Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year It was..

31st December, 2011

Last year the same day.. Why I still remember those days...?? (Can't even think of the correct punctuation mark)

31st December, 2010

Shoorveer Balwaan: What are we doing here? Lets go and party..

Satan: How to? Our first salaries have not yet arrived..:P

Shoorveer Balwan: Say something you two.. Mittal.. What are you upto?

Mittal:  Hehehe!! The campus is so large. There must be something going on elsewhere.. Lets just roam about on our Ladybirds..

Shoorveer Balwan:  People will find me weird dressed in these clothes. I am ready for a party which ain't happening..:P

Satan:   *SIgh*

Mittal:  Satan likes it.. Don't worry. ( *Grin* ).

Oasis (The Food Court known for parties)

Satan:   Man, now this is what we call MAAHOL..

Mittal:  (Awestruck) amazing man.. Lets search for our people.

Everyone found... But in diversified groups.. See, this is what life is all about. Meeting new people and checking our compatibility with them.. Facing new challenges every now and then..


Happy New Year 2011 and the first thought that came to me decided the whole year's panorama for me. " You are not made for this. Let it go and do what you have always wanted."

This day I met people from varied backgrounds and thoughts. But the way to enjoy and celebrate was the same. (Still trying to connect the thoughts  which divides human beings).

And the New year began with some songs and useless chats. Some friends were found and one more thing, none was lost. The friendship with others grew stronger.

Present Day (01/01/2012)

The first thought - Is the world ending this year? Crap.. I know.. But these NEWS channels.Huh..
Hugged my Mummy and Papa and finding that there is nothing better than this feeling is even more blissful.

An year mixed with all kinds of dramas and melodramas of life finally came to an end. No one learns early and from others experiences. Unless you experience things and events yourself, learning is not complete. 2011 taught me this.

Again, adversity and biodiversity, taught me to cope up with different kinds of conditions. I came to know the importance of an hour and that of 60 minutes ( The value of a second is still a mystery).

While the kids (my students)  taught me tolerance, I never knew I was learning this virtue. There are things which we realize later and at different points of time,  what the time in past has taught us.

Friends getting engaged and married this year again taught a lesson ( No puns intended ).

There are still some questions to be answered ( Wondering whom to trust).

An awesome birthday celebration.

And right now I am enjoying my hobby.. What a finish to you 2011. You were Awesome..:)

I have fastened the seat belts for the roller coaster ride once again which life has already planned for me. Lets see what life has in store..

Welcome 2012..:)



Farida Rizwan said...

Let your happiness and good luck multiply in 2012. Happy new year

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

No the world will not end :) Happy 2012 :)

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