Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Women not 'Woo-Men' - 1

It's been long since I wrote something. But the writer inside can't resist much after all what is going on in the nation.
Listening to various thoughts from the so called 'highly literate' bunch of our 'Pseudo' society,  even I could feel the pain what a woman has to undergo throughout her life.

Due to the greatly created fuss about the BBC documentary called India's Daughter, I had nowhere to go in the holidays but to watch the same (even though I had a clear idea of the whole incident). With news channels and various politicians and social activists showing their grief, concern and their broad and scientific outlook (so called) towards the condition of women in the country, I have tried to analyse the situation.

Let's see, how it goes..

The documentary shows the interview of Mukesh Singh (convict), M L Sharma (Defence lawyer),  A P Singh (Defence lawyer),  Pramod Gupta (ADP, Delhi Police),  Victims Mother and Father, other activists and related persons. I will be putting up the view points one by one in different posts and will be highlighting the interviewed persons.

First one goes for Mr. M L Sharma.

M L Sharma : The girl was with some unknown boy who took her on a date.  In our society girls are not allowed to go out in evenings with any unknown person. They were under the imagination of film culture and thought they can do anything.
Also women are like diamonds and should not be put on streets. If allowed on streets, dogs will hunt and you can't stop it.

VIEWMr. Sharma wants Purdah system to prevail in the society. A girl should not be allowed to take formal education in our country. If she acquires knowledge (by chance) then she should not utilise and practise that knowledge and keep it to herself. She is a piece of house decoration and must be kept at home because there are dogs roaming around who will eventually hunt her. He talks about unknown persons as well.
Mr.  Sharma, being a lawyer, must know that more than 80% cases of sexual assault involve people who are close relatives and family friends. We know dogs are not human beings and so please stop comparing the morality and brain of society's anti-social elements with them. They are far better. If animals were to communicate like us, then we would lose our pets very soon after such incidents. Even they won't come close to the so called human race.

While we love flaunting the Being Human T-shirt, it is only Education and upbringing which makes us Human. The human child is the slowest learner while animals the fastest. They also die early and we live long enough to make impact in this world (and the impact is clearly visible).

M L Sharma: Men and women can't be friends in our society. Also, we have the best culture with no place for women in it. Female is like a flower. If kept in gutter it is spoilt and in in temple it is worshipped.

VIEW: That was a Wow moment when you said that Sharma. Women are just there to fulfil a man's desire of sex and lust. They are not needed in the society. The rich Indian culture has no place for them and they are here for entertaining the male lot. You killed it man! What a thought coming out of the logical brain of a highly learned lawyer of our country. He deserves a noble for this statement. If not then a Bharat Ratna for sure.
Sharma is an Avatar from God. He has come right from God's own dirty hands (you know what I mean).
While we worship women in various forms, which I am sure Sharma will agree being an Indian, we disgrace her by such hineous acts and then have the audacity to utter such nonsense. The same form is meant to be raped if found on road and worshipped in temples. What kind of a pervert you are Sharma!

A women on road doesn't send any such vibes to a man which asks for sex and rape. A short dress is not asking for it as well. Walking empty handed on the road doesn't imply that those hands should be filled with alms. I read it somewhere that not wearing a helmet doesn't ask for cracking the head.

Women is not here to just 'Woo men'. It is the sick and pervert thoughts and nature of our society which make some of our fellows think like that.

A psychological study says that rapists want power and control over the other sex. They aren't sick or frustrated. But to hell with the subject. Such monsters can't be forgiven. And those fighting for their well being will understand. The work has begun from the grass root level and I believe the coming generations will know. You are the change. Bring it at the forefront and respect women as they are.

I won't pray to God for a similar consequence with them because she is again someone's daughter, sister or mother and she must not be defamed in any case. I request others also not to post thoughts like that on various petitions you are signing. I request Mr. Sharma to think before he talks such nonsense and have an introspection of himself over the entire issue. May God guide Mr. Sharma and his supporters.

P.S. This is the first post condemning the sayings of Mr. Sharma. Next one is in the tunnel. Also as I said, this post is open to suggestions. Kindly share as much as possible so that it reaches those for whom it is meant. And my Superstar children, I know you will spread this faster then anyone else. Learn the lesson and teach others as well everyone. Let there be JYOTI..

Nipun Mittal


ANKITA said...

thought provoking as always!!

Nipun Mittal said...

Thanks ankita.. Just wanted to spread the message.. Lets see..

sameer singh said...

Thnx for sharing something That contains human intelligency about this unhuman interview.

Nipun said...

Yes Sameer. Thought must be given to the way our society behaves to such incidents.

anpu zachariah said...

Well written :)

Nipun said...

Thanks anpu. Hope the message spreads..

samreen noor said...

nice n true... :)

Urvashi said...

Good one..I have nt watched the documentary though.. jus read a lot about it...

Is there a part II for this post too??