Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nuts @ INFOSYS.......

It is my pleasure to inform all my blog readers and lovers that your very own Nuts has been placed with India's Largest IT major INFOSYS. So now I have some important work other than boring you guys with my blog.

Someone just told me that your life is complete now as you now have a Job, a girl and u haven't yet finished your college. What more do you want from your life (After all it is always humans to want more.)

The process began in Kota with registration, a PPT (which many people confuse as power point presentation which actualy is a Pre Placement Talk), written exam and then an Interview. Once you are able to cope up with all these, you get though INFOSYS(Dont Mind the CAPS..)

I got through the written exam which had 2 parts:
1)Reasoning Test (Syllogism, Figures, data sufficiency, logical deductions)
2)English Proficiency Test (Sentence correction, 2 passages, Fill ups, Inference)

RS Agarwal's Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning book would be enough for that (Although I didn't touched that). I solved Shakuntala Devi's Puzzle Book just to get a feel. Nothing else is needed. A study of 4-5 hours is sufficient.

The main part which needs to be cleared is your written exam. Interview is just a routine check-up like round. Though they do not select some people but maximum are selected. Interview is the most interesting part in any company's recruitment process (If you reach there). People with diverse backgrounds checking you on diverse topics (I am loving it.)

So here is the whole INFOSYS interview which I gave to a huge, tall, red turbaned and white bearded Sardar. I will call him Pappe. So lets begin the journey:

Nuts: May I come in Sir?

Pappe: Yes, my son..

Nuts:(Goes in and sits without asking and looks at him with a broad smile)Yes, Sir.

Pappe: Who told you to sit?

Nuts: (Laughing) Sor.. sooorrr... soooorrrryyyy sir...Hehe.

Pappe: (confused) Why are you laughing so much?

Nuts: This is what happens when you are selected for INFOSYS interview....hehe...

Pappe: Ohh!! (Laughs) Over excited fellow.

Nuts: Yes, sir.

Pappe: (Looking at my CV and form) Your father is in UCO Bank, brother in ICICI
bank and bhabhi in Suzlon, so why Infosys?

Nuts: Global vision sir. Entrepreneurial freedom is all what I want.

Pappe: Okay. Got you. U have so many GK awards. How do you keep yourself updated?

Nuts: Its very easy sir. I discuss everything with my father and brother. That
keeps me updated far better than internet and newspapers. Its a kind of
legacy passed on to me.

Pappe: (After deep thoughts) Richest NRI?

Nuts: (Got him) Mr. Laxmi Niwas MITTAL (emphasized the surname). The steel king.

Pappe: Some relations??

Nuts: (Ha! All HRs are same) No sir.

Pappe: U have traveled from Kota?

Nuts: No sir. From Ajmer.

Pappe: You are an electrical engineer.

Nuts: Going to be one in 6 months sir.

Papper: Differentiate between a motor and a pump?

Nuts: (Ringa Ringa roses, pocket full of..... going all around) A pump is a
motor's general name sir.

Pappe: Not convinced with your answer Mr. would be LN Mittal.
U can't fool an old Electrical Engineer.
(Asked about oil testing lab, transformer oil and blah blah blah)

Nuts: (What the Fuck! No more technical please) Well....

Pappe: How do you plan your studies?

Nuts: Actually I try to retain whatever is taught to me in the class. So I need no
planning. Time tables are already planned. And then you never know what will
happen to you the next moment (A white lie for sure..)

Pappe: Good man. So which was the last movie you saw and when?

Nuts: 3 Idiots Sir. Yesterday.

Pappe: (Astonished) Yesterday?? You were not preparing for this?

Nuts: I was all set for this sir. Just refreshed myself.

Pappe: What three things you learnt from it?

Nuts: 1) Pursue for excellence.
2) Spontaneity
3) Optimism (All is well)..

Pappe: Hmmmm.(Some GK quetions but remember that knowledge is never general..)
How do you get time for your extra activities? Do you write?

Nuts: (There you go! Caught ya) If you love to do something, then time comes out
naturally for that. I love writing. I blog and I have started writing my
own book of life.

Pappe: (Big sleepy eyes)And what will be its title?

Nuts: That you have to wait and watch sir. Buy a copy and make me rich.

Pappe: Any questions for me?

Nuts: Yes sir. (asked two questions to which he couldn't give satisfactory answers)

Pappe: Hope to see you in the future. BTW do you have a passport? Ready to settle

Nuts: Yes sir I have a passport but I cant settle abroad (Swades WE THE PEOPLE..)

Pappe: (Sigh of relief) Thank you son.

Nuts: The pleasure was mine sir..

The results were declared after 2 grilling hours. When I heard my name, I couldn't control my emotions. I was so happy that I cried. I think this says a lot. Its obviously a feeling which can't be put to words. But yes, there is something called God for sure.

Just think of the smiling faces of your loved ones when you are appearing for any exams. This is what I did. Just think how happy will they be once you get selected. And then give it your best shot. No one can stop you in any field (Ha! I am good at philosophy also).

Just be cool and calm. Don't laugh like me at your mistakes. I was a lucky fellow that I got through. Thanks to Pappe. He created history(First student of college from first batch of electrical branch to get placed) by selecting me and so its NUTS @ INFOSYS..



Rajat Jain said...

congrats! job well done.

Interview was good and witty (leaving apart the beginning), and this is what saw you through. Thoroughly deserved... and now go and party!

Nipun said...

@ rajat bhaiya

Thanx a ton bhaiya..
GOt nervous at a point but then I am Nuts..

A New Beginning said...

Hey Congrats and well done your interview was pretty cool, you had the right attitude and took it in a very positive way, must be interesting for the interviewer as well :)
All the very best to you, you will soon start a fresh career, its a gift for you at the beginning of the year..enjoy, stay positive and keep smiling!
Wish you loads of success!

Antarman said...

Congratulations: really enjoyed the interview:)

I know how it feels to be selected at campus and what a euphoria it is to the parent.Everybody must be in celebration mood.

Pratik Gupta said...

Congrats dude..(again) and let the party begun!!

Chanz said...

oh no nipun. There is nothing like that. It is just that i am unable to take out time fom my busy schedule. I have not been able to keep up with following everybdy's blog. And I simply love your blog. You style makes me laugh. But aaj kal there isnt any time. :( I still havent read your post.. :(

But dont worry. I will be back by the end of jan most probably. And I promise your blog will be the first on my reading list.. :)

PARUL said...

Congrats bro...long way to go...keep th spirit n energy high.. :D

ANKITA said...

congrats!!!!!! c u in mysore!!!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

congratulations Nipun ^^
ab party do :P

Nipun said...

@ A new beginning

Yes, thats what i thought after giving the interview.
Thanks a lot for your wishes.

Nipun said...

@ Antarman
Thanx a lot.
Yes, m quite exuberant at this time.
Feels like life has given a motto..
Everyone is partying around me..

Nipun said...

@ pratik bhaiya

I owe u one bhaiya..
Thanx a ton..
They just loved my CV.
ab thode tym baad to saath hi party krenge...

Nipun said...

@ chanz

U shud atleast have congratulated me..
This shows that u really lack time yaar..
No probs..

pushplata said...

congrats again!
n thanx a lot

Nipun said...

@ parul

thnx sis...
I will surely do this..

Nipun said...

@ ankita

hum bachpan ke dost...
thnx yaar...

Nipun said...

@ choco lover

anytime dear....:)

Nipun said...

@ pushplata

thnx but mujhe kis baat ka thnx de rahi h...

Chanz said...

Oh shucks... Did i miss something..?? Wait lemme read your blog now...

Chanz said...

Nuts @ infosys.. ahaaan...!! Congrats dude..

I think I should stay in touch more often..

PS: I think I deserve a slap for not taking out time for reading.. Plz aaram se..

Nipun said...

@ chanz

thnx chanz.
No slaps for a sweet fren hu asks for one herself...
And never 4get me...:)

Manita said...

congrats!! it was well deserved
may u get lots of success in life

Manita said...

congrats!! it was well deserved
may u get lots of success in life

Nipun said...

@ manita

Yes. once people get connected, success follows..
Thnx a lot dear..

Chanz said...

Heee... thanks.. :)

U know wat, I will follow your blog from ma other id. It will be much easier for me to stay in touch.. :)

Nipun said...

@ chanz

Its alryt yaar.
Watever the way may be. Just stay in touch so that we can atleast share our thoughts..

Sorcerer said...

rock on!!!

gazal said...

sry buddy tuje cal nhi kia mena tuje yar.....

Nipun said...

@ sorcerer

Thnx mate...

Nipun said...

@ gazal

tujhe to dekh lunga mein rukja tu..
gai teri party..
ab kya tujhe bhi thnx bolna padega??

Neha singhal said...

hey congrats Neta!!!!.........
I'm very happy 4 u n ya your interview was cool n interesting.... n u were also bindaas as usual... mast tha sach...
well dis is only d beginning n i knw u deserve a more lot den dat n will surely get dear.....
Davians rock!!
bless u.........
n meri party.....

Nipun said...

@ neha

Thnx for such a long comment and thnx for everything.
Everyone has taught me a lesson in lyf and i m using dat only.
Thnx 2 u also..
Lets c wat happens in d future..
And yes DAVians are roking as usual.
get placed soon..


p.s. U wil get once i get my first salary...:)

Chanz said...

hey nipun.. check ma blog. you have been tagged and awarded.. :)

Nipun said...

@ chanz

Thnx a ton.
This is my first one.
And for other peple around, this is just a small part of the interview..
The full version would have become too long....
Thnx to all anyways..

pr5ateek kapoor said...

u r such an asshole...cngrts mr.nuts made it to infy...the conversation bw u n pappe appears to me as if he ws really trying to whup ur since u made it so it ws u finally who emerged out to be the winner...cngrts asshole...loads of luck..:-)

Nipun said...

@ prateek

U are ryt man!
He tried to do what u just said but apan bhi kum thode hi hain.
Bus kheench lia bhai ko apni taraf.
BTW I must thank Pappe once..:)

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Anonymous said...

do something worthwhile in your life rather than joining that freaking company.

it will brainwash into a slave!

Nipun said...

@ anonymous

Will think about this for sure..
Lets c wat life has to bring.
And I wont be anyone's slave for sure..:)
Gud to see that this helped in ur college assignment but in what way??
Do tell me..

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Ballardxehs said...

@ A new beginning hehe.. Yes, thats what i thought after giving the interview. Thanks a lot for your wishes. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

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