do now?
I have a class in 10 minutes.

HOD: (Devilish face)When will the light come?

Nuts: (Knowing that it takes 15 minutes to turn the Gen Set On.)
How would I know that mam? I think its the cut that was announced.
Can we just tell you how it works orally?
We have already demonstrated a major portion of it before.

HOD: (After a long pause) Okay. Tell me.

And then we finished explaining the project to her within that 15 minutes deadline.
She was convinced by the major talks by me and told me to get the Certificate signed tomorrow and bring the project again. But this time I was quite relaxed as I knew what to do to fool her. I went today and performed the same short circuit wiring and I think she got a clue today (Why the hell does light go off 5 minutes before you come to meet me?). But how would I know about it? She signed the certificates without much ado.

I didnt wanted to fool her(hehe) but conditions were like that. Its dangerous but doing engineering in Electrical helps a lot. There was some risk of getting caught if someone would have just pulled the MCB switch up. But I knew no one will think like that. So it was kinda risk which paid off and that too well. Remember people "No risks, No accompalishments."

So what are you waiting for. Go Engineers go. Make some pranky projects.



Nikhil Rajpal said...
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Nikhil Rajpal said...

A nice example of "ALL IZZ WELL" philosophy

Nipun said...


Yeah dude!!
All is well..
Thnks for dropping by..

Pratik Gupta said...

just one word: Brilliant!! shear brilliant (sorry couldnt limit myself to 1 word) :)

Chocolate Lover said...

hehehe :D

Sorcerer said...

Genius!! Viva la Genius
world need people like you.

please dont make a decision to run for the parliament.
we are good people. no?

pushplata said...

hey dont try this in major.
n complete the project abhi final viva thore hi hua hoga.

Nipun said...

@ pratik bhaiya..

Thank u bhaiya.
Abhi to final viva k time kuch new krna padega..

Nipun said...

@ choco

Thanks dear..

Nipun said...

@ Sir sorcy

Thanks a lot mate..
Destiny will lead me to that place u call parliament one day for sure..
(A pundit told me that) hehe
What if we aren't good?
BTW we are the best..:)

Nipun said...

@ pushpa

Yes yes..
Wait for a new story after the final Viva.
I have some jugaad for that day also..:)

Antarman said...

:)..nice, very interesting..bahut accha lagta ha youngsters ke prank padh kar:)

my hubby is also an electrical engineer.

An Ordinary Gal said...

hee hee very smart dude :D

Thanks for dropping by my side :)

Nipun said...

@ Antarman

Electrical Engineers are like that only..

Nipun said...

@ Ordinary gal

Thanks a lot..
Keep visiting...

Tangerine said...

Well done!!! ;)

I really miss college!

A New Beginning said...

ha ha youve got some guts!!! Reminds me of 3 idiots..the way they used their mind!! Hats off to you!

Nipun said...

@ tangerine

i will be missing it after sum tym..

Nipun said...

@ A new beginning

Yes, I was inspired by that..
After all engg rox...

Gagan said...

brother its really cool....
you are a really good writer....
your all is well was awesome!!!

Nipun said...

@ gagan

Thnx dude.
All is well..

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